A Poor Boys Spaceship

by Ka Hmnd

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Polygamy/Polyamory, First, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A young man is raised with several different species on a planet of abandoned space ships. Together they make their own Clan and built a new type of ship to travel the stars.

My name is Samuel sar Istaban and I was born here on Gavin. This planet is called the space ship graveyard because for thousands of years they brought old ships here to abandon or die. About ninety percent of the planet is covered in old ships. The ten percent that was not covered was the home of the wealthy and privileged.

The planet was full of people of many different races almost all poor. Unlike many kids I grew up with kids from other races. The cat like Kaire were more my family than any other humans. They were warriors and hunters, some of the best in all the known worlds. There were others we formed a loose association with.

The small furred Noss, who were very good at growing plants. The man sized Sizz, who were lizard like and some of the best engineers around. The tall thin Tresis, who were wingless avians and could navigate anywhere and were the best in the galaxy. The next group was small and many did not like them.

They were considered a threat because of their physical size. They were very tall and could almost pass as human except they were cold blooded like reptiles. They were called Cartell and were also considered the best warehouse or cargo masters around. There was also the tiny Albaer, a semi amphibian race that built or ran the best computers around.

From the time I could speak I was learning. I spoke every alien language but my mind seemed to wander until my father let me stay with the Sizz. I was fascinated with the workings of machines. The one thing that always bothered the Sizz was the question why. They always answered with because it is or because it just does.

My closest friends were Sasha, who was older than me by a year and kind of an outcast. She was Kaire but when she was little she had been hit by a blaster bolt. It had destroyed her womb or most of it. As far as the Kaire were concerned that made her worthless, not even a female.

The only reason they did not kill her was because her pelt was a solid golden color which was rare. She had an eye for art and that was rare for one of her people. She also had the ability to get work done, even if it meant working with aliens. There was another Kaire we called Pebble. She defied her people by being aggressive.

She was trained with weapons even though she was a female. Pebble was three years younger than I and I knew her clan would bond her to a male after she turned fourteen. I also knew they would tie her down to do it if they had to. She was not shy and at ten she had promised herself to me as a bondmate.

Jess was human and three days younger than Pebble. Pebble was her protector most of the time. Jess was fascinated with languages and loved to talk to any of the other people that would let her. Like Pebble, she had a deadline that was approaching and like Pebble she had promised herself to me as a bondmate.

Ever since I was ten I had an idea. I saw thousands of ships and thought, "why can't someone put parts from several different ships together to make something new, something better."

So I studied not just how things worked as a whole but their parts as well. When I turned fourteen I disappeared for a couple of weeks. I searched the abandoned areas for a ship, one I could call my own. I had stars in my eyes and dreams to match. I found what I was looking for in the middle of a lake.

It was an ancient Kaire cargo ship. It was ten kilometers long with one of the old composite hulls that did not corrode. It was almost five kilometers wide and over three and a half tall, not counting the three decks on top. I did not say anything to anyone but a few friends or I guess you could say clan mates.

I started designing and building what I needed from other lost ships. I found some of the old Sizz robots and had them fixing or replacing things. Instead of the two huge reactors I was able to fit eight composite hybrid antimatter plasma generators. Each of the new generators was ten thousand times more powerful than one of the old reactors.

It was the same with the engines. I replaced the two old insystem drives and the single jump drive with twelve insystem drives and six powerful jump drives. Now three years later the ship floated easily above the lake and was ready for flight. I had even managed to get a cargo without anyone finding out.

It was time to do something though, Pebble and Jess's time was almost up. I used a rebuilt hybrid grav sled and went to Sasha's. Several of her male clan members were outside and bristled. Other races were not always welcome. When I was younger I was not considered a threat but now that I was almost full grown...

I stepped out of the sled slowly and showed empty hands. I smiled without showing teeth, "I am here all the time. Why do you do this every time?"

An older male grinned, showing teeth but like a human would, "we like reminding you that you are not Kaire."

I laughed, "but I am. Your clan leader told me so when I was six."

He grinned wider, "but you have not grown a pelt."

I bowed, acknowledging this fact before walking into the warren ship that was their clan home. Sasha was in a corner by herself in a huge lounge. She was dressed in a thick shirt unlike other Kaire. I knew it was to hide the scar across her stomach. I ignored everyone else and walked to her.

I bowed slightly which I had never done, "Sasha Alt Nariss, I see you."

The room went quiet and Sasha slowly stood, "Samuel sar Istaban, I see you."

I slowly reached out to caress her cheek, "it is time. I choose you."

She looked around quickly as everyone in the room sucked in a breath. She looked into my face and I could see panic and something else, hope. She bowed her head, "I am not worthy. I am barren."

I caressed her cheek again, "you know that does not matter to me."

She kept her head down and I sighed, "since you are hesitant. I will offer you something your clan could not. I will return what was lost."

Her head snapped up as the room was filled with hissing. I smiled and only waited as she looked at me. She did not take her eyes off me as she reached out with her claws unsheathed. I held my hand out, palm up, "on my honor Sasha."

She finally nodded and I pulled the two bands out. They were made from an extremely rare metal. I slipped the first around her left wrist and it shimmered before thickening and molding itself to her wrist. I gave her the second band and she gently put it around my wrist. When the warmth faded I held my arms out and she embraced me.

I let her go get her things before taking her away. She stared at the huge ship as I approached and opened the grav sled bay doors. I took her hand after we got out of the sled and walked to the inner door. A small glowing blue sphere beside the door turned amber. I smiled, "Jonathan this is Sasha Alt Nariss sar Istaban. My bondmate and the new First Officer."

The sphere turned blue, "welcome to the ship Sasha Alt Nariss sar Istaban."

Sasha laughed, "call me Sasha, Jonathan."

I waved and the door opened into a wide hallway. In the center were several electric float cars. I led Sasha to one and put her in one of the seats. I sat in the other, "sick birth."

I did not look at Sasha as she started, "Jonathan notify the medic holo that we may need a regen tank."

"Of course captain."

I looked at Sasha as she stared back, "I should mention that I rescued Jonathan from an abandoned Kaire super dreadnought."

Sasha looked at the dash, "they would not just leave..."

I laughed, "Sasha you of all people know how I think. They left him because he was corrupted."

Sasha frowned and I nudged her, "I had Wilber check his codes and fix him."

She grinned, "I will bet Wilber enjoyed it."

A throat clearing from the dash stopped us, "actually master Wilber added a few things."

Sasha laughed and whispered, "I will bet he did."

The car slowed at a door with a big blue cross. In the room light came on around us and a hologram of an elderly female Kaire stood in front of us. I gestured to Sasha as for the first time I undid her shirt and took it off. I knew she was embarrassed and rubbed her cheek. She smiled hesitantly and relaxed as I undid her long skirt and let it fall.

I looked at the holo, "Sasha was injured by a blaster years ago. The womb was partially removed. I want you to do whatever you need to do to repair the damage."

The holo nodded and bowed slightly before gesturing to a nearby bed. First was the bio scan and then neuro sleep was initiated. I sat beside her as the first class medical robots worked on her. I had managed to salvage several of these very expensive robots and they were worth their weight in credits.

It was several hours before they were finished. I got the medical information and grinned at the results. Her ovaries had been intact and had been reattached to a new, regrown womb. Even the scar on her stomach had been fixed. I took a still sleeping Sasha to the room next to mine and put her in the new bed I had prepared more then a year ago.

I softly rubbed her cheek and she started purring as she opened sleepy eyes. I bent and kissed her, "Sasha Alt Nariss, you are a woman once more. You are my Bondmate and you will not wear anything to hide yourself from me."

She lifted her head to look down her body and then relaxed and smiled at me, "yes my husband."

I laughed, there were no husbands or wives as the Kaire knew them. I caressed her cheek again, "sleep. Tomorrow we have to go claim two promises."

She reached up to rub my cheek, "sleep with me?"

I grinned, "if I did that you would not find much sleep and you need time to recover."

She grinned, "then you do want..."

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