Picking Up Mom

by Anne N. Mouse

Tags: mt/Fa, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Interracial, Black Female, Black Male, White Male, Slow, Nudism, Military,

Desc: Science Fiction Story: Coming of age takes on a new meaning in the age of the Diaspora. Joe has some decisions to make about his widowed mother when they are caught in a pickup.

Adulthood came hard and fast in the era of the diaspora, after the Darjee announced that the Earth would be invaded by the Sa'arm in ten years. Boys became men and girls became women at the tender age of fourteen years. That had been a requirement for some time when Joe took his first CAP test. He left the CAP test center some time later with a smile. He had just scored a nice 6.6 on his first CAP test. Not only was he an adult by the rules of the diaspora era but he was one of the privileged few who was able to volunteer to go to the stars and fight the advancing horde of the Sa'arm. It hadn't taken him any time at all to volunteer to join the Navy if he should win the lottery to be picked up.

He whistled a merry tune as he made his way to the apartment that he shared with his widowed mother. He wondered if he could convince her that they should go out to celebrate his good fortune. It wouldn't be easy he knew. Their finances were rather finely tuned as a result of his mother being a widow. The fact that the advent of the Sa'arm had caused a great majority of women and girls to start to go nearly naked would not add to his mother's comfort with an outing. Still he considered the possibility. The fact was that his mother did like to occasionally visit the cafe that was near the community college. The place was convenient to where they lived and, as it catered to the college students, it wasn't too expensive.

The way to convince his mother that an evening out was reasonable was to earn some money. Begging seemed to be all the rage even though the absence of many people due to the ongoing effort of the Confederacy to pick up volunteers had left many jobs open. But that didn't fit with Joe's idea of what a man who was going to be a soldier ought to be doing. He stopped by a service station where he had an off-again, on-again gig washing windshields. Because what he wanted to do was not entirely approved by the owner, Joe could never be certain that he would be able to depend on windshield washing as a steady source of income. But he was able to do the relatively easy work often enough to make a stop there any day worth his effort.

The stop was well worth Joe's time today because Mindy was there. She was a rather ditzy girl who seemed to think with the bullets that protruded from her breasts and with her pussy. Joe wouldn't have been so crass as to say the second part of that thought aloud. Her boyfriend du jour was there ramping up Mindy's desire to get into the store room and do the horizontal boogy. "Hi Joe," Mindy said a bit breathlessly as he entered the store. "Wanna earn a bit of money? I'll get Harry here to pay you to watch the register for a while."

"If you won't get in trouble..." Joe said, playing his part.

"Nah, a blow job from me will keep Mr. Singh happy," she told him.

Since Joe didn't recognize Harry he decided to push a bit more than he would have otherwise. "I still don't know, Mindy. Mr. Singh doesn't like me to be here."

"What else do you have to do?" Harry asked impatiently. Evidently Mindy had gotten him worked up for a romp in the storeroom already.

"I could earn thirty dollars washing windshields," Joe said with certainty as he eyed the tall skinny boy who couldn't be much older than himself.

"Fine, we'll hurry. Here's twenty five in case we take longer than you wanted to spend washing windshields," Harry said as he dug in his pocket.

Listening to Mindy scream her way through several orgasms in the next thirty minutes was a prelude to hell as far as Joe was concerned. Just as she seemed to wrap up the last one, Mr. Singh came bursting into the store. Joe suspected that he had the place wired for sound and waited until Mindy was in a compromising position (or had a man in a compromising position) to come in all irate.

There was a loud argument and Harry seemed to deflate a lot when Mr. Singh put him out with the broom handle he kept handy for stickup men who tried to use something less than a gun to rob the place. The upshot of it was that Mindy ended up paying him her wages for the time that he'd spent and Mr. Singh threatened to hire him instead of a foolish woman who couldn't keep her pants on.

Joe counted his money and decided that he still needed a bit more if he was going to quell any objections his mother might have about a meal out. So with reluctant permission from Mr. Singh, he went to work washing windshields and soliciting donations for the work since Mr. Singh refused to pay for it.

Some time later a short bus ride brought Joe to his apartment. When he entered he was not surprised to see his mother at home. It seemed like the only time she got out recently was when she went to her job, which was cleaning classrooms at the college after all the classes were over. That meant that she wouldn't start her shift for at least another couple of hours. Now the question was, would his mother be pleased or upset by the fact that he had volunteered to join the Confederacy Navy? How to approach this, he wondered? With his CAP score first he decided. Then he wondered, what was his mother's CAP score?

"Mom," he said, as he entered the flat and could see her, "I took the CAP test today and that got me to wondering what your CAP score is and if you had even taken the CAP test?"

"I have taken the CAP," Joe's mother said. "I didn't quite make the cut, which I suppose is usual for women. Did you get a score that would let you volunteer?"

This was going much better than Joe had reason to expect. "I just barely can volunteer. But I did volunteer for the Navy when I interviewed with the AI that ran the test center after I completed the test."

"That's a good thing I think," Joe's mother said, after a pause that gave him cause to wonder if he'd said something wrong. He hadn't, but he didn't realize what his revelation had done to his mother. Her baby was growing up. He was becoming a man. That truth slapped Sally Williams in the face, or more precisely between the legs. Before she'd been widowed, Sally and her husband had enjoyed a very active sex life. To be honest, Sally had hoped that Joe would be out of the house before she had to face the fact that he was a man. But the advent of the Sa'arm and the alliance of humans with the Darjee and thus the Confederacy which they represented had made an extreme change to that timetable.

Motherhood and widowhood had caused Sally to put aside her nature. The fact that her child was a boy just made things worse in a way. Because for Sally, having her absent husband in her bed, between her legs, pumping her full of sperm and babies had been a goal almost from the time she first met him. She had been horny and lonely. Marriage had changed that to a degree. After all Sally hadn't been so desperate as to make her pussy and body community property in an attempt to put out the fires that regularly arose when she considered being with a man. All of which made her son Joe a potential target for her desire the moment she considered him to be a man. The truth was, that ultimately, she had a relationship with him and trusted him to treat her well.

Most of that was water under the bridge so to speak, so wasn't considered. What had given Sally pause was the pulse of arousal that Joe's announcement that he had a sponsor level CAP score had given her. So it had taken her a moment to come up with something to say other than, "Please take me to bed and fuck me 'til I have your babies," to her son.

"I was wondering if maybe we could go out tonight to the Bindery for a bit of something to celebrate my success," Joe said diffidently as his mother's reaction was a bit more subdued than he might have hoped for.

Again there was a pregnant pause before his mother answered, "I'll need to change, and to make sure it won't break our budget."

"Just worry about changing. I have enough money for a night out."

"What? How?" popped out of Sally's mouth almost before she heard the last of her son's words.

Joe pulled out the cash he'd earned earlier in the day and said, "Singh's was good to me today."

His mom looked at the money and asked, "What about your college fund?"

"I don't know about that. I suppose if I get picked up by the Confederacy, it's moot anyway," Joe told his mother.

"I'll think about that while I'm getting changed," Sally said. It wouldn't do for her to go to the Bindery in a pair of sweat pants, and that really was the least of her worries. She was well aware that for the past few minutes she'd been lubricating to the point that she'd need to put in a pad to keep from showing a wet spot if she spent too much time in the presence of her son. Suiting actions to words Sally dashed to her bedroom to change.

Some bumps, scuffles, and grunts emitted from Joe's mother's bedroom. In just enough time for Joe to have begun to imagine his mother in her underwear, she reappeared. She had shucked out of the sweat pants that she usually wore for lounging around the apartment and now wore a skirt and blouse. Seeing his mother in the more feminine attire caused Joe to wonder what had kept his mother a widow for this long. Certainly it wasn't a lack of ability to attract the eyes of men, including himself lately.

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