The Wife

by neff trebor

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Coercion, Fiction, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Humiliation, White Couple, White Female, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Sandy is unknowingly coerced into helping her husband's career.

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Your Wife is Now Our Whore

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I told him I liked his story and would like to revise some of it for my own amusement. I told him that he could use it however he wished. I never heard from him; one way or the other. I am tentatively posting this under my own pen name. I hope it is okay.

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Conrad would do anything to get invited to the game with the guys he worked with. It wasn't just a matter of the game. Dave, Joe and Danny were the three founding owners of the company. The three had all met during their years playing for the Dallas Cowboys. Joe and Danny were tight ends. Dave had been a nose Guard.

Once they left playing football, they decided to start a company making applications for cell phones. Since their degrees were all in business, they had hired Conrad to write them.

Conrad knew he was in line for a good promotion and stood a chance to be promoted from Associate Partner to Full Partner. He had worked days, nights, and weekends for months on end to meet deadlines and develop new programs. He knew he had made them lots of profit over the last few years.

They had been hinting that they had an extra ticket from one of their good suppliers. They were dugout seats. Conrad knew vaguely what that meant. The dugout was a row of seats right next to the home team dugout just to the outfield side. Access to the seats was through a private suite of party rooms that had their own kitchen, bars, and restraints. The ticketholders could watch the game from just past first base. They could go to the rest rooms or get food and still watch everything on flat screen television.

They had been hinting about going to the big game Saturday, but he didn't have a ticket, and his friends knew it. They gave him a hard time all week, and Friday Conrad just begged them to let him have the one extra ticket they had.

"Alright, we'll give it to you and you can go with us," Dave told him. "But, we've all talked, and if we give you this ticket, you have to do something for us in exchange," Dave demanded.

"I'll do anything," Conrad insisted; knowing that it was much more than just a game involved. It was a chance to hang out with the owners of the company. This was a bonding experience he needed to let them know him better. He was desperate to get to know them on a more personal level. They knew it too.

They were reluctant to admit him into the partnership because it was a lot of money for him, and less for them. On the other hand, he had brought a lot of business into the company. The three men had talked about this situation many times at the bars they went to during "Happy Hour," on Friday afternoons.

"Yes, you will," Dave answered. "There are three of us and you'll have to do three things we ask. No backing out. It's more than just the tickets involved. We are evaluating your performance the last year. This could be part of your annual review."

Conrad agreed and quickly snatched the ticket from Dave.

"That's a contract then and you will honor it?" Dave asked. Joe and Danny smiled big and laughed.

"You don't know what you're in for," they told him with a confident smile.

On Saturday morning, Dave, Joe, and Danny pulled up in Conrad's driveway. Conrad ran out to get in their car. "Not so fast," Dave said. "First I need you to go get the title and the keys to that new shiny black SUV you've been bragging about."

"Why?" Conrad yelled, "I'm not giving you that!"

"Relax," Dave said. "I'm just going to hold the title until you honor your promise to give us the three things we ask for. When you do, you get the title back and keep the car. But if you try to back out, I keep the title, keys, and the car." Dave was firm. He looked straight into Conrad's eyes.

"I'll keep my promise. I'll do whatever you ask me," Conrad went into the house and brought back the title and the keys.

"Sign it!" Dave insisted. Reluctantly, Conrad signed the title and Dave locked it in his glove box.

As they drove to the game, they began to talk about Sandy, Conrad's wife.

"Sandy sure is hot!" Joe said. "How did you get her?"

Conrad smiled, "She loves me and I love her."

"Sandy is beautiful," Danny replied. "I've noticed how her blonde hair bounces as she walks, it bounces just like her big perky tits!"

Conrad was getting a little uncomfortable.

"You're right," Dave responded. "Sandy's perfect hair bounces just above her shoulders, so as to not hide any of the bounce of her perfect tits! And her so smooth, creamy skin, her pouty lips and pretty face, its all great! But I've got to tell you guys, my favorite part of Sandy is her heart shaped, bubble ass!"

Conrad had had enough. "Stop talking about my wife that way!" he spoke out.

"We're not going to do that," Dave replied. "You see the first thing I'm asking you to do for us is to tell us all about Sandy. Undress her for us. Tell us the details of her body, any distinguishing marks, how stiff her nipples get, how good a fuck she is, and what she really likes sexually. Does she suck your cock real good? Does she like it up her ass? Tell us all, big boy, or do I keep the title, keys, and the car?"

Conrad swallowed hard, but began to tell the three men all about Sandy, the first time they had sex, how she quivered when his tongue lapped her pussy lips, how she flooded when he licked her clit without stopping. He told how she only very rarely sucked his cock, and no, she had never taken it up her ass.

Conrad described the light brown almost indistinguishable tattoo. He had taunted her into it. He had made her feel antiquated. He said she was an old fuddy-duddy because he believed most women shaved their vaginas. He had taunted her into it. She was struggling on how far she needed to go to please her husband.

Silently, inwardly he was mystified. She had shaven her pubic hair; it had been done at a very expensive salon. From her slit on down, she was bare. Above the cleft, it had been shaven into a "landing strip" configuration. The middle of it was a bushier curly dark brown. From the center out to the sides, the thickness and length tapered. The edges went from the brown to reddish brown to almost a clear blonde. The hairs on the edges were sparse. On close inspection, there was a tattoo. It was almost the same color as the darker strands of hair. It was the female sign ♀. It could be shown if she were completely shaven, or it could be concealed as it was. But it was more than just the shave and the tattoo. The freshly manicured bush had the smell of fresh lilacs. It was an intoxicating sight.

At first he was embarrassed to start the description. Maybe because of a couple of beers, He was now on the brink of bragging. He wouldn't have volunteered the information on his own. Now, upon being ordered to divulge something, he was intoxicatingly proud of what she had done. "Too bad they would never see such beauty." He thought to himself.

By the time they arrived at the game, all the men were extremely aroused. Dave, Joe, and Danny were smirking; thinking how their plan was falling in place. They all would be fucking Sandy before the day was over; of that they were certain.

All the men enjoyed the game. Dave bought beers and barbeque for everybody. Conrad was living it up, oblivious to the plan his friends had hatched.

At half-time, Joe spoke to Conrad. "Now for our second request," Joe looked Conrad straight in the eye. "Call Sandy and tell her to bathe, do her hair, makeup, and to put on the clothes you had sent to her, what you sent, and nothing more. Tell her that she has a big surprise tonight. Call her now and tell her exactly what I've said." Joe stared at Conrad.

Conrad started to protest but remembered the car title, keys, and possible employee evaluation which could make him a partner. He hadn't sent her anything, and he wondered what Dave had sent her. He knew his friends were up to something, but surely it wouldn't hurt for Sandy to dress up for them.

"You really want me to wear this," Sandy asked Conrad when he called. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I am. I sent it to you so please put it on and add nothing to it. Wear just what was sent it. Please, do it for me. I'll explain when I get home." Conrad wanted to be sure he got the title and keys back. "And be ready by seven," he added as Joe whispered to him.

Confident that he had two of the requests already out of the way, Conrad watched the second half of the game a little uneasily.

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