It's Time

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, White Couple, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: For Lynne Neery it was time. Her Charlie had died in that test flight accident. She'd taken time to raise their twin daughters, Brittany and Suzanne. Now both girls were on their own, had jobs and their own apartment. Now it was time for Lynne to go to work. She looked at the ads and responded to one that she thought would be just right but a 'wardrobe malfunction' sent the entire relationship with her new boss, Brian Seecroft, in a totally different and romantic direction.

Lynne Neery decided that it was finally time. The girls were now graduated and on their own. That part of her self-imposed but totally necessary concern was taken care of. She was also really pleased that they were out now and had gotten jobs, were on their way to setting up their own lives. It was even okay with her that they'd moved out into their own apartment. Getting out from 'momma's wings', she thought, would be good for them.

She realized how fortunate she'd been with it all. Right up to and after the death of her Charlie in that plane crash, she'd been okay, taken care of. Her grand, grand Uncle Mel had seen to that.

With his help, after the insurance stuff was settled, Lynne was able to make it along fine with a part time job, since being a full time Mom to her two toddler, twin girls was so demanding.

Prior to the pregnancy, which came only after she and Charlie been married a few years, she'd been an office manager and loved the work. During the ensuing years, especially while the girls were in school, she did that kind of thing part time and also did some accounting work at home. She felt that it was important to keep her skills up and sharp.

She was certainly clear sighted about the fact that she would have a life of her own, once the girls were away and settled, as they were now.

It was with all of this in mind that she began to peruse the papers for job opportunities. With the way that she'd been taken care of by Uncle Mel, she had no real need to work but she knew herself well enough to be aware of the fact that just sitting around wasn't her style at all.

It was certainly different, when the girls were in school but now they were out, had jobs, their own apartment and she needed to be busy with things for herself.

There were a few things that looked interesting, including one at the firm of Whales and Seecroft. It seemed that they were looking for a combination executive secretary and office manager there. She thought that she might apply.

Lynne Neery was just then 45 years old. She'd had the girls, lovely twin girls, at 25, after she and Charlie had been married a few years. She was an active woman and not one to allow herself to become idle. She did do her periodic workouts, and, at those times, had to put up with comments from Brittany and Suzie about 'Momma going out to show her booty'.

The girls had insisted on 'keeping Momma up to date' with her workout clothes. So that it wasn't baggy running pants for Lynne. They shopped with her and outfitted her with tight white and black running capris. There was no end of giggling from the girls, and, to tell the truth, from Lynne too, when they were taunting her with their jibes.

She took down all the information about the job that was offered in the paper and made it an afternoon task to redo her resume to get it up to date.

She had a 'date' that evening with Brit and Suzie to have dinner out. They were meeting at a favorite pizza place.

During their dinner, she told them of her decision to get back into an active, employed life style. They were interested in what she had in mind to look for and the three of them spent some time talking about the job that Lynne was most interested in.

"You're just looking to meet a man!" Suzie said, with a giggle.

Lynne gave her a mock serious look and said: "Am not!"

"Wish you would," Brittany said then.

"Brittany!" Lynne expostulated then.

"Well, Momma," Brittany went on, "It would do you good. Daddy is gone for such a long time now."

"I know, honey," Lynne said softly, "But I'm not looking and am not necessarily in the market."

At the end of their dinner, they agreed among themselves that they'd get together to talk about the interviews, if and when they happened. But the two girls were sure that, with their Momma's skills, and, they said 'good looks and booty', she'd find something. Naturally it ended with the three of them giggling together.

She submitted the application for the job and her resume and hoped. Sure enough in a few days, she was called in for an initial interview.

It was with the personnel woman at Whales and Seecroft, the woman's name was Mary. She was very pleasant and laid out for Lynne what they'd be looking for with this position in mind.

"We're kind of in flux just now," Mary said. "The position that we're looking to fill isn't fully defined and we're hoping to attract someone who will help us to further define the position and make it a reality that will help the company; someone to bring good skills to help us with our plans for the company.I'm afraid that many, if not most of the applicants are pretty short on experience in this kind of field."

They had an initial discussion about the job then, based on the information in Lynne's resume about her previous office management experience.

The interview seemed to go very well, and she left with a kind regard for Mary and the way that Mary represented the attitude of the company, and a good feeling about the whole episode.

Lynne got a chance to talk to Brit and Suzie about it that night. They came over to hear about it from their Mom and brought a chocolate cake with them, for an informal party.

They certainly gave Lynne a good deal of encouragement with the project.

She waited for a few days knowing the kind of pace that such decisions at most companies would take. She did indeed hear from Mary, the personnel lady, three days later. Mary asked her to come in and have a follow-up interview. Lynne was pleased.

She dressed carefully for the interview. She didn't want to go in wearing a killer suit that proclaimed that she was overconfident about the job. She opted instead for plain black, a-line skirt and a blouse with frills down the front. She also wore sensible heels.

She checked herself out in the mirror before leaving for the interview and approved of the way she looked.

Then, before she left the house, she had a call from Brit wishing her luck. Brit said that Suzie wanted to add her wishes also, since she was at an all day meeting.

Lynne was fifteen minutes early for her appointment. She always felt that it was more polite to be on time or a bit early than just barely on the minute.

Mary was waiting for her. They had a chat for a few minutes and then Mary went to let Mr Brain Seecroft know that Lynne was there to meet with him.

"Oh, the big boss?" Lynne said with a smile.

"Yes," Mary said back, "But he doesn't bite that I know about."

Mary showed Lynne into Brian Seecroft's office and introduced them.

As it turned out, Brian Seecroft was 48 years old and a very attractive man. Like Lynne, he paid attention to his physical workouts. He was, at his age, a company man, having learned the ropes from his uncle, John Whales, from whom he then inherited the company.

He had a marriage that had failed, in his background and, since the failure of the marriage, had paid attention almost entirely to the company, learning about it and becoming rather good at it, as he got on in age.

He rose from his desk, as soon as Mary brought Lynne into his office and introduced her. He met her half way across the office and they shook hands in a very cordial way.

"Thank you, Mary," he said, "I'll be calling on you, perhaps, in about an hour or so."

"Won't you please sit down, Ms Neery," he said.

"It's Lynne, sir," she said pleasantly.

"And it's certainly not 'sir'," he said, "Not around here. Please, Brian."

"Thank you," she said.

He waited until she sat and then he sat himself. A bit self-conscious, she tugged at her skirt to pull it down and get her knees covered a bit.

"I see from your resume that you have had a good deal of experience with office management. I like that. Will you please tell me about it?"

They went on from there, with Lynne talking about her experience as an office manager, what the tasks were, the difficulties and the opportunities.

"Can you please, if you don't mind, give me a little personal information?" He asked next. He held up a hand then and said; "I know some people resent that but I try, we try here at Whales and Seecroft to keep our working atmosphere as close to a family atmosphere as possible."

"Does your husband work locally?" he asked.

She smiled a rueful smile and said: "My Charlie was a test pilot for the AirForce. He died in a plane crash, oh, about fifteen years ago."

"Oh," he said, "I'm sorry to hear that!"

She went on: "Since then my task was that of a mother to raise to lovely twin girls, my Brittany and Suzanne. At the same time I did do some accountant work and some office management consulting, to keep my hand in at it."

"I see," he said.

"Now, let me talk to you about Whales and Seecroft," he said, "And what we have in mind. But be aware, as Mary might have told you, that we are still developing the ideas about this right now."

"Yes, she mentioned it," Lynne said, leaning forward a bit.

The conversation, a very cordial one, went on from there. Brian went to great lengths to describe the company and their business and manufacturing process. He also highlighted some of the ways that they believed their efficiency could be improved by having the right personnel on board.

As they progressed with the conversation, Lynne felt free to ask questions and make suggestions, both of which, pleased Brian Seecroft.

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