The Good Wife: Alicia's Hot Itch

by rmdexter

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Fan Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: An erotic parody of the TV show, The Good Wife. Alicia Florrick has been unsatisfied for over a year since the scandal with her husband made the headlines. She finds relief close to home when she unexpectedly discovers how well-hung her teenage son is.

Alicia Florrick had an itch—a nagging burning itch deep inside her mature unsatisfied cunt. She knew exactly how to take care of that itch—with a hard thick cock.

Alicia needed cock. She needed it bad. It had been about a year since the headlines had come out—her husband Peter, the State's Attorney, had been caught cheating on her. Not just cheating on her with anyone, with prostitutes. He'd also been charged with using his position of influence for corrupt means. He'd done jail time for that, but he'd been released when the evidence fell short and was now living in his own apartment—Alicia wasn't ready to forgive and forget just yet.

She'd had to go back to work after many years of being a mother and the loyal wife of a rising politician. And what good had being loyal done her? It had only served to get her face in the headlines as the wife whose powerful husband loved to suck the toes of hookers.

So she'd gone back to practicing law, and her old college flame Will Gardner had graciously given her a job. She'd done well, and was looking forward to a raise as she approached the end of her first year. Her first year, she thought. It has also been that long since she'd kicked Peter out of her bed once the scandal hit the papers. She'd been without cock for that long, and she could feel the itchiness deep inside her, an itchiness that her vibrator could never scratch.

She took a big sip from her glass. The warm vapors filled her senses, the full-bodied red wine helping to relieve the stress of the day. She took another drink and pulled her robe about her mature body. She'd come home, late as usual, and had been greeted by her bitchy mother-in-law, Jackie. The old skank always made her feel inadequate, but Alicia needed her help right now as she struggled to make ends meet on her own. Alicia had thanked Jackie for preparing dinner for her two teenagers, Zach and Grace, and then was happy to see the front door close behind the old bag.

Alicia still felt guilty about what had happened the week before—the family was going to celebrate Zach's 15th birthday together, but she'd been stuck in the office, arriving home just in time to say goodnight. She had hoped to make the day special for Zach, and vowed to make it up to him at some point.

So again today, she was left to eat alone, the kids going to their rooms to do their homework. As she ate, her first glass of red wine diminished quickly as it helped ease the pressures of another hectic day. She'd come to realize that every day at Lockhart/Gardner was like that. There was barely a chance to catch your breath and associates on the partner track were expected to bill as many hours as possible. She knew she was in competition with Cary Agos—the sharp young guy who'd come out of Harvard—but Alicia felt she'd been up to the challenge.

She thought back to the conversation she'd overheard earlier in the day. Cary and two other young male associates had been in the lunchroom talking. Alicia had stopped by the storage room next to it to retrieve some files. A door separated the two rooms and she noticed it was ajar, the muffled voices of the three young men drifting into the file room. She didn't take any notice of it until she clearly recognized her name being spoken. She crept closer to the door and listened, her curiosity piqued.

"She's a definite MILF, alright," she heard one guy say.

"Have you seen those legs? And those high heels she wears? For a woman in her 40s, she's absolutely gorgeous." This came from the second guy. Alicia was listening intently now, having recognized the term 'MILF'.

"Her legs are great." She recognized Cary's voice this time. "But so is everything else. And she's just so sexy. That face, those exotic eyes, and what about those CSLs?"

This comment brought a series of agreements and comments of approval from the other two. "CSLs," Alicia thought to herself, "What the heck was that?" All of a sudden, she heard the sound of the main lunchroom door being opened.

"Cary, can I see you in my office regarding the Chumhum deposition." It was Will Gardner's voice reaching her ears now.

"Sure, Will. I'll be right there," Cary replied, ending the conversation the three associates had been having about her.

She heard the chairs scraping against the floor as the young men left the room. She waited a couple of minutes and then made her way back to her desk. As she walked, she could feel the dampness in her panties, her mature body becoming aroused as she'd listened to the young men talking about her in such flattering terms. She had definitely heard the term MILF before and was thrilled to hear that they thought of her as one, but she had no idea what they meant by CSLs.

Back at her desk, she quickly pulled up a search engine and typed in the three letters. All she got were listings for various soccer leagues and similar entries. None of that made any sense. She then remembered a website Kalinda had told her about, one that dealt with common everyday slang terms that people used—Urban Dictionary. She called up the site and once again typed, C—S—L, and then she punched enter. And up came her answer:

"CSL—cock sucking lips"

Alicia shuddered as she read, her pussy-lips twitching as she pictured those young men looking at her and what they were thinking. She tried to keep a professional look on her face, but inside, she was glowing, happy to think vibrant young men like that found her attractive, and apparently for more than just her sexy legs. They'd all agreed on Cary's opinion of her cock sucking lips. She pulled a compact and a tube of lipstick out of her purse and applied a nice fresh coat, pursing her lips in the mirror as she dismally thought about how long it had been since she'd had those pouty red lips wrapped around a thick hard cock.

And now she was home, alone once more. With her mother-in-law gone, she took a long leisurely shower, attempting to wash away the cares of the day. She pulled on an emerald green satin chemise, the slip-like garment ending high on her shapely thighs. The sexy little garment was trimmed at the neckline and hem with a thin strip of delicate white lace. She pulled on a matching pair of panties before donning her big terrycloth bathrobe. She liked to sleep in lingerie like that, but she didn't want her kids to see her.

She heated up the meal Jackie had prepared for her, the kids and their grandmother having eaten much earlier. As she re-filled her wine glass after eating, she thought of her kids, Zach and Grace. She worried about them constantly. The scandal had been difficult enough for her, but she always wondered how the two of them made it through each passing day. They'd had to give up their house for an apartment, change schools—and that was nothing compared to the finger-pointing and talking behind their back that she was sure they endured. They were good kids, she thought as she picked up her glass and made her way to Grace's room.

Her daughter's bedroom door was open a crack, the room in darkness. Alicia quietly opened the door a few more inches and peered in. She saw Grace asleep on her bed, her childhood teddy bears still keeping her company. Alicia watched her daughter for a few seconds, her pretty face innocently serene as she slept. Alicia closed the door, and headed down the hall to check in on Zach. As expected, she found his door closed, but she noticed light seeping out from beneath the gap at the bottom.

"Zach?" she called out quietly as she tapped at his door.

"Uh ... just a second, Mom," he called back, his voice sounding a little panicky.

Alicia waited, taking another sip of her wine.

"Okay, come on in."

Alicia entered her son's room and was surprised to see him sitting up in bed with his t-shirt on, the covers pulled up to his waist. She'd expected him to be in his customary spot, sitting in front of his computer.

"Zach, are you feeling okay?" she asked as she walked across the room towards him.

"Yes," he replied. "I just decided to go to bed a little earlier than usual and do some reading." Alicia couldn't help noticing her son's eyes had looked down at her legs as she walked across the room, his young eyes taking in one of her best features.

"Are you sure you're okay, honey," she asked as she sat on the edge of his bed. "You look a little flushed." She put her hand on his forehead before he had a chance to realize what she was doing.

"I'm fine, Mom," he replied, pulling back from her hand.

"Are you sure? You feel like you might have a bit of a fever?"

"Really Mom, I'm okay."

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