Honey I'm Pregnant

by Cantbuymy

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Cheating, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Anal Sex, Petting, Pregnancy, Slow, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Passion joined with love equals perfection. This is a love story between a white man and a black woman. If you are looking for a "Fuck your nigger whore's black ass white boy" story you will not find it here. Save yourself -- don't read this.

Passion joined with love equals perfection.

This is a love story between a white man and a black woman. If you are looking for a "Fuck your nigger whore's black ass white boy" story you will not find it here. Save yourself -- don't read this.

And remember it is fiction. It is the world I create not the world that is.

It is a love story -- with some sex because that is what this is, a sex site. Ignore the sex and it is still a love story.

Oh and there is lots of Catholic stuff here -- so get over it or don't read it!

Honey I'm Pregnant My wife and I have been married three years. She was a bit older than me when we met and now I am only twenty six and she is forty two. Now I do not mind the age difference but what I do mind is her being a bitch.

I had been more than a bit of a geek in college and getting some action was new to me. After college I went to work and found that some women liked geeks. I dated more than a few but I was never a player. I finally got some action after college when I graduated at twenty. I dated some older ladies, I really liked them, they were better than the self serving greedy bitches my own age. I decided I would get married but to an older lady if I could find one I loved.

I met Faith at a conference. She was French and a bit skinny but she seemed to really like me. We began dating and sex was a regular part of it. It was the first time in my life that I had constant sex. By this time my start up business was more than a startup but I was not in the huge bucks by any means, but I was worth ten million.

I don't know that it was real love, the marrying kind of love, but I sure enjoyed her company. She was adventurous in sex and kept me good and happy until that one day she uttered those three words, "Honey, I'm pregnant."

I was not sure how it happened; ok I am sure how it happened I am not that big a geek.

Despite this we made sure to get a pre-nuptial agreement. She had some money from wherever and I had my business. She had her own lawyer, this tall black guy who was about forty-five, and I guess you would say he was good looking.

It was the standard agreement. No money if adultery and if both did it then the first one got nothing the other got a pass. We would do everything possible to keep the baby healthy in mind and body. The baby was the first concern. There was even a clause that no records could be kept confidential, even medical records, if an action was brought to enforce this agreement.

"Faith and her lawyer insisted on this being added because she had read an article where a husband gave his wife an STD and she was stopped from getting the husband's records to prove he had the STD before she was found with it, thereby showing he gave it to her and not the other way around. It was a complete waiver of confidentiality and an admission of the records into evidence with the other spouse being able to refute their accuracy if they so wished. Her attorney wrote the language and inserted it into the agreement and my attorney went along with it. Faith did not have to work pursuant to the agreement; she was going to be a mother.

"What we brought into the marriage was separate property, unless there was adultery and then the non offending party got one half of all assets, even separate property. Then it had the standard schedule of payments and terms.

Divorce for the sake of divorce without cause will give the divorced spouse one million dollars for each year of marriage, the divorcing spouse would get nothing.

Cause was defined as a violation of this agreement. Her lawyer looked at it and signed off and my lawyer did the same. I had just signed myself into hell and nothing could save me.

Within one month of our marriage my new bride had a miscarriage and became the wife from hell, or is that in hell, because that is where we now permanently resided. I resided there as an inmate, she resided there as the jailor, or was it the devil's concubine?

Yes I knew she was actually pregnant, I made her take three separate tests while I stood there and watched. Blue, blue and blue -- that is all kinds of pregnant. I am even the person who bought the test kits. I even had a doctor verify it too.

Nothing pleased her. She wanted new cars and she made my life miserable until she got them. She wanted a new home and she got it. She wanted designer clothes and she got them. She demanded custom furniture and she got it. She did not kill the goose that laid the golden egg, but she took every egg she could find. And I was not getting any pussy at all. At first I thought my time in hell would end but I was wrong. Hell is for eternity, unless there is a miracle.

She even made us have separate bedrooms.

And she needed a maid to help her do nothing with even less energy and she got one. Actually it was more than one, it was them. Ultimately she fired them, or they quit because she was a shrew. She was still a beauty but I found out it was only skin deep, if that deep.

We tried girls and old women. We could not find American's that would work for such a shrew so we looked elsewhere. They came from countries in Africa, or the Orient, or South America, and no matter where they were from, or what their ages, and what ever hell hole they came here to hide from, this hell house was worse than what they left behind and they all eventually quit. One even called Homeland Security and claimed she was in the country illegally so that they would send her home.

I had an office in the house and I could hide from the shrew in there. I had cork boards and white boards all over the room and on one cork board I had a map of the world, with pins in every country we had a servant from. The shrew now demanded that she had to be a French speaking servant.

I brought the shrew into my office and she did not like it there. I showed her the map of the world and handed her a dart. She threw it at the map and she hit my fucking cherry wood wall. She smiled at me when she did it. I gave her another and she hit the wall on the other side, putting another hole in some very nice cherry wood panel. She did both of those on purpose. I handed her a third and she did not even look at the map, she just looked at me with a smug nasty look on her face and tossed the dart over her shoulder without looking at the target. I know the bitch wanted to fuck up another panel. I smiled and she turned and frowned. She really wanted to hit the panel but by accident she hit the map. It landed on Haiti.

"I will find a Haitian" I told her.

"No, she must be from Haiti, not an American-Haitian, but a Haitian-Haitian." The shrew demanded.

How could this woman who was so good to me become like this? Why has the last almost three years become sexless? Why did she cut me off? Then it dawned on me. Now everything made sense; the information, everything made perfect sense. She wanted me to divorce her and/or she wanted me to commit adultery so she could take all the money and property. I was in hell and now I knew it.

Even though I was in hell I did not intend to give the bitch one penny.

It took a while but I finally got the shrew's demands satisfied. I had to contact a convent on Haiti to get someone. Haiti was a French colony and their national language was French. They are on the same island as the Dominican Republic, so if they want to leave Haiti all they have to do is go over to the other side of the island, but instead of doing that they get in boats and come to America. It was originally called Hispaniola, or so Columbus called it. It was also a slave colony from the time of the French slave trade. So when Bernadette showed up at the door I did not know what to expect.

To get to this state I first contacted the Mother Superior from where I grew up. I walked in and asked for Mother and I was told it was "Mother Superior" and I just said, "Yea right."

I was finally shown into her inner sanctum and I greeted her with "Hello Mother." Needless to say I got a scowl in return.

"How many times do I have to tell you it is Mother Superior?" she warned.

I just smiled and ignored her complaint and dropped down in the chair in front of her desk. I even put my feet up on it." I have another problem, the shrew wants someone else and now she has to be from Haiti. And she has to speak French." I told her.

I told her everything about my life and even though she was not a priest she was a psychiatrist, a real M.D. and her help was always part of my making life decisions. I told her about my problems with the shrew and I even told her about my newest client and she did not like that client at all. I told her what I had found and she was sad for me. She asked me why I even married that old woman and I told her I was probably looking to marry my mother.

"You know the saying, a boy marries his mother and a girl marries her father." I told her.

"That is a horrible thing to say! Now you take that back and go to the priest and confess or I will never speak to you again. That is a terrible thing to say!" she responded.

"No mother, I don't mean sex wise. I just mean that if a boy or a girl come from a good loving family and the parents are good role models for the family then they will look for a mate that has those qualities. A woman will look for a mate that has the fine qualities she saw in her good father, qualities that will make him a good husband and father for her children. The same is true for a son. He will seek out those qualities he found in a good and loving mother for his mate."

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