The Life of a Pirate

by Ka Hmnd

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Group Sex, Orgy, Polygamy/Polyamory, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Double Penetration, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A pirate and his friends fight their way to capture ships and do more than survive.

My name is Samuel Janis Stone. I was born to a slave in one of the Doss houses on Barburas. I grew up in the major port city learning what I could. Like most citizens of Barburas I learned how to fight and how to use weapons. I learned engineering, navigation and piloting before I was ten. I loved playing with stolen data bases and had hundreds I bought or stole.

Breaking the encryptions was the hard part but I had practiced until I was one of the best. That was where I got the plans for stun cannons. Of course no captain was going to let a mere kid work on his ship. I was sixteen before I was finally hired aboard a ship. I stood just under two meters and had light brown hair and grey eyes.

My cock was full grown and large and thick with very large balls. Beside the single Griffin blaster I had managed to buy I carried twin stun pistols under each arm. The others always sneered at them but I knew better. With the Griffin I had to hit what I aimed at but the stun pistols held larger charges and spread out so you did not have to be as accurate.

The ship we were using had been a large private yacht and each of us had our own cabin. We sat in deep space just off the major cargo lanes and waited for a promising target. Since I was new I had all the worst shifts of the eighteen men on board. The third day was when I made a name for myself.

I had just gotten off a double shift and was eating in the small dining area. The first mate walked in and looked around before crossing to me, "Stone you are taking my watch."

I looked up with blood shot eyes, "I just got off a double, find someone else."

He leaned on the table and snarled, "do what I say or I will break your fucking neck!"

I looked at him as my left hand brought the stun pistol out and I shot him in the head. The two crewmen that were in the room were grinning as they ate. I finished eating with the stun pistol on the table. When the captain stalked into the room to answer the call one of the men made I barely glanced at him as I picked up the stun pistol.

He frowned as he stopped to look at me, "you do not..."

I shot him and watched him fall before looking at the two men, "do you have a problem?"

They grinned and sat back before shaking their heads. I put the stun pistol away and then stood to dump what was left of my meal. I drew my Griffin and a release wand before squatting beside the captain.

He woke up groggy and froze as I placed the barrel of my pistol against his head, "I will work any job you give me as long as you remain fair. What I will not do is be anyone's bitch. If you have a problem with that I will pull the trigger now."

He swallowed and then grinned, "I get your point newbie. I have no problem."

I nodded and stood, slipping the Griffin back into its holster as I started for the door. The first mate was the one to try killing me the next day. I blocked his long knife with a comp screen before twisting it and slamming it against a wall to snap the blade into my other hand. A knife hand strike back into his throat crushed his wind pipe.

Before he could fall I had turned and sliced across his throat with the blade of his broken knife. The captain did not say anything and neither did anyone else. They started calling me Swordbreaker after that. Three weeks waiting for a ship was beginning to take its toll. I jerked up as the GQ alarm began blaring and got dressed.

Since I was off I went to the single boarding hatch airlock the captain directed us to. The others were shifting around as the executive office walked in, "Swordbreaker you go through first with Thomas and Gunie following, take the bridge."

He assigned targets for each of us and then it was just a matter of waiting. I watched as he listened to his ear bud and worked the access tube. He grinned as the ship clanged and another man hit the airlock release. We all had nose filters and I barely waited before diving through the still opening hatch. I did not bother grabbing the grab bar of the other ship.

I had a stun pistol in each hand as I dropped out of the tube into their airlock. No one was there as I holstered one pistol and moved to the access panel quickly. I slapped a homemade override on and hit the access key. A few seconds later the inner hatch began to open. The others were already crowding around as I dove through firing stun bolts both ways.

Thomas rolled into the passageway and dropped as he was hit with a blaster bolt. I rolled to my feet on the other side of the passageway. I sprayed stun bolts both ways again before turning to jog towards the bridge. I heard a couple of screams behind me before I passed the four men stunned on the deck.

I slid around the corner firing again and a man a few feet away took two in the face before I shot past him at another man. Gunie ran past me towards the far corner and stumbled before his head fell off and his body dropped to the deck. I cursed as I moved down the passageway and pulled a small very expensive custom force knife.

I sliced the mono filament before moving past Gunie's body. I sprayed the corner as someone tried to run past and a girl dropped to the deck. I turned the corner and fired before moving down to a set of stairs. I pulled something I had worked on from my shirt and armed it before tossing it up the stairs.

After the flash I went up cutting another mono wire before looking straight down the main ship's passageway. Thirty feet away I saw the bridge and a man holding a large assault rifle. There were four men down around the stairs and I fired at the man as he brought the rifle up. At this range the beam spread was very wide which meant weaker.

I fired three more times as I continue up the stairs. The other men on the bridge had also been hit by the spread stun beam and I sprayed into them before walking onto the bridge. I checked everything and shut the engines and power plants down before moving to the communication station to shut the emergency signal off.

I opened my radio, "this is Swordbreaker, bridge secure."


I began pulling everyone out and securing them with long plastic binding straps. I thought of the girl and hesitated before heading down after her. I secured her and picked her up before carrying her back to the bridge. When the captain walked in a little later he grinned, "maybe your stunners are good for something."

I grinned and then looked down the passageway, "how many did we lose?"

He shook his head, "six."

He looked at the girl lying on the floor behind me, "what do you have there?"

I turned and smiled, "a new bitch."

His eyes narrowed and then he shook his head, "you need a collar and leash. Right now she is just another slave."

I looked at him and he looked away, "the crew..."

I pulled my Griffin and held it beside my leg, "I captured her, she belongs to me."

He looked at me and then sighed and nodded, "watch your back."

I grinned, "I always do."

We pulled the survivors to a single life boat and kicked it lose. I had woken the girl up and found a belt in one cabin I made into a collar. I used two more for her leash and pulled her after me as I began stripping each cabin for valuables. Eight hours later the captain assigned four men to bring our prize home and I was one of them.

I stripped my trembling bitch before we started moving and sat her on the floor with a bottle of water. I was running the engineering section and sat down to watch the gauges before explaining the rules of Barburas to my new bitch. I watched her as she listened closely to everything I told her.

She was a beautiful girl about sixteen. She had long hair that was tangled right now and a slightly fuzzy pussy. Her breasts were firm and she had pink nipples. The inner lips of her pussy were hidden but I could see her tiny bud of a clit as it peeked out and wetness shown in her slit. It was almost eight hours before she whispered, "are you going to rape me?"

I glanced at her and turned fully, "yes. You belong to me and I am also going to teach you."

She looked down and I barely heard her, "I am a virgin."

I smiled, "your pussy is wet and leaking and your clit is hard. You keep sneaking your hand down to rub it."

She looked up and blushed before smiling, "I can not help it."

I shook my head, "do not hide it, just do it. I told you what to expect. If you are horny than rub your pussy to get relief. After I have you broken in you may ask me to let someone else use you."

She grinned, "dad would go crazy."

She slowly spread her legs and started fingering her pussy. At first she closed her eyes and then she looked at me and watched me. Spinograt cleared his throat from the door, "that looks mighty good."

I grinned as I looked at him, everyone called him Catcher because he never seemed to let things slip by him, "after I get her broken in you can try her out."

He grinned and moved towards me, "now that is something worth waiting for."

I went over the settings and took the leash before standing, "come along."

Kim stood and followed me as I headed to her old cabin. From where she was and who had been around her I knew she had been a merchant's daughter. I closed the door and locked it before stripping. I undid the leash from her collar and set it beside the hatch. I gestured to the bed and Kim walked to the bed trembling.

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