The Other Side

by Westside24

Caution: This Cheating Wife Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, .

Desc: Cheating Wife Sex Story: This is a revised and reposted story about a husband and wife relationship. This story concerns the husband's activities while the wife's activities were previously chronicled in "Encounters-Dee." That story should be read first to get a better understanding of this story.

Frank Scott was on his way back to Palm Harbor from Orlando now that his annual golf outing with his friends had ended. It had been another pleasant and interesting time as the four of them golfed and caught up on what was happening in each other’s lives. There was some soreness in Frank’s body that resulted from his golfing every day, but it was a good soreness. It seemed his ‘golfing with the boys’ would continue but this probably was the last time they would be having this outing in Orlando.

Greg Cooper, who was a few years older than Frank was pushing the idea of doing this golf outing at Fort Myers, Florida. He had moved there and was a member of a private country club. Because of that membership he said, they would be able to golf at some of the top rated golf courses in the area. Besides golfing, Greg also had access to a thirty two foot fishing boat and was sure they all would enjoy fishing on the gulf waters.

Ron Kline and Jim Reed also thought a change of scenery was something they should do. Jim said he was seriously thinking of buying a condo in the Fort Myers area because the downturn in housing prices. He thought that purchasing a condo there would be a good investment. He thought that real estate prices should rise substantially when the market turns around which eventually it will. Jim said he was still looking to work five more years before he retired and until then he would rent out this condo.

Ron said his wife didn’t care for Florida and because of that he wasn’t looking to buy and he didn’t care what area they held this yearly outing at. He was only concerned that these golf outings would continue.

Frank wanted these outings to continue and changing the locale to Fort Myers was okay with him. The change of the locale could put a little bit of a crimp in some extracurricular activities he had going on but he could live with that.

Frank wasn’t ready to retire yet and he enjoyed living in Madison, Wisconsin. There he was involved in managing and expanding his restaurant business. His wife Dee had expressed her concern about his health and insisted that he take a break from work which resulted in them spending three months of the year at the condo they owned in Palm Harbor, Florida. He missed working and being back in Madison but he did enjoy golf and did other things as fishing in Florida. This was an effort on his part to relax and appease Dee.

In driving back to Palm Harbor, Frank had time to think about the things that had happened during this golf outing with his friends. What no one knew was that there was more than golf involved in this get-a-way with the boys for Frank. It was something he looked forward to doing and it all started back in Madison about ten years ago.

Frank was working in his restaurant when a good looking lady came up to the counter to place her order. There was something familiar about her and Frank realized that she was Terri Dawson. In his senior year in high school he had started dating her. She was a good looking girl and he was fascinated by her thirty eight double D breasts which put her in a special class when compared to the other girls in school.

There were some hot and heavy necking sessions but per Terri’s wishes, Frank’s hands weren’t allowed to go below Terri’s waist. While he was hoping for more, he was content to be with Terri as he was doing some serious necking and nursing on her large breasts with their stiff nipples. Terri did relieve a little of Frank’s frustration with the hand jobs she gave him during these sessions.

That limited type of love making continued till the senior prom when Terri gave Frank her virginity. Once she had the taste of real love making she couldn’t get enough of it. Every time he was with her it ended with them having sex. Even when she had her monthly visitor she made sure Frank didn’t have blue balls as she enjoyed giving Frank head. It was one great summer and probably the most sex Frank had ever had in that short period of time.

As in life where all good things must come to an end, his relationship with Terri ended with her going away to college. Her mother had insisted that Terri attend her mother’s alma mater, the University of Kentucky in Lexington. The mother was so insistent on Terri going there that she said that was the only school she would pay the college tuition for. Terri’s aunt lived in Lexington and Terri could live with her while going to school. Terri reluctantly accepted that she had no had no choice in the matter and agreed to go to school there.

It was never discussed but they both thought the mother had surmised that Terri and Frank were fucking like bunnies and this was the mother’s way of putting an end to that. Since Frank was going to school locally at the university in Madison, it effectively put an end to his sexual activity with Terri.

At the university in his sophomore year Frank became involved with Dee. He had some fond memories of his time with Terri but Dee more than made up of what he was missing with Terri. He heard that Terri had graduated and married shortly after school. Someone said she was living in Milwaukee and until she walked into his restaurant he hadn’t seen her in some twenty plus years.

“Gee Terri, you haven’t changed at all. I take that back, you have changed and you have gotten more beautiful with age. It’s great to see you and what brings you here?”

“I was on my way to visit Jenny Brightman but she phoned me to cancel as she was just called in to work a special shift at the hospital. Jenny told me about your restaurants and since I was already here I thought I would stop by and see if you were working. I thought we could catch up on what had happened in our lives if you have the time.”

Frank took her food order then joined her at a table where they told each other of what had happened in their lives since they went off to college. Terri said that she put her master’s degree in library science to use and was hired and worked in the Milwaukee library system. She married Ray Cardon who was a successful architect and they had one son who presently is serving in the Marine Corps. She spends time up north and during the winter will spend some time at the fairway home they just purchased at the Villages which is north of Orlando, Florida. She said she is planning to retire early as her husband’s success gives them no financial concerns.

It seemed to Frank that she was happy with her life and yet there was something about how she looked at him that hinted maybe she wasn’t that happy.

Frank told her about his life, his marriage, kids and the restaurants he owned.

Terri lowered her voice and with a little bit of a giggle in her voice said, “I still think about that summer after we graduated from high school. It seemed to me that you were always trying to talk me out of my panties.”

Responding back to her in a quiet voice he said, “As I remember it, it seems to me that I didn’t need to do that much talking.”

Laughingly she said, “You are right on that, it was a good summer.”

“Terri, you were a sexy lady then and with some maturity you are even sexier. I’ll bet your husband can’t keep his hands off you.”

Changing into a serious tone of voice and unconsciously inferring there must be some problems in the marriage she said, “It’s not me he can’t keep his off. He has a problem in keeping his pants zippered as I have caught him cheating on me twice.”

“I guess the grass is always greener may apply here but from personal experience he doesn’t know what he is missing in being with you. You were a lot little number then and you still are. He needs to have both his eyes and his head examined.”

Terri was silent for a while as she appeared to be thinking and making a decision. He knew from experience that she was not one to beat around the bush and with a somewhat questioning look on her face she said, “This is sweet of you to say that. Would you like to have some of what he is missing?”

That remark took Frank back a little and he now was silent as he thought about her apparent offer. He responded, “Are you saying what I think you are saying?”

“Yes I am. Like I said before, I do think often about that summer after high school and its nice memories.”

Frank made a decision as he was not about to turn down some fun with Terri. She was a hot number then and now with some additional experience he thought she would be one great love partner. There was some whispered conversation about when and how they would get together and they exchanged cell phone numbers. It was agreed that Terri would take the lead and make the arrangements. She said she would text him and let him know when and where they would meet.

As Terri was walking out of the restaurant to her car, Frank watched her tight body with its fine backside and thought it would be interesting to spend some time again with her in the sack.

During the following days Frank wondered if Terri would follow through on what she had proposed. It was five days after she had walked into the restaurant that Frank received a text message from Terri giving him the time and date and the motel’s name. The motel was in Concord, Wisconsin, which was about half way between from where each of them lived.

He responded by simply texting back saying “See you.”

With some nervousness on his part he was driving to the motel and checked his cellphone. He saw she had texted him giving him the motel’s room number.

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