The Biker's Conquest

by Dark_Irish_Angel

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Double Penetration, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An innocent young girl finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. She is unwillingly awakened to passion by a complete stranger.

I speed downtown before the afternoon gets any later. I want to check out all of the booths while it is still daylight and I have less chance of running into any biker guys looking for fun. My college friends want to come down here later tonight and go to the beer tent, but unfortunately I am the youngest and not quite drinking age yet. Plus, crowds make me nervous, especially rowdy ones with drunken men. For some reason I feel safer during the daytime, there are always others like me walking around or young families.

Parking my car I check my appearance in the mirror on my visor before exiting the car. My long red curls hang down my back, almost to my waist, and my hazel eyes are sparkling excitedly. My makeup is perfect as are my new nail tips I just got done this morning after class. My white frilly skirt hangs about midway down my thighs and my peach sleeveless top hugs my curves as well as shows just a hint of cleavage. Since I am so short, only five feet, I have on high heeled beige sandals. I get a lot of stares from guys no matter where I go which I accept but don't see what they see. I think I am just a normal girl. Some of my guy friends just say I have a very seductive air about me. Since I am a virgin I really don't have a clue what they mean.

Checking my watch I see it is already almost six o'clock and I know the beer tents have been open most of the day already so I want to be done shopping before they get crowded. I am pleased to see that this year there are a lot more booths than there were last year. I stroll through a booth selling sunglasses and find the perfect pair, thrilled because one of my friends just broke my last ones. I pretty much window shop through the rest, just happy to be walking around and looking at all the merchandise. In a jewelry booth I find a couple toe rings, a necklace and a few bracelets too. I check my watch one more time and see that is about seven-thirty already. There is one more booth but it is a little ways away from the rest and right on the edge of the campground where a lot of the bikers from out of town are staying for the week. Nervously I gaze at it, wondering if it is worth my time to go and check it out before I head home. I don't like how close to the campground it is. Chewing my lower lip in indecision I look back towards the parking lot where my car is and then back towards the booth.

"Take a risk for once Lexi Girl!" I tell myself firmly. To all appearances I look confident as I stroll towards the last booth all by myself. Inside there are at least a half dozen biker guys drinking and talking. On the far wall I see a t-shirt that my older brother would just love otherwise I would beat a hasty retreat since I am the only female here. As I move towards it I notice that the group of guys sort of breaks up as two of them head for the door that I just came in. Thinking they are leaving I start to relax a little bit until I am approached by one of them. I noticed him as soon as I walked in. He is at least six foot four with massive tanned muscles, a shaved head and a black goatee. He has on black leather biker boots, snug blue jeans and black tank top that just accentuate all of his awesome muscles.

"Well well, what have we here guys?" He growls in a deep voice. "You look a little angelic to be in a place like this aren't you?"

"Just because I am not dressed like one of your biker bitches doesn't mean I don't like to check out the booths." I state tightly, raising my chin defiantly. He chuckles low as he comes to a stop directly in front of me. Reaching out he takes a strand of my hair gently and wraps my curl around his finger as if mesmerized by it. I have never been this close to one of the biker guys from these things and I always had the impression they were dirty, uneducated alcoholics. He is so close I can smell soap as well as his cologne which I anxiously admit is causing me to be slightly attracted to him. He has pale blue eyes which are striking because of his dark goatee and tan skin. I would guess him to be in his mid to late twenties as my gaze is caught in his for a second before I lower my eyes bashfully.

"Can I help you with something?" He murmurs in that gravelly voice. I shake my head as I begin to back away from him nervously.

"I am running late to meet friends. Thank you anyway." I whisper as I pivot towards the door quickly only to have my way blocked by two of his large friends. My nervousness gives way to outright fear as I look around for another way out, to no avail. Suddenly I am grabbed from behind. One arm goes around my waist and the other over my mouth as I am lifted off my feet easily. I attempt to scream but the hand effectively muffles my voice as I am swiftly carried out the back of the booth and into a thick stand of trees. I kick and struggle as best as I can but it does no good as all too soon I am inside a large motor home all alone with my huge biker guy. He sets me on my feet but keeps me pressed back against him by the hand over my mouth as he uses his other hand to push a knife against my throat softly.

"You be a good little angel and I will make sure that you just meet your friends a little late tonight. No screaming or running away, understand?" He whispers into my ear in a commanding tone.

I nod my head slightly as I try to still the trembling in my body. He releases me and shoves me into the one large bedroom, closing the door behind him.

"Please just let me go?" I beg in a tiny voice. "I won't say anything to anyone, I promise!"

"I saw the interest in those beautiful eyes of yours as you looked at me." He brings to my attention bluntly.

"You will have much more fun with some girl you meet at one of the beer tents I am sure. I am not nearly as experienced as you would like." I change tactics, hoping to lower my appeal.

"The women at these things are all the same, but you on the other hand are a definite change. Your clothes that are innocent and seductive all at the same time. The expressions that cross your face from haughty disdain all the way to frightened little girl." He confesses with a chuckle. "I think you and I are going to have a lot of fun." He steps towards me slowly as I back away from him, desperately wanting him to keep some distance. I lose my footing as my heel steps on an object on the floor at the same time as the back of my knees hit the mattress causing me to land flat on my back. He swiftly follows me down to the bed and expertly pins my wrists above my head. His head lowers and he quickly takes my lips in a brutal kiss, bruising my mouth under his. I squirm under him desperately trying to twist my wrists out of his grasp as well as trying to turn my head away from his punishing assault. His attack on my mouth eases somewhat and his kiss becomes passionate at the same time as he pushes on a pressure point in my wrist causing me excruciating pain. After several seconds he raises his head to whisper in my ear.

"Kiss me Angel and I won't have to hurt you." Before I have a chance to draw a breath to speak he is kissing me again without letting up on my wrists at all. Moaning in agony I yield under him and tentatively begin to kiss him back as my heart races with fear. Suddenly the pain in my wrist is gone and he is gently rubbing his thumb across my arm as he deepens the kiss dramatically.

He is going to rape me! I think in terror as I realize there is nothing I can do to stop him. He releases my wrists and swiftly unbuttons my blouse and then unsnaps the front of my bra before my now fuzzy mind can follow. Suddenly his mouth has moved from my lips to one of my nipples while his hands are caressing both breasts expertly. Never having even gone this far with one of my boyfriends the feeling of his lips and tongue on my nipple cause intense sensations through my whole body. As he nibbles and bites on my breasts I start to feel a strong tingling between my legs as if there is a direct link between my nipples and my clit.

"Please stop!" I beg as I begin to panic at the intensity of what is happening to me. My body is responding to his and it seems I am powerless to stop it.

"Relax Angel." He whispers against my lips as his hands begin to travel even lower. He pushes my skirt down and somehow manages to slide it off me completely without taking his lips from mine. When he finds my thong with his fingers he groans into my mouth. My breaths are coming in gasps; part panic and part desire as he slides my thong down my long legs. Through this sex clouded haze I come to the realization that I am now completely naked beneath him. I push against his chest futilely as his kisses continue to wreck havoc on my senses. He pins my wrists above my head again and quickly ties them to the headboard of the bed, leaving me completely helpless to him. He undresses in no time and then lies down with his head between my legs. I try to move away from his face but he places his hands on my ass and holds me still while his mouth dives in to my damp pussy. His tongue licks between my nether lips and finds my little nub of nerves, sucking it gently into his mouth. I moan loudly, lost instantly at the sensations coursing through my inexperienced body, opening my legs willingly to his advances. Through the haze clouding my mind I feel him insert first one finger into my tight canal as he suckles my clit gently and then two fingers until I am thrashing about on the bed.

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