Sarah Meets Greg's Parents

by GR

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After living together for the past several months, Sarah and Greg travel to his parents' house for her to meet them. Neither Sarah nor Greg is sure how his parents would react if they knew she was a shemale. (This is the third in the Sarah and Greg series. All that really needs to be known from the previous stories is that Sarah is woman in all respects except one.)

Sarah was about to do something which made her want to vomit all over the car. She was going to meet Greg's parents.

Sarah and Greg had been living together for several months. Sarah had talked to Greg's mom on the phone several times over the duration of their cohabitation and had heard Greg's dad grunt a few times (according to Greg's retelling of the story which Sarah told him). Sarah had said that she wanted to meet her "in-laws" but as the car got closer, she was beginning to think this had been a huge mistake.

They had been driving for five hours through a beautiful part of the U.S., but she barely noticed the countryside. For the umpteenth time, Sarah asked Greg, "What are they like, again?"

Greg watching the road mostly, turned quickly to Sarah, "They love me, I love you, and they will love you." She liked hearing it, but wasn't convinced that the transitive property of love was valid. After a brief pause, he continued, "Mom is a housewife. She's like a stereotyped mom: cooks, cleans, nurses booboos. Dad is a man of few words. He keeps a lot to himself, but if he is angry at you, you will know. He won't yell, but his responses will be kept to few words and and few syllables. He won't smile."

"He won't smile when he is angry, or he won't smile ever?"

Greg thought for a moment, "Yes." Sarah was sure Greg had said all of this before, but none of this was ringing a bell. Greg continued, "Don't take his brusqueness personally. He has his ways of doing things, and he doesn't always like the change in his routine which company brings. But sometimes, he does like a little chaos as long as it stops when he wants it to stop."

The car made a dinging sound, and Greg looked down. He noticed that the gas was running low. "There's a gas station a few miles up the road. We'll stop, stretch our legs, take a few relaxing breaths, and then drive the last half hour before getting home."


"Sorry. My parents' home."

When they got to the gas station, Greg pumped the gas, while Sarah got a ginger ale – to settle her stomach – and an orange soda for Greg. Greg finished filling the tank, and Sarah was still in the store, so he pulled the car into a parking space and went into the store.

He found Sarah looking at the junk food. "I thought you weren't feeling well?"

Sarah turned to him, "The fresh air made me feel better." She turned back to the food. "I don't know why, but cookies and chips sound good right now."

"Don't forget that mom has probably a big dinner for us tonight. Save room."

The queasy feeling came back. "It's quite possible," Sarah replied, "that no matter what I eat right now, my body will send it back, making for plenty of room." Greg stepped closer to be by her side, put his arm around her and kissed her forehead. Sarah leaned into him with her arm around his waist and her head on his shoulder. "Thanks."

"You're welcome. But for what this time?"

"For being there for me. I know we will get through this, but whenever I meet new people, I wonder how they will react to me."

"Are you planning to start out with telling them everything?"

"Of course not."

"And there is no reason why they should ever know." This didn't comfort her, since these people were supposed to be family. But then again, her might have been better had she never told her own parents. She still remembers the yelling when she told them that she was a woman trapped in a man's body, how they threw her out and told her they never wanted to see her again. Although she had talk to her mother since then, the tension was still there. Greg's parents' not knowing – this was sounding more and more like a good plan.

Sarah turned to the counter in the store and started to walk towards it. As she turned, she whispered, "Let's talk about this in the car." They paid for the two drinks and left.

Once in the car, Sarah started again, "Did you see how that guy at the register looked at me. Could he tell?"

Greg looked confused. "He probably thought you were the best looking woman to have ever walked in there." He looked concerned. "I have never seen you this paranoid about it since we met."

"Sorry, I am really stressing out about what might happen. How would your parents react if they knew my secret?"

Greg replied, "I don't know how they would react. I suspect that mom would still love us, and dad will just grunt. So no different than usual."

Sarah sighed. Greg decided to pull off onto a road up ahead and go down a less traveled path to home. He thought the scenic route away from other cars might help. They turned as planned, and it wasn't long before they were driving down a long smooth dirt road. This road was about four miles long and as straight as any road Sarah had ever seen. About half way down it, Greg stopped the car.

Sarah turned to him in confusion. "Why are we stopping?"

Greg smiled, "I am going to try to help you relax." And with that he unbuckled his seat belt, leaned over and kissed Sarah fully on the lips. Her mouth parted slightly as she sucked on Greg's upper lip. Their tongues met and rubbed against one another. Greg's left hand moved to the hem of Sarah's skirt and pushed it up towards her waist while moving to between her legs.

Sarah looked at Greg to say, "This is not the right time." Greg sensing her anxiety of being in the open assured her, "People rarely travel this road. If anyone is coming, we will have a few minutes warning before they get here, and my parents aren't expecting us for another two hours, so we have plenty of time. Relax and enjoy."

Greg continued with his hand under her skirt, reaching her panties and rubbing carefully. Before long, Sarah's eyes were closed, her head was tilted back, and she was breathing in an early excitement cadence and volume. Greg sat so that his upper body was turned toward Sarah, sitting on his right hip, his left hand under her skirt rubbing her panties, and his right hand rubbing her nipples through her blouse. Her breathing reached a new rhythm letting Greg know that she was in the moment, ignoring the possibility of other drivers on the road or what would be coming up in a half hour (or so).

Sarah's cock swelled in her panties as Greg massaged. He managed to slip his other hand into her blouse and under her bra. He loved the feeling of her full breasts and his fingers against her nipples, and the sound of the quick breaths she took when he found the right combination of friction and pressure. Greg was also lost in the moment, his own cock swelling under his pants, and he was not paying attention to whether any cars were about to drive by.

Greg pulled his hands out from their hiding places and unbuttoned Sarah's blouse. Her breasts seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as they felt the air rush in. He then unhooked her bra, letting her breasts free. He leaned over and sucked on a nipple, while his left hand went back to her panties. While sucking and nibbling, he worked his hand under her panties and felt her stiffening penis. He worked his fingers around it and started to stroke slowly. Sarah moaned as Greg relaxed her spirit.

Greg then shifted his body and went down on her. As his lips neared her cock, he extended his tongue and licked the head. Her cock twitched at the wet contact. Given the public nature of their location, he did not waste time with more foreplay; he dropped his mouth down to take her cock into his mouth. He stroked and sucked on her penis, feeling it fill with blood. Sarah was moaning even louder, because it felt really good and there was no one but they who could hear.

Greg continued to move his mouth and tongue up and down over her shaft. He wrapped his lips tightly around the loose skin and masturbated her with his mouth. His tongue running rapidly over the glans. As Sarah approached climax, she starting to moan louder than ever before. She was relieved at not having to stifle herself.

Through a strained voice, she managed to get out, "I'm about to cum!" This got Greg to stroke, to suck, and to lick faster. And with a loud scream, she came, shooting her cum into his mouth. For a few more pulses, Greg kept stroking her cock, but slowed down on each of her throbs. Swallowing what he could, he cleaned her cock off as much as possible before releasing it. He then used his fingers to catch the little bit of dribble from the tip. He sucked that off his fingers.

He then looked around, and to his relief, he saw no one anywhere near. He sat back in his seat, buckled himself in, and started the car, while Sarah put herself back together. Sarah was smiling for the first time since they left on this trip.

"Thanks," Sarah said.

"My pleasure," Greg replied smiling. He then opened up his drink and took a few swallows of it. "That should wash away any traces on me. I am about to see my parents after all."

Shortly after he pulled back onto the road, Sarah reached over, unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped his pants. Greg started to protest, but Sarah put her hand up to indicate to him to be quiet. She then reach down and pulled his partially erect cock from its restrictions. She stroked him slowly for a minute until he was nice and hard. She then leaned over and with the skill of an expert, lubricated his cock with her saliva, and took it into her mouth. Greg swerved a little as his attention to the road waned. He looked quickly to see if anyone were near – no one was – and pulled off the road. Sarah stroked his cock with her hand and mouth. He knew this was not going to last very long. After a half minute more, he started to moan, Almost." Sarah stroked faster until Greg let out a very loud moan and came deeply into her mouth.

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