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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: You ever see one of those deals at the grocery store where if you buy one can of beans you get a second one free? Yeah.

Seeking Enlightenment through Bondage

I'm not sure if this is a uniquely US thing or if it happens all over the world, but marketing specials where you buy an item at whatever price and get to take a second one home with you for free are pretty common around here. Certainly in the grocery stores with cheap stuff like a can of beans, and occasionally in other places too. The ads refer to the offer as 'BOGO', for "Buy One Get One".

It's usually done for product awareness with items that aren't selling well, since if you like whatever it is you are likely to come back next week and buy however many you want at their regular prices after the special is over. And if no one buys more? Well, you have unloaded your inventory a lot faster that you would have, and you can use that space for something that does sell.

I picked up a rather good BOGO deal at the local Wally World yesterday. I wasn't even looking for it, I just happened to notice it on my way out. I had gone in to get yet another headset for my phone, because I put them down someplace stupid, then forget to pick them up again until I'm somewhere else. There's no point in paying for a nice one if I'm only going to have it for a couple of weeks, so I get one at Wally World. Or maybe, I lose them because my subconscious doesn't care about something that only costs $13 and will probably break in a month anyway.

Anyway, I was checking out when I realized that the cashier was acting like a scared little mouse forced to work around the cats. So I smiled at her and asked how she was doing. She smiled back and said she was fine, how was I? Doing pretty good, but it gets lonely at night without a wife to talk to. She brightened up at that, so I asked if she had anyone to go home to. "Just my two babies".

By now I'd noticed that her name tag said she was Amber and she could "do more for less" which I guess is Wally World's current slogan but sounded to me like something a discount hooker would say. And, well, frankly, a discount hooker was my greatest need at the moment. So, I asked if she had anyone her age to have dinner with. No. Would she like dinner when she got off? Yes. When is that? Four o'clock or so. I got her cell phone number and let her go, since the line was piling up behind me.

She couldn't answer if I called, but I could call and leave a message, and she could call me back when she got free. As soon as I got back to my truck I called her. I wanted to use my new headset, but it had to charge for a while first.

"Hi Amber, this is Eric. Give me a call when you can. We can go wherever you want for dinner; I'm a guy and I'll eat anything." I gave my number in case her phone didn't let her just return the call, and went looking for a car wash. Let's see ... back to the hotel for a shower and change, then to an ATM for some cash.

Amber called while I was driving around pretty much aimlessly, just learning the town. She would get off at 4:15 if there were no schedule changes, and she needed to be at her mom's house by 6.

No problem, I'll be there. Call me when you are ready and I'll pull up to the door for you.

When Amber called me the second time I was waiting beside the building. I didn't drag her over to me, but I did hold my hand out for her to hold for a second. She gave me a smile.

I was going to be open-minded about where we ate, but she didn't want to tell me where to go. We finally decided to eat at the IHOP right across the street, since it was right there. Sure, anyone can find something good to eat there.

We talked about the town. Amber had been here all her life. I was new in town, sent to supervise an auto parts warehouse's construction and initial stocking, and then manage it once it was complete. I expected to be here for a while, maybe even long enough to retire. When we were done eating I asked her if she could show me all the sites on her next day off. She said she would be happy to if she could bring her children.

That gave me an excuse to ask about them, and it gave her an excuse for talking about them. By the time we were done eating I knew that Sally was 8 and a handful and always wanted attention; she would act up if that's what it took, and Billy was 4 and getting into everything; he was always trying to get away from the attention so he could cause trouble in peace. I tried to pay attention and remember everything she had told me.

Now, don't get me wrong, Amber really wasn't a hottie. She looked kind of dumpy and no one ever called her a genius, but she acted like a puppy who would do ANYTHING, learn any kind of silly trick, to please her owner, and that kind of thing got my attention. If she was really willing to do anything to please me, I was willing to be her owner.

When we were done I made a point of asking her how much we should leave the waitress as a tip. The service wasn't anything to remember, neither good nor bad, but wait staff usually don't get even paid minimum wage like Amber probably was. They depend upon tips, and unless they really screw up badly I try to give them the standard 15%. Part of the point was that I could afford to do that, so I had money. Another part was that I had fairness rules and I treated those fairly who treated me fairly. I could almost hear the gears slowly grinding inside her head.

When we got back to the truck I opened the door for her, helped her in, and closed the door for her once she was out of the way before I went around and got in on the driver's side. Hey, I got manners. With people who haven't fucked me over, at least. I put the key in, but then I pointed to the dash clock and pointed out that we had some time. Did she ever get to just relax for a few minutes? No, not really. Okay, I'll set my alarm so we aren't late. Pulled my phone out, did that. Then I sat back and held my hand out for her.

She took it, and the rest was pretty much a foregone conclusion after that. I pulled her to me where she could rest, if she wanted, and I started petting her. Stroke her arm, run my fingers through her hair, trace her face with my fingertips. It was obvious she liked it and didn't want me to stop giving her positive attention. Good puppy!

After a few minutes I moved to her chest. She was wearing a choking truss of a bra, but that just told me that she had big fat titties that needed support. And attention. She made a half-hearted attempt at pushing my hand away, but I held both of her hands in one of mine and went back to stroking those big fat titties through her blouse and bra.

At least she had taken her Wally-World tunic off when she got off work. She had a choice between getting up and leaving, or letting me play with her breasts. Or, at least, stroke her blouse, which had a bra under it, which had titties under it. She let me play. I tried to be gentle and relaxing. It's just a nice massage. I'm sure she knew what I was doing, but it WAS relaxing, laying against an assertive strong man who liked her. It DID feel good.

After a few minutes I murmured "I want the real things." She knew what I meant, and she leaned forward to help me take her blouse off. She looked unhappy when I undid her bra, too, but she didn't object beyond making the face. I pulled her back down to lay against me, and now I used both hands to fondle her breasts. Part of it came from her being overweight, but who cares? They are still nice big fat titties, she is still young and they don't sag too much, and I love playing with them. I did tell her "These are beautiful. I could hold them for you all day."

Eventually I could tell that I was doing it right. She didn't go to sleep because I was giving her a relaxing massage; she started to squirm because a man was playing with her titties and gently pinching and pulling on her nipples.

I slowly slid my hand down her belly to between her legs and started rubbing her twat where she was squirming. She responded well to that, too, alternately squeezing my hand between her legs and letting them go as I rubbed her twat with one hand and pulled her nipples with the other. Before long I had her pants down around her ankles and a couple of my fingers in a nice hot wet snatch.

I was starting to squirm, too. So, I told her "We don't really have enough room here for me to take care of you right now, but I'd love to tonight, if you want. On the other hand, I can't drive like this. Have you ever given a man head?"

I didn't ask if she wanted to, and I didn't ask if she was any good. All I asked was if she ever had before. It was a far simpler question, that she could answer 'yes' to without thinking too much. I wasn't going to ask any questions that she could answer 'no' to.

We got her turned around, and she finished pulling her pants off to make it easier to move around. Then she knelt on the bench seat beside me, watching as I struggled to pull my pants down to my own ankles. When I was ready, I reached out and fondled her titties again for a few seconds before pulling her head down to me. She didn't fight much, she just did what I wanted. As a wife or mother she would be a disaster, but as a girlfriend she's going to be great.

Amber wasn't the best I'd ever had, but it's all good. She took direction, she tried hard, and when I held her head in place and exploded she swallowed it without making much of a mess, everything you could ask of a fat girl you had picked up on a whim. She was still there, gently nursing while I held her head in place with one hand and played with her titties with the other, when my cell phone alarm went off.

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