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Chapter 1: Introductions

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, ft/ft, Consensual, Fiction, True Story, First, Petting, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Introductions - When a retired engineer is asked to teach Sex Ed to two precocious twin teen girls things can happen. You think!!!


This is ALMOST a true story taken from my memories back in the summer 2010. The names and any reference to any state or location have been changed. The line between fact and fiction is in the reader's mind and adds to the fantasies of the reader, oh, and also the author's. As this is my first writing, I hope you will enjoy.

The Location

A year round warm Southern state. We live on a cul-de-sac in a high middle to low high income area. I bought my house new in 2000. My house is the last rectangular lot before the "pie shaped" lots going around the circle cul-de-sac. The pie shaped lots have a lot more backyard space.

The Cast

Bob and Carol Charles

Bob is a medical instrument salesman is 40 and in good shape and Carol is 39 and is a surgical nurse just a little over petite and in REALLY good shape even after having twins. I guess they met at the hospital. You know, those old salesman jokes. They have been happily married 17 years. They moved in to our neighborhood just before their daughters were born. They bought one of the cul-de-sac homes across the street from me. The first thing they did was install their own in ground pool even though the development has a pool for residents, having one right out your door is nice as you will see.

Their twins, daughters, Elizabeth, "Liz" and Deborah, "Sissy". They are fraternal and not identical twins. I once asked why "Sissy"? Liz could not say Deborah, Deb or sister when she was young and Sissy just stuck. While they are not identical, you would swear they where. Besides when they are in their school uniforms, whether they are out playing or swimming, they ware identical cloths. I asked their Mother if she made them. She said it was their own idea. To see these girls, you would have a hard time telling them apart except for little facial features. One descriptions one fits both. Long light brown almost sandy hair flowing down their back to just below their shoulder blades. About 5'5" tall and nice, athletic bodies as both are in to gymnastics and cheerleading with nice figures and small teen breasts, about the size of half of a grapefruit, that they love to flaunt every chance they get. While their looks may be the same, their personalities are completely different. Liz is kind of down to earth and Sissy is a little out there. Fun loving and out going as she can be. They will be 16 by the end of summer and they keep reminding me.

Carol was a stay at home Mom until both girls where in first grade. That's when she ask my wife and I if we could watch the girls after school and we thought it would be nice as we where empty nesters and we did until my wife got sick. One time we had our grand kids over as they where in a different school system and were off. The girls came home from school and started play with our grand kids. Hearing them call us Grandpa and Grandma, they asked if they could calls the same. Because I was not sure if this would be OK with their Mom, I said it would OK with me but they had to ask her first. The next time they where here, it was Grandpa and Grandma so I guess it was OK

Once a summer, Bob and Carol would have a "Block" party in their back yard for the close neighbors. That's how we first met.

Me, I'm Bill Quine, a retired electrical engineer and a "Dirty Old Man" and I don't mean that in a negative way but as you read the rest of the story, it may seem to fit. I took an early retirement to take care of my wife in her last years. Do to my circumstance, they allowed me to take an early buy out as long as I did not go to work for another company. Trade secrets and such. My wife passed away about a year ago from inoperable cancer. Do I miss her, you bet. We had plans to travel after my retirement. That being said, I don't miss her sexually? That was gone about two years after our wedding. She just wasn't in to trying anything that could rekindle a spark in our love life. We were making love about 2 or 3 times a week that tapered off to about 2 or 3 times a year before she was diagnosed with cancer. Sometimes I wonder if that could have been the cause. To her there was only one way to do it, missionary. Do it, get it done, and good night. Sleeping together was just that. Get the picture? Now I must admit, I could have been a little more forceful but I kind of just let her have her way. Other then that, our marriage was good. She gave me a wonderful son and daughter.

I did a lot of fantasizing and making out with my best friend, Rosy palm and her five sisters. First it was just Playboy and Penthouse and X-rated Videos, then the internet came along. O-M-G, was this a new experience. That's how I found this site. I figured that my story could be just as good as anything here.

Before this story stated, I would ENJOY myself while watching the Charles' two girls play in their front yard or walk home from school. Oh what a pair. First, they never built girls like that when I was in school and secondly they never dressed like that either. Tight jeans like they were just dipped in blue paint, how do they get in to those, I'd like to try, and short shorts that leave very little to the imagination. Poodle skirts with bobby socks and saddle shoes was the girl's dress of the day when I was a teen. I would set up my video camera so I would have something to watch when they weren't around.

Let's get started

The summer was going to be a long hot one as the temperature was going to get to 100 in the shade and it was only June. My air conditioning was working at its max but I was comfortable. The phone rang and it was Carol from down the street. She asked if I wasn't doing anything if I could go over to her house and play "Life Guard" for her daughters as they are not aloud to use the pool with out an adult there. She knew that I was a life guard in my youth and that's another story. I thought for a minute, I didn't want to sound too anxious. I told her I would go over right after I had my lunch. She told me that she would repay the favor. She said it was OK for them to have two of their friends over also. God is shinning down on my today.

I had my lunch and changed in to my bathing suit and walked down the street to Carol's. I went right to the back yard because I heard all the giggling coming from there so I figured they were all ready there. They introduced me to their guest, Beth Ann and her brother, Nick. Beth Ann was the same age as the girls but Nick was her little brother at 10 years old. They introduced me as Grandpa but told them the story that I was not really their Grandpa. The girls had bikinis on and of course, the twin's suits matched. Oh my. Like I said, the girls did not have those when I was young going to the beach. I was not even interested in what Nick had on but for those that care, he had on those swim shorts the kids are wearing that look 3 sizes to big for him.

I sat in the shade of the gazebo and watched them play and splash around. It was getting really hot and for that matter, so was I. I got up and retightened the tie string at the top of my suit and "Cannon Balled!" in. Even the water was warm but felt cooler then the air. I had a blast. The girls were trying to dunk me but with my training, I was able to avoid being drowned. I even thought I felt tugs on my shorts. Thank God I tightened that waist string. Normally I wouldn't but if you dive in, the elastic is not enough to hold "Things" in place. I kept moving so the girls never noticed my centerboard (a long board on a sail boat that you put down to keep the boat from tipping in the wind) erection and standing proud under my suit. Nick got out of the pool and walked around to the diving board. I watched him as he walked and was "Adjusting himself" as he walked hopping the girls wouldn't notice. My God, I said to myself, I think the kid has a boner.

The two guests had to leave. Sissy got out of the pool and escorted them out. I went to the side of the pool "to rest" and watched them walk away. I had my arms crossed with my chin on them. I really think they were putting on a show for me as they walked away. I love it when girls slip a finger under the elastic leg openings to "Relieve" the suit out of their front and rear cracks. When I though I was as hard as I would ever get, the motion of their teen asses was setting me in motion. Liz swam up next to me and asked if I was OK. I said I was but was a little tired. I was not as young as I use to be. She said "You look alright to me" as she gazed down in the water to see a rock hard on between me and pool wall. I told her at my age, that is what we call a miracle. But with all that femininity around, I could not help it. She asked " What do you mean Grandpa?" I said the she would find out as she got older. Little did I know how soon that was to come.

Sissy returned with a tray of cold drinks and set it on the table in the gazebo. With all the activity this afternoon, I was hopping for more then Ice Tea but that's what it was. I SLOWLY got out of the pool trying to rearrange my suit to hide my erection from these young ladies. The suit was clinging to me like it was going to make a mold of it. I quickly slipped my hand down the front to re-park my woody. I dried off and wrapped the towel around my wet suit and walked over to the gazebo and sat down. The tea was nice, cold and sweet just as I liked it.

Now I have to tell you a little more about the girls. Like I said, they could be twins. Both have the same figure, hair color and style and eye color, sky blue. Thank God you can still tell them apart. Their breasts are about the same size over flowing their "A" cup bras. I checked later. More then a mouth full is a waste. NICE curves to say the least. If they had on the same swim suit and were all wet, you would have a hard time telling them apart.

As I sat there drinking my tea I was fantasizing about the two lovely lovelies I have here. Now it's going to start getting interesting here. The table in the gazebo has a glass top. One where you can kind of see through it but not clearly. I notice that Sissy was playing with the top of her bikini bottom and Liz already had her hand tucked inside. I was hopping they did not noticed me examining the table top for flaws. Now I am not well endowed as some others in these stories, 7 inches at its best, but the tip of my cock is pushing at the top of my suits drawstring.

I just about lost my load when all of a sudden they tossed their tops and went back to the pool. Nice, high, firm teen breast with hard tight nipples and dark pink areola. I told them they should get their tops back on before their mother got home. They said that Mom allowed them to as long as know one was around. "What do you call me?" I said, trying to keep my hands off my erection. In unison they hollowed back, "Your Grandpa". Couldn't argue with that.

I really need to take a break now to relieve some tension and excused myself to use the restroom.

OK, I'm back. I jumped back in to the pool with these half naked teens swimming around just teasing the you know what out of me. I got hard again!! OMG They would come close to me and rub those perfect tities against me. They kept trying to nudging my erection, tugging at my swim shorts I thought I was going to loose them but they caught on my erection, another use for my woody and then, thank God, I heard a car in the drive. I said "It must be your mom you better cover up". I darted to the pool steps and quickly dried off and wrapped the towel around my suit to hide what I had going on. The girls just laughed.

After a short time, Carol came out by the pool. She ask me how the girls where and thanked me. I said except for being topless they were well behaved. She told the girls to get a shower and dressed and help with supper. They jumped out of the pool and grabbed their tops not bothering to put them on. Remember those tight firm tits. They didn't even jiggle as they ran to the house with their little nipples hard and pointed.

I mentioned the topless scene to Carol and she told me it was alright and they had been doing it sense they were little girls. "When they started swimming, they never wore tops and started on their own when the tities (Carol blushes) started showing." Carol said. Carol asked me if I would like to join them for diner tonight. Bob was out of town (now don't read anything in here) and this way she could repay for watching the girls. Again, I did not want to seem too anxious and the fact that it would be nice to be with some company and a home cooked dinner for this old widower, I accepted but not as a repayment as it was a pleasure just to cool off in their pool. She said I could use the pool anytime I wanted. It's going to be a good summer I thought.

I went home and got in to the shower. I soaped myself down paying particular attention to my some what flaccid cock by now. It quickly jumped to attention. With out to much work, I was splattering the shower stall walls with my cum. I had not had anything like that since my honeymoon. I usually rinse down and then shave and shampoo in the shower. With my hand all lathered up with shampoo, what's good for hair on my head should by ok for the old pubics so I went down to just be sure it was clean and again it jumped to attention. For the first time since I was a teen, I pop a second load during the shower. If you are keeping track, that's three today. A new record for me. My doctor told me I should put more excitement in my life after taking care of my wife.

I got dressed in a nice slacks and shirt and walked across the street. It was still hot and I should have worn shorts. I knock on the front door and girls greeted me and walked me to the family room. Carol greeted me with a hug and asks if I wanted something to drink? I said just a glass of that sweet Ice Tea would be great. Before she could move, Sissy ran to the kitchen and brought back a glass of tea. I told Carol that's the way Sara, my late wife, would make it.

Carol came from the kitchen and announced that dinner was ready. The girls walked me into the dining room and started fighting who was going to sit next to me. I settled the argument and said that I would sit between them if that was OK with mom. Roast beef, mashed potatoes and corn. Beats the TV diner I was going to have tonight.

After diner, the girls cleaned up the dishes and Carol and I went into the family room. We sat there chatting and watching television. The girls came in an asked if they could watch a movie. Mom said it would Ok as she and I were just talking and not paying any attention to what was on TV.

As we talk, the subject of his girl's sexuality came up. She said they were growing so fast that she could hardly keep up with them. Carol said "Bob and I along with girls were talking and we would like you to teach them what they don't teach you in school about sex. Not the book stuff but the every day sex." I said that they should be the ones to do it. It would be better coming from Mom and Dad. Bob and she were uncomfortable talking "Street Sex" with them. They were their little girls besides, the girls respect you. They knew I had a teaching background and at my age, they felt comfortable with me being their "Instructor". Oh, if they only knew. "Carol, let me think about." and the girl weren't really in to their movie as we thought and came running over, "Please Grandpa, please."

"Ok, Ok" I said, but there are some conditions. What's that they all asked? There's going to be nudity, touchy feely, active sex and home work. "Homework?" Sissy jumped up. I said yes, from time to time there may be an assignment. "Agreed?" I asked. The girls both said yes. How about you Mom? I asked. "I agree" Carol said. I asked Carol again, "are you sure Bob is in agreement?"

"Oh yes" she said. "It was kind of Bob's idea. "When can we start, when can we start Grandpa." said the girls in unison. I said I would be over after lunch Tuesday around 1 o'clock but we will start right now. When I am teaching, call me Teacher. Grandpa makes me feel uneasy. "OK teacher" and girls went back to there movie and Carol and talked more about it in the den out of ear shot of the girls. She told me they trusted me and do what I think was necessary. Carol said, "Bob was walking down the hall by their bed room and he saw that they were nude with one on top of the other noting that they were kissing getting each other excited. He did not know what to say or do." He thought it would better then learning from the kids they hang around with and experimenting." Now I find nothing wrong with experimenting but I understand where they are coming from. Carol told me that both girls had started their periods and their OBGYN put them on the pill to control their periods and they should come about two weeks apart. Do not ask me. This is where I got off the bus.

Now a little side bar here. Can the adults reading this remember how they learned about SEX. Not the school book stuff but the down to earth licking and kissing, sucking and fucking howl at the moon sex. Wouldn't be nice to know that there was more to sex then wham bam thank you mam make a baby. Get me off so I can go have a beer. Or, take a girl virginity or just have her and the whole school knows about with in an hour with today's internet. There is JOY to sex. That's why it is called "Making Love". My late wife, rest her soul, thought that sleeping together was exactly what it meant.

I went home around 10:30 and went straight to bed. I have a TV there so I watched some news but my mind kept going back to the two topless girls this afternoon. To get my mind off that scene, I started thinking about my lesson plan. I fell asleep with note pad in hand with a couple of note.

Woke up in the morning with a terrific boner, hard on, piss hard or just a good old morning woody what ever you want to call, I had to pee and NOW. As I was there dick in hand, I was thinking, what a waste of a good hard on. I could not aim it or sit down, so I did the next best thing. I pissed in the shower stall. As soon as I was done, so was the hard on. While I was there, I brushed my teeth cleaned up. Threw on some warm ups as I have always slept in the nude and went down and made some coffee to go with the morning paper. Finished the coffee and paper and had a bowl of cereal and another coffee. Went out and mowed the lawn before it got to hot. Spent the rest of the day doing work around the house.

Tuesday came around and I was starting to get excited and nervous at the same time. Work in the yard for a while. Came in and went straight to the showers to cool down and clean up before my "Lecture Series" was to start. I lathered up real good and again pay attention to my member which was getting hard. I mean really hard. I started thinking about the twins with their little hands dipping under their bikini bottoms. I could only guess what they were doing but I am sure I was right. I figured that if I was going to be around those girls this afternoon, I was going to get THIS out of my system. Once again I coated the wall with my cum. Lucky for me I have one of those hand held spray heads. Makes clean up easy.

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