Stormy Day at the Pool

by Dead Writer

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Desc: Coming of Age Story: Ever take shelter from a storm in a unisex bathroom at a neighborhood pool because it was too far to get home? What about sheltering with the opposite sex. Paul finds himself stuck in a bathroom with others from the pool and learns quite a bit, yet pays a hefty price.

Man I love summer vacation! At least I have really loved it since I turned 11 and could go to the pool without needing to be with an adult. In order to do this I had to swim two lengths of the pool without stopping. The pool had lifeguards just in case I did something stupid and was drowning. My buddies from school were always to jealous because their neighborhoods didn't have pools or you had to be 14 because they did not want to pay lifeguards. My neighborhood was so big that we had two pools I could go to, so when one was closed or they were doing swim lessons or swim team practice, I could go to the other one. I wore out two bikes over the last 3 summers going from pool to pool.

This summer was no different! I finally talked my parents into getting me a 21-speed mountain bike as my current bike was just an old 5-speed. That bike got handed down to me when my aunt was cleaning out her garage. I had a cousin that begged non-stop for months to get it and then rode it twice before deciding it was not cool enough for him. Dang tires were so dry rotted when I got it that I had a blow out when I was riding it around in the driveway to adjust the seat height. By the time this summer had started I was already on my third set of tires for it and those were wearing through. As I said, I rode it a lot. Over the summer I would easily ride ten miles a day around the neighborhood and on side roads to go hang out with friends.

The pool closest to my house was closed for swim practice and I really enjoyed having the extra gears to get up and down the hills as I rode over to the other pool. It was the bigger one and still had a diving board over the deep end. My pool had it taken out because the ankle biters would try to jump from the diving board to the side. After a few of them broke their noses or knocked out teeth, the home owner's board ripped it out and cemented over where the base used to sit. It sucked a lot too because I was getting really good at getting a 2 — flip off that board. The other pool had a bit higher board with adjustable spring so you could just get the right bounce, but I never did. I only allowed myself a belly flop or two a summer from un-tucking too soon before giving up trying to get it right.

Today was a scorcher and they just repaved all of the roads in this part of the neighborhood. I was glad to hit the water to cool off. I couldn't get my bike locked up, take off my shirt, and drop my shoes fast enough. Once I cooled down I joined in a game of pool Frisbee. I wished they would let us use a real sized Frisbee instead of the cloth thing we had to use. Sure, when we used the normal Frisbees we would occasionally clock a kid in the head or get it stuck on the roof of the clubhouse, but so what? They still let the big kids throw tennis balls around. I got beaned in the head by one, that for a change was really an accident, and no one made them have to use Nerf balls or the water balls. I am pretty sure it was just because the big kids were in high school and hung out with the life guards all of the time. Maybe next year when I got to high school they would be cool toward me too.

I had not even been here fifteen minutes when they said it was time for the lifeguard break. This pool always took them half past the hour. The pool closest to my house was on the hour. My new bike definitely got me here faster than the old one. Normally when I left home at ten after I would get to the far pool just when the break had finished due to all of the hills I had to put my old bike up. My buddies were complaining that they all had to go home now. One just had enough time to cut the grass and clean up before his dad got home. Two were getting dragged off to their sibling's doctor's appointments. The last three were going across town to hang out with a friend that just got an X-Box One and PS4 for his birthday. I was supposed to go over too, but my mom was in a snit about something she said I did and chores I didn't do, but wouldn't tell me what they were. Dad said to just fly under her radar for a few days and all would be cool.

I joked with him that it was bad PMS. Dad got really serious, you know the kind of oh shit I said shot off my mouth so now my ass is going to hurt like hell from that belt serious. He told me it was not PMS, mom wasn't on the rag, and to not even thing about asking her what was wrong. Unless I just absolutely had to ask her something, I was to leave her alone and make myself scarce.

So I was just sitting on the edge of the pool with my feet in the water waiting for the Life Guards to duck into the pool house for a second or swim away from me. I think it had to be something all of us kids practiced doing once we were old enough to be at the pool without an adult. I know I used to get caught a lot at first, but now I can slip into the water, drop down to the bottom of the deep end, come back up and be back sitting on the side of the pool before they noticed. I was not the quietest at doing it, but I didn't make any more noise than the kids kicking their feet to splash each other. I know the lifeguards could tell I had done it, but they only rarely caught me at it anymore. Most times when they did I only got a warning.

Today we had lucked out and got Julie as one of the lifeguards. She was always super cool. Her boss Todd was here too, but he was always on his cell with someone and a bit of a dick. I don't think he ever even got on the lifeguard chair. Julie always blew the whistle on time to let us back in the pool. Sometimes she would blow it earlier if Todd wasn't here and it was just kids here. One time I heard her telling another lifeguard that really all she wanted to do on her break was to swim a few laps to cool down, hit the bathroom, and then go back to getting more sun. She was one of those girls that had medium brown hair that always turned blond during the first weeks of summer break. Another great thing is that she is really tall and wears these cool tan-through one-piece suits.

Some of the guys brag about how they could see her nipples and bush through it, but I know they are lying. I heard her saying last summer how her stepmom had paid to have her get electrolysis hair removal for her legs, pits, and selected parts of her bush that stuck out at the sides of her suit. The rest she said she got waxed every week no matter if she needed it or not. I knew first hand that they could not have seen a nipple because they were so pale you could barely see them once she got a bit tan. That was because one day, purely by accident, I happened to walk by the pump room when she was putting some suntan lotion on her chest and stomach. She stood up straight just as I passed and I got to see her naked from her hips up. I could just barely tell there was something a pink in the middle of her small boobs. Julie just smiled at me and waved as I rushed off to hide my boner making a tent in my swimsuit. I know she left the door cracked on purpose a week later since it was just me, her, one lifeguard that had rushed off to get them some lunch and a bunch of moms with little kids in the baby pool. She was just barely inside the door, during the lifeguard break, with her suit pulled down to her hip bones again.

"Paul," she sort of whispered. "Can you do my back really fast? That guy Todd just hired really creeps me out. I know you already saw everything last week that I will let you see now. You didn't tell anyone, so as long as you are cool I really need the help."

I already had a boner that was tenting out my bathing suit and with my suit water soaked; the clear stuff that seems to leak out all of the time when I had a boner was going to be hidden. What the hell, she is cool and pretty hot. I know she won't tell anyone about it or she could get fired. It was not a big deal for kids to duck in the pump house to use the phone, so if any of the mothers did happen to see me go in, no one would think anything of it.

Julie stepped way back from the door so we could keep it open and no one would be able to see her. She was facing me with the bottle of suntan lotion and just smiled as I looked at her small boobs from less than a foot away. Firmly up on her chest, they looked like a quarter of a completely smooth tan baseball with just a small little bump in the middle. She didn't push me away as I got closer and was just able to make out the pink circle and nipple. When I stepped back again her boobs looked like those on a naked manikin from the junior's department at Sears.

Once she turned around I could see why she needed the lotion. Her skin had already peeled away from where she got burned down between the tops of her shoulders and middle of her back. The rest of the area was tan and I could tell where she was able to get lotion on some days from the finger shaped tan lines. I was just supposed to do that part of her back, but she did not say anything when I worked from her neck all the way down into her suit to get the top of her firm butt. Her watch beeped and she turned around quickly to take the lotion from me. As I watched she quickly did her chest and stomach before her hand quickly dipped down into her suit. I made believe that I saw down into her suit, but since I had no idea what it would look like down there, I am sure I didn't. She quickly put her arms into the suit to wrestle it up onto her shoulders and adjust it.

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