Mr. Forrester

by silverpirate

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Rape, Torture, Caution, Violent, .

Desc: : A Strange Visitor

"There's a man here to see you, Mr. Forrester; he says he's a detective from the Denver Police Force."

Oh-oh, thought John. "Ok, send him in, Angela."

"Hello, Mr Forrester; my name is Paul Donohue, I'm a detective from the Denver Police Force."

"What can I do for you, Detective Donohue?" as I pressed the intercom so Angela could listen in discreetly out at her desk.

"Well, Mr. Forrester, sometime last year I was handed a case in Denver that has us all baffled. It seems that two men from the Denver area were kidnapped, then brutalized, and finally mutilated. These two particular unsavoury characters I had been keeping an eye on for probably a few months at that time; both of them had a record for violent assaults, one against his wife, and I knew they were scum, I just had nothing I could pin on them.

Anyway whoever did that was the most painstakingly careful operator I have ever seen; there were no leads in the case at all; the two men had no idea who had done this to them, and the perpetrator was masked and wore gloves all the time, so there was no physical evidence at the scene whatsoever. Something that's nearly impossible with the techniques we have available these days.

Then I started to examine the background on the two men, to see if there was anything there that would help explain what happened to them. When I searched their house, I found an old bed in the basement that had restraints still attached to each corner, with evidence of old blood and bodily fluids all over the mattress. Unfortunately the mattress had had cleaning fluid poured over it, making it impossible to get any DNA evidence there.

That triggered something in my memory, and I dug through the files to refresh my recollection. I found a five-year-old case involving a 15-year-old girl that had been kidnapped and brutalized over a period of months in the Denver area. Her name was Angela Wilkins. With the idea that there seemed to be some parallels, I did a nation-wide search and found that she had moved out here and recently been married to you."

"Yes, that's correct, Detective, we have recently been married, and she had been kidnapped and raped five years ago in Denver. But I don't understand just how you think that has any connection to this present case you are telling me about."

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