One and One Makes Three

by Big guy on a bike

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tims love life is complicated. I am not going to say any more as I dont want to give the plot away. For the same reason a couple of story codes are missing, but there is nothing edgy or violent

Thanks to my other editor, who wishes to remain anonymous. without an editor the story would be a jumble of typos, poor punctuation and other errors.

I'm Tim, and I live in large farmhouse in a small village near Grantham in Lincolnshire. I work in the oil and gas industry in London as an engineer, and commute from home most days by train, it's only a little over an hour to Kings Cross, although I do also own a very small studio flat near Victoria which I use if I am late leaving London or have an early start.

The story starts about eighteen months ago, it was a Wednesday afternoon at the beginning of June.

I dumped my long term girlfriend Laura. Now I thought Laura might be the one, I found her attractive, if a little high maintenance. She was a couple of years younger than me, with long black hair and an eye catching figure, which she flaunted on occasions. On the day I dumped her there had been a power outage in the office mid morning and once it was clear it was not going to be fixed quickly we were sent home at lunchtime to try and work from home, so I got back very early from work.

It was about about 1.30pm when I got home and as I walked in I could hear the unmistakable sounds of sex coming from my bedroom. Laura was fucking some loser on my bed. We didn't even officially live together. She still lived with her parents, although she did spend most nights with me when I was at home. She had cheated on me in my house.

I was beyond angry. It was red mist time, and I chased dickhead out of the house with a cricket bat which was on top of my bag in the hall. I scored a few direct hits and he leapt into his car, he then thought he was safe and lowered the window and asked about his clothes. I told him clothes or car windows whilst continuing to brandish the cricket bat. He got the idea, if he went back in for his clothes I would smash his car up. He then fumbled under the seat for a spare key that he obviously kept there, and that point I wondered if he had been chased before. After a few seconds he started the engine and sped off.

Unfortunately for him I had shut the gates at the end of the drive when I got in, so he had to get out of the car butt naked, open the gates with me running down the drive still waving the cricket bat, and drive out. He therefore didn't want to spend time hooking the gates back, which everyone who had visited me will tell you is unwise, and as he drove out the wind caught one of the gates and it scratched all the down the side of his shiny new BMW. Result.

Having dealt with dickhead I now went in to face Laura, she was still sat on the edge of the bed, naked and immediately said, "It's not what you think." Why is it every cheater seems to think that the person they have cheated on is stupid? I had caught them fucking for heavens sake.

I told Laura to get dressed and get out. I don't hit women but I was still very angry and was holding the cricket bat and wafting it about, so she probably wasn't sure. I am six feet and eighteen stones (250 lbs) and probably looked scary. She grabbed her clothes and started to dress, and I started on her verbally. After I told her what I thought of her I told her to call her dad to pick her up as she had obviously arrived in dickhead's car, and he had wisely done a runner. I also told her to use the time while she was waiting for her dad to gather anything of hers that she wanted, over the time we had been together a lot of her things had ended up at my place. Anything she didn't take would be burnt. I also demanded my key back, and threw my key to her parents' place at her.

The call she made to her dad was interesting as she didn't want to tell him we had split or why. She was trying to get him to hurry up whilst deflecting questions as to why she needed to be picked up from my house. Anyway I intended giving him my side of the story when he came for her.

About twenty minutes later she was standing at the end of my drive with two black bin liners beside her full of all the crap she had brought to my house. I think she thought that by waiting at the end of the drive I wouldn't follow her. Wrong, her dad was going to find out he had spawned a whore. When this realisation dawned on her she started snivelling and started to try to talk to me, up to that point she had been remarkably silent.

All the old cliches came out, she started with, "Can't we work this out?"

"No," was my monosyllabic reply.

To her next comment, "But I love you," my answer, "No you don't," opened the flood gates, full on sobbing.

I carried on "What the fuck are you crying about? It should be me that is crying." If anything the sobbing increased after that comment.

At that point we were rescued by the arrival of her dad who stopped abruptly when he realised that his whore daughter was on the road, and he didn't need to pull into my drive.

He got out of the car and came running towards me almost shouting, "What the hell is going on?"

I shouted back, "I just caught your whore daughter fucking some loser on my bed."

At this he looked at Laura and obviously realised what I had said was true. I had now turned on my heels and walked off back up my drive. As I left I heard him say, "You fucking idiot now..." the car door slammed shut and they sped off.

The bit after 'now' was probably something along the lines of " ... I'll never get my hands on that land." You see as well as my farmhouse, I also owned the surrounding farmland, just over three hundred acres in all, as well as another farmhouse. Soon after Laura and I got together I had let the land and farmhouse to a couple from Scotland who were moving south and trying to establish a organic farm. Laura's dad had tried several times to convince me to let him buy the Mckenzies out so that he could add the land to his holding, which borders mine.

I had however resisted, as I didn't like the way he ran his farm, and after this afternoon's events I was glad I had.

So how come at twenty-nine I owned two farmhouses and three hundred acres? Well they were left to me by my grandparents, I had lived with them from the age of sixteen after my parents divorced. Gran and Gramps had retired when I was about ten, but had retained the land and rented it out for an income. Mum and dad were in show business and had their own money. To be fair I think I was encumbrance to them, show business didn't interest me; I was into engineering, so I spent most holidays with Gran and Gramps during my school years.

When Gramps died suddenly I agreed to live with Gran, and it suited my parents who had both found new partners even before the divorce. The house and land was left to me when Gran died five years later. So I had a good job in London and the income from the land.

I was I suppose what used to be called an eligible bachelor. That evening I didn't feel like it however. I burnt the few remaining items that Laura had left together with dickhead's clothes. I had an old oil drum behind the big barn for burning rubbish in, and in a few minutes everything was reduced to ashes. I then went into the house and moped around. The phone rang a few times but I ignored it; it was probably Laura, or her dad. I went to bed feeling upset at the way she had betrayed me, but life goes on and I had work in the morning. I didn't sleep well, but I did get to sleep eventually, and by the next morning I had come to the conclusion it was for the best.

I'd had a bad feeling about our relationship for a few months now. Some people talk about a sixth sense, but I believe that it's more that the brain gets lots of little signals which the subconscious processes, which don't add up, which then give you a 'feeling'. Little sounds during a phone call, a whiff of an out of place smell, that sort of thing. I suppose I had been watching Laura more closely anyway because of the bad feeling I had, but until that fateful afternoon she had been careful. I later found out that were several rumours doing the rounds about her activities during the day while I was at work. She couldn't of course take anyone home, as being a farmer her dad was in and out of the house during the day. Dickhead was married, so his place was out, and they obviously thought they could get away with using my place.

It was summer so I was playing cricket every Saturday hence the cricket bat being to hand, and I had to face my mates on the Friday evening at nets, in the end I was upfront and told them what had happened repeating the story I told here, and they were all supportive, and everyone cut Laura off from any social events. That summer she became something of a social outcast.

I also found out where dickhead lived, and as a result his wife got a letter explaining how he came to have a bruised back and a scratched car. He is now living in a shitty bedsit in Grantham while his soon to be ex-wife takes him to the cleaners. The car was a company car, and fucking someone else's girlfriend in company time was frowned upon, so he is also job hunting.

When I ran into him about three months later at a pub in town he nearly crapped himself. He kept on that he was sorry. Personally I think he was sorry he got caught and that I had my revenge, not that he broke up my relationship with Laura.

The following spring Laura moved away, but not before two more attempts to get back with me. The first time she cornered me in the local, and told me she had made a mistake; I told her to get lost. The landlord then threatened to bar her 'if she made a scene'. I know he had replaced a cheating whore wife a few years ago and sympathised with me.

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