Good Neighbor Policy

by Pettybox

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Fiction, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Eli and Fontana move into a friendly neighborhood next door to Casey and Linn. After Linn leaves and Casey finds himself horny and lonely a good neighbor finds the opportunity to show him what he might be missing after he seems reluctant to "get back on the horse". However, she has her own reasons for helping him get back in the relationship saddle.

I remember the day they moved in, it was our 25th Wedding Anniversary the day the van pulled up. The rest of the neighborhood had planned a block party for us and I recall the moving van being parked in front of our house (and theirs, it was so long) when I woke up. The cab was a sleeper and 3 men alighted around 8 o'clock and undid the back doors and the move-in started.

After coffee I went over to introduce myself to the couple who were pointing out to the movers where to place everything.

"Hello, My name is Casey Sperry (the name I always used instead of Keith Cale Sperry) and I guess I'm going to be your new next door neighbor." I said to the tall thin gentleman pointing and gesticulating places to rest the boxes and furniture coming off the truck.

"Eli Colleat! Glad to meet you. Sorry to come in here cold, but we bought this place based on pictures from my realtor and a video tour. We came all the way from Fort Benning, Georgia and flight connections are as much as a house payment. We just had to get into a place that had 4 seasons and New York seemed the best bet." He said as he turned and gave me a firm handshake.

"Oh? Military?" I queried.

"No, but close enough that we had a Fort Benning South mailing address, even though we were actually in the Columbus Georgia limits. My mail carrier explained it once, something about rural routes and that, but, it doesn't matter anymore."

Just then a woman came into the garage raising her pointed finger to make a point to Eli when she stopped and Eli turned to her.

"Fontana, honey, this is Casey Sperry, our new next door neighbor."

Fontana wiped her hand on her pants and extended it to shake hands. "So nice to be greeted so soon. Umm, all those decorations on the block aren't for us, are they?"

"Well, I wish I could tell you yes, but they are for a 25th Anniversary Party the block is throwing for me and my wife Linn. You should stop over later when it gets going, you can meet everyone." I suggested as my eyes surveyed her up and down, trying not to be too conspicuous.

She was thin and appeared a bit muscular in her arms and chest area, but had prominent breasts, nice 88's. (88 is an orange (fruit) size, "medium", I worked for many years as a fruit and veggie buyer for a Buy-Low, a supermarket chain. I worked from my home in the Food Broker business now. It's how the crass men in our field judged breast size. The average fat winter Florida navels are 56's. It's how many you can get in a standard 40 pound crate. Men are pigs, and I'm one of them)

"We'll talk about it and get back to you." She said decisively and walked away. That was when I first noticed her delicious ass. Plump and shifting side to side, just like the beat to Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman". "We'll be there. She seems to think we'll get EVERYTHING moved in as they bring it, and we're already falling behind. I just want the big furniture in place for tomorrow when the kids get here. Her mother is driving them up." Eli said with a proud smile.

"Oh, kids! How many?"

"Two boys, 10 and 11." He told me as I became afraid to ask what an Eli and a Fontana might name their kids. "Joey and Jimmy." He finished.

I was so afraid he was going to tell me "Atlee and Ferguson" or some other odd names to let their kids know how THEY had suffered with "off the path" names.

"Oh? How nice! They will like the block here. Lots of kids, and in their age group, too. Ours are grown and out of the nest, Robert and Sue Ellen. We were about the first house in the development, the down payment a wedding gift from both of our parents. We had been high school sweethearts and got married the year after we graduated, and like I said, today's our Anniversary as well as Linn's birthday, the 6th anniversary of her 39th, heh, heh. (We were each 20 when we married)

Eli nodded but was clearly distracted by the two movers with hand carts of boxes waiting for instructions.

"Well, ELI! Let me let you get back to the project at hand, moving in! I'll be back over later as things with the party develop. You two really should meet everyone." I said sidestepping a uniformed mover and going back home.

That afternoon Eli talked sense to his wife, finally convincing her that there was no way they could have the whole house set up for their boys' arrival the next day. They came to the block party and thus began a mutual admiration society between them and their neighbors. We are a tightly knit group of couples and families who look out for each other all the time, helping each other out, covering for each other, watching our homes when we're away, and taking a general interest in each other's well being. When one of our kids was married we all were there to send them off into life with full support. We had close relationships with many neighbors, but none more so close as we got to Fontana and Eli. Being next door neighbors you tend to know EVERYTHING about them, and they us, and we always shared life's victories and defeats, many times over too much alcohol.

Unfortunately, my marriage with Linn didn't last to our 35th Anniversary. Linn had a mid-life crisis of sorts after a breast cancer scare. After 3 rounds of chemo-therapy that seemed to take care of the dreaded disease she lost her zest for life with me. We seemed to grow apart at all levels and I realized that the woman I married was no longer in Linn's body. I fully expected her to ask me to move out when she told me SHE was moving out to travel the country and find the peace and solace she once knew with me. While I did not want to lose her, it was apparent that the woman I married was no longer in love with me and her life became more and more secretive and private. She hadn't taken lovers or anything like that, she was just dreadfully unhappy. She sought to dissolve the marriage with a one-time pay-off from our savings and IRA's to get her started. I fully expected her to come to her senses, but she left with around 50K and an agreement for another 50K payoff at 59 and a half. (When I could get it out without penalty) She got lawyers to set it in stone with no further possibility of remuneration. I hear from her from time to time, as do the kids, and all I know is that she is working in the medical X-ray field, as she did when we were married, near Las Vegas.

Now with people like Eli and Fontana you tend to become very close to them as you share more and more of your lives. I thought of the two of them as brother and sister. While Linn was here we vacationed together, went out together, and spent many an afternoon and evening together with dinners, BBQ's, and the like. I remembered a few times when we all had too much to drink and the talk got sexy and we said things we wouldn't normally share, outside of marriage. On one particular night when we were all pretty randy and blitzed we put on a porn movie we found in my sons room when we cleaned it out upon his moving. Now, no sexual contact even occurred between any of us, nor was it even suggested. One odd thing was when the movie got to a point where the male lead would ejaculate in the woman's mouth, Eli recoiled, spouting; "That is the most disgusting thing I can imagine! How could any man treat a woman like that!"

Linn and I were both shocked at his revulsion to the act that we thought of as pretty normal during a hot session with your lover. I remember looking at Fontana as he carried on and she seemed to be shaking her head at him and she gave me a little grin. We continued watching the flick after his little tirade and towards the end, the couple has anal sex, where upon Eli got up and walked out, saying it was over the line, dragging Fontana away with him. She protested to him that it was only a movie, and not an endorsement from us. The next day he came over and apologized for his actions saying he drank too much and was just so grossed out at the perverted sex on the screen he couldn't sit there anymore.

Linn and I had tried anal a few times over the years and although not a favorite of hers, she consented occasionally and we never thought it "perverted".

Linn had been gone for about 2 years, a year shy of what would have been our 35th Anniversary, and I was at the Colleat house for burgers and beers, a near regular Summer Saturday tradition, especially since both of their boys were overseas at college (Eli's UK alma mater). This day, however, Eli was finishing painting some doors. It was a job he had fallen behind on and wanted them to dry before heavy humidity was due to move in.

I was sitting drinking a beer as Fontana started the grill and began to sear the burgers. I truly was staring at her ass as it swayed and I guess I got into a bit of a trance on it as she turned and said,

"Geez Casey, would you like a picture of it to bring home?"

"What, the grill? I asked.

"You know what I mean, ... MY ASS! God, are you that lonely?"

"Fontana my dear, a man need not be lonely to look at your ass, he need only be breathing. It's quite lovely and the only reason you haven't known I admired it before was because I wasn't caught."

"You should get back out there. You're not even 55 yet and still a handsome guy. You don't sit home and look at that old porno movie, do you? There are a lot of willing available women to be had, if you look." She scolded.

"Oh Fontana, I guess I'm too lazy to look around for them. Linn had been perfect for me and I know she isn't coming back. It's just at almost 55 there aren't a lot of desirable women my age." I said making my excuse, still embarrassed she had caught me ogling.

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