He Stood Tall in the Heat of Battle Iraq War

by wheelchairman85

Tags: Ma/Fa, Fiction, Violent, Military,

Desc: Fiction Story: Short story about a Green Beret's tour of duty in the Iraq War

Cast of Characters

1. Sergeant Nate Harris Point Man M16 Rifle M9 Beretta

2. Sergeant Mark Hoover Intelligence M16 Rifle M9 Beretta S&W Model 625 JM

3. Sergeant Luke "Doc Kennedy Medic M16 Rifle M9 Beretta

4. Sergeant George Webster Radioman and Forward observer M14 Rifle M9 Beretta

5. Sergeant Ryan Sherman Demolition specialist M16 Rifle M9 Beretta

6. Master Sergeant Hank Foley heavy weapons M249 S.AW. Beretta M9

7. Captain Robert Randolph Commanding Officer of special forces team 762 M16 Rifle Beretta M9

8. Chaplain Jeff Brooks

Sergeant mike Hoover a Green Beret stationed at Fort Bragg North Carolina is saying goodbye to his Grandparents the day before his tour of duty in Iraq. When it's time for them to board their return flight to Indiana, Grandma said goodbye first Grandpa said goodbye second.

After saying more prayer together they got onto the plane for their return trip back to Indiana.

Mike returned to Fort Bragg and his assigned barracks, once he was back to the barracks he sat down on his bed and he read his bible.

When it was time for supper Mike put his bible back into his pocket and along with the other soldiers in his barracks Marched to the mess hall for supper.

When it was time for Mike's turn in the line and he got his plate filled with food and his coffee cup full of black coffee.

Then he found a place to sit down and after saying grace he ate his supper. When he was done eating Mike was still hungry so he got in line a second time for more food and more coffee after eating his second plate of food and second cup of coffee.

He turned in his empty food tray and coffee cup then he walked out of the mess hall and back to the barracks.

When he got back to the barracks he sat down on his bed and resumed his bible reading. When it was time for lights out Mike got into bed and went to sleep.

The next morning Mike and the other soldiers got out of their beds, made them, got dressed and went to the mess hall for breakfast.

After eating breakfast Mike and the other soldiers in his barracks waited and they waited for news.

An hour later an officer came into the barracks and he made the following announcement. "Soldiers in one hour you will board your flight for Iraq that is all."

Then the officer left the barracks a mix of emotions ran through the soldiers in the barracks. Some men smiled other men cheered at the prospect of going off to war. But Sergeant Mike Hoover did not cheer or smile he felt the overwhelming urge to pee his pants!

So he ran to the nearest latrine went inside dropped his pants and boxer shorts sat down on the toilet and proceeded to pee heavily.

When he was done peeing Mike pulled up his boxer shorts and pants then he went over to the sink and watched his hands thoroughly.

Then he left the latrine and returned to the barracks. One hour later it was time to board the transport plane and fly off to war.

Mike grabbed his military luggage and along with his fellow soldiers made their way onto the c-130 transport plane that would fly them to Iraq. When it was his turn to take his seat he took his seat and sat down then he placed his military luggage next to him. Once everybody was on board the plane's doors where shut and the pilots started up the airplane's engines and the plane went down the runway.

When it was down the runway and had picked up enough airspeed and lifted off and became airborne.

As the c-130 was flying along Mike thought about all of his friends and family back home in his hometown of farmhouse Indiana.

Waiting for him to come home from the war.

He also thought about all of the experiences that he had been through to get him to this point in his short military career.

Basic training at fort Leonard wood Missouri airborne school at fort Benning Georgia Special Forces at fort Bragg North Carolina and last but not least sniper school also at fort Benning.

After a long plane ride the c-130 touched down in Iraq and came to a stop the doors opened and the soldiers started to get off the plane, Mike grabbed his gear and got off the plane, and marched over to an area to wait for his orders. When it was His turn in line an officer shouted NAME! AND RANK, mike replied last name Hoover First Name Mike Rank Sergeant!

Then he officer handed him an envelope containing a set of orders. Mike walked out of the building once he was outside he opened the envelope and he read his orders out loud.

"Well according to these orders I have been assigned to special forces A-team 762 stationed at camp sierra deep in the heart of Iraq."

"I am replacement for the team's intelligence sergeant Sam Simpson who was recently killed in action."

After reading the orders a second time he put them back into the envelope and into one of his shirt pockets. Then he looked for a chopper who would be willing to fly him to his destination.

After brief search he found a Blackhawk helicopter pilot who was willing to fly him to his destination.

So Mike got into one of the helicopter's seats and once the pilot got the chopper's engine started and revved up he flew the sergeant out to Special Forces camp spring. After a long helicopter flight the chopper landed at the Camp Mike thanked the pilot for the flight grabbed his gear and got off of the chopper. Then he reported to commander of Special Forces camp Sierra Captain Robert Randolph.

When Mike located the Captain's office he knocked on the closed door in a polite and respectful manner. A few minutes later a loud voice shouted "Enter! The door is unlocked!" Mike opened the door and walked into the captain's office stood at attention in front of the captain's office and he said "Sergeant Mike hoover reporting to the captain as ordered".

Then he handed the captain his orders, Captain Randolph read the orders twice when he was done reading them he looked at the sergeant and he said to him.

"At Ease sergeant at ease now that I have read your orders follow me and I will give you a tour of the base."

So the two men left the captain's office and Captain Randolph gave the newly arrived sergeant a guided tour of Special Forces camp sierra.

When the tour was over captain Randolph showed Mike to his bunker then he left the sergeant alone in his quarters. Mike unpacked all of his gear and then he cleaned his M16 and his Beretta M9 Service pistol. Once they were clean Mark put the weapons back into the deployment case under his bed. Then he sat down and wrote some letters to his grandparents.

The first month of Marks Iraq war Tour of Duty was rather quiet but in the first week of February it heated up in a big way.

He was sitting outside of his bunker reading his bible. when his team point man Sergeant Nate Harris came running up to him.

After taking a few minutes to catch his breath he looked at Mike and he said "Sergeant Hoover we have a mission briefing in Captain Randolph's office in 10 minutes."

Mike looked at Nate and he said "Thanks Nate I will be there as soon as I can". So Mike closed his bible, put it back in his shirt pocket, left his bunker and ran to Captain Randolph's office as fast as he could.

When he got to the captain's office he took a seat to wait for the other members of his team to arrive. A few minutes later the other team members arrived and the Captain began the mission briefing.

"Gentleman the CIA has established a top secret radio station on top of hill 700 and their using to monitor insurgent communication traffic; the Army has been rotating Special Forces team to provide security at the radio station."

"Now it is this team's turn now this mission is not going to be easy the enemy attacks the hill at least once sometimes twice a day." You will be on the hill 5 days and nights. Now if you don't have any questions of concerns you are dismissed".

When the team was dismissed they each returned to their individual bunkers and got ready for the next day's mission. The next morning the team got breakfast got their gear grabbed their weapons and they headed for the helicopter pad. When they got to the pad the chaplain said a prayer with the team then they boarded the Blackhawk helicopter and the pilots got the choppers engines revved up.

Once the engines had enough speed the pilots lifted it off the pad and off they went to perform their mission.

After a long nerve racking flight the Blackhawk landed on the hill. The team quickly got off the chopper and setup a defensive perimeter. Once it was setup the helicopter left.

The first 3 days and nights of the mission it was quiet really quiet. So Mike used the quiet time to get to know his men better. He listened to their various gripes complaints and concerns.

Their main complaint was that they Army did not issue a Multi-function pocketknife and they felt that this was a necessary item.

Mike took note about their complaint and he promised his men that he would take it up with Captain Randolph when they returned to Special Forces Camp Sierra.

On the morning of the 4th day the team was eating breakfast, when they dogs of war were unleashed. They grabbed their weapons and they started shooting back at the enemy that where attacking hill 700.

Halfway through the 4th day the men started to run low on ammunition.

So Mike called over his team's demolition specialist/ forward observer Sergeant Ryan Sherman over to his position.

"He looked at Ryan and he said "Show me the map that you have of the hill."

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