Sarah and Greg Find a Wedding Location

by GR

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Shemale, Fiction, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sarah and Greg are engaged, but considering she's a shemale and he's a male, they can't get married in the state in which they live. They travel a few states north to a small church where they hope the ceremony can take place.

Sarah and Greg were starting to plan their wedding. Because she had not had her gender reassignment surgery, they had to travel through to two states north of where they lived to be where they could be married legally. They found a small chapel in a town just across the border of that state. It was within an hour of an airport, so Greg's parents and the few other guests could make it easily. They still debated whether they should even invite her parents.

When they got to the town, they checked into the hotel and decided to relax before they would meet with the minister in two hours. They stripped down to undergarments and lay on the bed trying to sleep, but both of them were too excited. It wasn't long before Sarah looked over, saw that Greg's eyes were open, and took advantage of the moment. She rolled onto her side, took Greg's hand, raised it to her lips, and kissed it lovingly.

Greg smiled at the touch of her lips. He moved her hand to his lips and returned the love. He rolled toward her and gave her a peck on the lips. They stared into each others eyes, marveling at how beautiful their partner's deep blue eyes were. There was a twinge of sadness that they could not have children who would inherit this trait, but the love they each felt for each other transcended any twinge.

Greg sighed, wondering how he deserved this, and Sarah stared dreamily thinking that all the pain she suffered for feeling like a freak earned her this feeling of complete happiness. They both smiled huge smiles, almost like they were on the verge of giddiness.

Greg moved his head forward to kiss his fiancee again. He planned for another quick kiss, but he was met with a fully passionate one. He went with it and parted his lips enough for her tongue to slip into his waiting mouth. They closed their eyes as she moved slightly on top of him.

Their hands started to explore each others bodies. He slipped a hand under her bra and felt the warm tender flesh of her bosom. She gently caressed his chest, running her fingers across and through his curly hair. They played with each others nipples. As he kissed her, he would pinch one of her nipples causing her to inhale quickly. As she gasped, she opened her mouth wider, and he took advantage of this by slipping his tongue deeper into her. She met his advancing tongue with hers; their kissing became more inflamed.

She would return the favor and pinch his nipple. In response, he would stop kissing for a moment and feel the pleasure run from his nipple to his cock, but he wouldn't break away from the kiss; this pinch would act like a pause button. Then she pinched really hard, causing him to inhale quickly followed by his kissing her with increased vigor.

They went back and forth, enjoying the foreplay. But after 20 minutes of this, both of them had bulges showing.

Greg moved from her mouth to her neck, sucking and tonguing all of the sweet spots, the ones which made her hold him closer. He swept a hand to her cock, teased it through her panties, and brought his hand back to her bosoms. His lips then progressed farther down to her breasts. He undid her bra, exposing two gorgeous breasts and nipples. He sucked hungrily at each, making sure to bite lovingly to drive her mad with passion. When he started to move away, she put her hands on the back of his head, and guided it back to her nipples. Greg obliged and kept sucking, tonguing, and biting one while pinching, rolling, and massaging the other.

Greg loved doing this for her, but he had another goal in mind, so he shifted down, again. When he reached her belly button, he paused to tongue it. He wasn't sure if she liked it, but he did; he loved the softness of her skin in that area, the small inlet for his tongue, and the close scent of his love. He indulged himself a a minute before reaching her panties-covered cock. He moved again, this time pivoting his body so that his cock moved closer to her mouth as his mouth moved closer to her cock. He worked a finger under the band and slipped the panties down over her cock, letting it free. While he did this, she worked her hands under the band of his briefs and slipped it from over his cock. Both of their cocks sprang out in their new freedom, jumping to hungry mouths.

Greg took the head of Sarah's cock in his mouth as she took his. They sucked on the head, sending vibrations through the others body. This spurred each on to more. Greg moved his hand onto her cock as he moistened the head with his saliva, causing her to moan and to stop sucking on his shaft. He moved his hips to remind her, and she greedily sucked and tongued his cock head.

As this went on, they took more of their lover's cock in. They used their hands to pump while their mouths teased, making both incredibly hard. Side by side, they tenderly (most of the time) stroked their partner. Greg felt he was nearing orgasm, but wanted Sarah to cum with him. His breathing became more difficult as he breathed through his nose so he could maintain suction on her cock. She took a few breaths through her mouth before reengaging with his cock. She sucked and pumped it, moaning with her mouth sealed around it. She knew she was going to cum soon, but fought the urge to have herself be pleased and Greg not be.

They sucked their partner's hard cock, building together, and finally, releasing together. Cum shot into each others mouths. Despite their panting hard, they swallowed the first load. As they took a quick breath of air, a second pulse shot into their mouths. They didn't inhale it, but it did dribble out of their mouths onto the sheets. They went back to sucking, taking in more cum and swallowing most of it.

When the pulsing stopped, they relaxed, rolled back letting a little cum drip from the side of their mouths. They lay there panting for a while. Eventually, Sarah turned her body around, rolled over to be face to face with her fiance, and kissed him.

She tasted herself on him, and he tasted himself on her. To them it symbolized their joining together as husband and wife, whether the law supported them or not. They smiled at each other, not saying word, and soaked in the beauty of what they do for each other.

They still had an hour before meeting the minister, so Greg set his alarm for 30 minutes, and they lay beside each other, held hands, and closed their eyes.

When alarm went off, they woke up, dressed and walked to the chapel two blocks over. They made it to the church with a few minutes to spare.

They walked into the church office and were greeted by a smiling church secretary, "Are you Sarah and Greg?"

"Yes we are," Sarah replied.

"Please, have a seat the Reverend will be with you in a moment."

Sarah and Greg thanked her and sat down on a small cushioned bench, just wide enough for the two of them. While they waited they looked around, observing the various Christian symbols and pictures around the room. Although Greg grew up going to church every Sunday, he hadn't been in a church since the trip to his parents' house. Sarah could count on one hand the number of times she had been to church. They were having second thoughts on being there.

The door opened and a teenage couple left the minister's office. The kindly looking middle-aged man wearing the clerical collar step out of the room; he had a concerned look on his face. He looked at his secretary who nodded at Sarah and Greg and said, "Sarah and Greg are here to see you about getting married at our church."

The minister's expression changed. He turned to greet them, and smiling, extended his hand in welcome. Greg stood and extended his hand, "Reverend Smith, I assume." Reverend Smith shook Greg's hand with a firm handshake.

As the Reverend shook Sarah's hand he said, "Yes, but you two can call me Earl." Sarah and Greg relaxed a little with his kindness.

They entered and Earl sat in a comfortable chair in front of his desk and gestured to a couch for the couple to sit. It was a much more comfortable seat than the bench in the waiting area. They sat and held hands.

Earl started the conversation off, "I understand you two want to get married."

"Very much so," Greg replied. Sarah nodded.

"You are not members of this church," he said in a questioning way.

"No, sir," Sarah replied. "We don't even live around here."

"Any family ties to the area?"

"None I know of," Greg stated.

The minister was puzzled. He sat there mulling over the clues, before proceeding. He thought of another tact. "Why are you at this church." he paused for a moment, realized how he might be coming across, and continued before either could answer. "I am glad you two are planning to be married and I would love for this to work out, but I need to have some idea of the situation." His smile made the two want to trust him.

Greg started trying to be very careful of his words, "We can't get married where we live." The minister leaned forward.

Sensing one interpretation, Sarah interjected, "Neither of us have ever been married before."

"Curiouser and curiouser," mumbled Earl.

"We are not gay, but our marriage would be seen as a gay marriage."

"Oh!" The minister sat back, eyebrows raised. He pointed at Greg then Sarah and back, "Then one of you is ... not as he or she seems."

Greg thought about this with the idea that Sarah is a woman even though her biology disagrees. Sarah saved Greg from more thought, "I was born a female in a male's body."

"Ah!" Earl felt like he had solved a great mystery. "I see. Why not just go to the justice of the peace and get a civil ceremony?"

Greg fielded this one, "My mom had one request, that we get married by a minister. My dad had one request, that we get married in a church."

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