Bush Bunnies

by Ka Hmnd

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, First, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A new start on an old world with a strange species that looks human.

The planet Centron was mostly deserted. There were only ten thousand people in the whole system. It had been left alone because the scans showed it held no minerals of value. That did not mean anything to the handful of us that came here though. Of the ten thousand people in the system only two hundred were considered permanent citizens of the planet.

They were all on the other continent and worked on the edge of the ocean. The rest of the population was in a sealed dome in the far asteroid belt. I had decided to come here to get away and start over. My name is Peter Wolfe and I am twenty years old. I stand just over two meters tall and am well built. My cock is long and very thick.

I have a solar tractor that pulled two large hover trailers. I have five hundred head of mega bison that were protected and guarded by hover bots. After the huge orbital shuttle opened up the hatch I headed out alone. I had been on planet a total of two whole days. Even if I needed help it was a long way off.

One of the things we had discovered about this planet was that many things were similar to earth norm or were at least not harmful. I set up camp on the edge of a vast plain. I programmed the bots and then walked into the woods to explore. One of the things I liked about Centron was how open the forests were.

Either it was a tree or it was grass. Sure there were bushes especially on this continent. This continent seemed to have a lot more than the other continents. The thing was that the bushes were beautiful flowering bushes that bloomed all year. They were only eaten by one animal and it was a two legged one that was only found on this continent.

I was not far from my trailers when I saw her. She looked like she was almost five feet tall. She had long wavy golden hair and a body to kill for. She looked like she was a human but she was not. I stopped moving to watch and finally stripped so I would not scare her. We had seen them from the orbital sats.

They were called bush bunnies, not because they looked like rabbits but because they reminded the scouts that found them of naked women called play bunnies. I slowly walked near and the bunny turned her head to look at me. I smiled keeping my lips over my teeth. She looked stunning and I could not believe she was not human.

I watched as her eyes dropped to my hard cock. She smiled and turned away bending slightly and opening her stance. She wiggled her butt and glanced back. I was shocked and could not move for a minute. I finally walked closer and the bunny wiggled her butt at me again. I knew it was wrong but...

I caressed her hips feeling her soft smooth skin. When I felt between her legs it felt as if she were bald. I spread my legs wide and positioned my cock. I rubbed through her spread pussy and pushed in. I did not know what I expected but she felt hot and slippery just like a woman. I held her hips as I began to fuck her and she began to mew and coo while her body shivered.

My cock spread her open and pushed all the way inside her. She began pushing back every time I pushed in. It was wonderfully fucking her and it felt as if I were fucking a real woman. I lasted a few minutes and then groaned as I held her tight and spewed load after load of cum deep inside her.

I finally stopped and reluctantly pulled out while releasing her. I caressed her hips and sides, "thank you lovely bunny."

She sighed and cooed before moving off with cum running down her legs. I watched her and then shook my head, "I should have tagged her."

I turned to get my clothes and went back to my trailers. I picked up a branch on the way. In the work trailer I trimmed the branch and thought for a minute before putting a design in my carving comp. Twenty minutes later I had a thin delicate wooden chain with a small name plate. I had carved the name Alice on the plate and took the whole thing with me.

I used a scan to find some of my sperm that was still inside the bush bunny. I stripped and headed out to find her. When I found her she was bent over as one of the hairy male bunnies fucked her hard and fast. I stood and watched as she cooed and shivered while he filled her slimy cunt. When he was done he yanked his cock out and just walked away.

I realized my cock was almost two inches longer than the male bunny and a little thicker too. Alice stood up and looked around. She saw me and smiled before bending over again. I walked to her and lifted her up before turning her around. She looked at me with a blank expression as I put the thin wooden necklace over her head.

I had to pull her to the ground because she did not want to go. I spread her legs as she pushed and kicked. When I pushed into her slimy cum filled pussy she froze and stared at me with wide eyes. I started fucked her nice and deep and she shivered and started mewing and cooing.

I held her against me as I fucked her and it was amazing that her breasts felt like a real woman's. She jerked and shuddered hard, mewing loudly several times as her pussy squeezed my cock. I lasted almost ten minutes before I pumped several large spurts of cum deep in her belly. She grunted and shivered as she watched me.

I slowing pulled out, "thank you lovely bunny."

I moved out of the way and she hesitated and then scrambled up. She looked at me for a minute and headed towards a nearby bush. I stood and left heading back to my trailer. I was thinking and remembered the colony working on the ocean had a huge greenhouse full of the flowering bushes.

In fact they grew so fast they threw a lot of bushes away. I went on the planetary net and was surprised at what I found. I headed out after eating dinner and stopped at several bushes to get cuttings. When I saw Alice again she was with another bush bunny. The other bunny looked at me and I smiled to myself since I had come prepared.

I pulled a second wooden necklace out and dropped my shoulder bag. I started walking towards them and they both looked. Alice mewed and the other bunny looked at her and then turned and bent over. Alice watched as I approached and caressed the other bunny. I reached out to caress her nipples, "hi Alice."

She mewed softly and I turned my attention to her friend. I lifted her and put the necklace over her head before she could do anything. I pulled her onto the ground like I had Alice and like Alice she kicked and pushed. Alice moved away a couple of steps and mewed as if asking a question. I forced my cock into the tight bunny and when I did she stopped fighting.

I slowly fucked her and she was much tighter than Alice. I could only think she must have been a virgin. She felt good though and I fucked her nice and deep as she started shivering. When I buried my cock and ground against her she mewed softly and her arms reached up to my sides. I pulled almost all the way out of her and slowly pushed back in.

The bunny shuddered and cooed as her hands tightened slightly. I fucked her deep and ground against her almost every time, after that and she cooed and shuddered with every stroke. Finally after almost twenty minutes I shoved into her and spewed cum. I shivered as I pumped thick spurts of cum into her tight pussy.

Finally I was done and slowly pulled my cock out. I kissed her as she stared at me and then I stood up. Betty scrambled to her feet and mewed to Alice before heading toward the nearby bush. I headed back to my trailer and checked everything before going back outside to plant the clippings I had gotten.

I used extra hover bots to sweep through the woods for any predators before going to bed. I woke up early and was horny. I was going to go find Alice or the new bunny I had named Betty when the alarm of the arriving shuttle went off. Someone on the other continent must have been bored and loaded my order of excess bushes.

I dressed and headed out to unload the shuttle and got a surprise when the large ramp opened. In the open ramp was a woman, at first I thought she was a bush bunny but she waved, "I brought the bushes!"

I was not sure what to expect as I walked into the shuttle, "I see."

She grinned, "do the bunnies feel like real women on the inside?"

Whatever else she was, she was bold. I smiled, "as a matter of fact they do. Did you happen to bring the extra bots too?"

She laughed and nodded, "in the front."

We were quiet as we unloaded and I expected her to leave but after the last bots came out she just grabbed a small trunk and walked out before the shuttle lifted. She looked at me, "I am studying the bunnies."

I nodded to her clothes, "You will scare them if you wear clothes."

She grinned and before I knew it she was naked. I nodded as I saw her body was as free of body hair like the bunnies. She looked at me, "I removed the hair permanently. Any tips?"

I smiled, "it is simple. They eat the top leaves of the bush that are tender. When a male approaches they look to see if he is aroused. If he is they turn away, bend forward, spread their legs and wiggle their butt. If he does not respond they mew like they are asking a question while looking back and wiggle at him again. If they are with a younger bunny they mew at her and she is the one to present to the male. I have not seen what happens if two males approach together or at the same time."

She nodded and turned around and bent forward, "like this?"

I shook my head and walked closer. I reached between her legs and felt her pussy. It was wet and warm and she shivered. I moved her feet and repositioned her before opening my pants. I shoved into her and she squeaked. I swatted her butt, "quiet! They do not react when the male does that. They do not do anything except shiver, mew or coo."

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