The Actress and the Mudder

by REP

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, .

Desc: Fiction Story: She was the sexy, sensuous Hollywood actress that men dream of taking to bed, and I had used her as the model for my fantasy woman. Circumstances led to my spending the afternoon with her and I wanted her in my bed that evening. I had to get rid of the paparazzi following her and find a way to arouse her sexual desires, and I had an idea of how to do that.

This story is fictional and never happened. Any resemblance to actual happenstances or characters is coincidence. At least, I've been advised to say that if I decided to write this story.

Like most heterosexual males, I have a fantasy woman. I started with a real woman and modified her appearance to create my fantasy woman. The woman I used as the model for my fantasy woman is a rather well known and highly sensual actress, whom I will call Pam Brown. Like most men, I know the odds of my meeting Pam is somewhere between slim and none.

This story is about my meeting the actress I used as the model for my fantasy woman, and the entertainment I arranged for her and the paparazzi that followed her. To be truthful, I don't think the paparazzi enjoyed my idea of entertainment. I suppose that some background information is necessary before getting to the fun part of the story.

Most people just call me Jack. The adjectives accompanying Jack are not always nice. I am an overweight man in my late 40's who is afflicted with pattern baldness. I regret losing my hair, but refuse to wear one of those ridiculous toupees. I also hate to admit it, but my belly is bigger around than my chest. That looks especially bad on a man as short as I am. Someone once described me as a beach ball with arms, legs, and a soccer ball for a head.

I normally don't get second looks from attractive woman. Yeah, most men with my rather unattractive physical characteristics aren't babe magnets. I don't claim to be a babe magnet, but I do attract more women than you might expect.

My ego likes to think the main reasons for that attraction is my personality and that I am a Mudder, although being a very wealthy man may have something to do with it. In the vernacular of my associates, a Mudder is a person who enjoys driving their vehicle at high speeds around a muddy racetrack filled with obstacles (i.e., a muddy obstacle course for vehicles driven by crazy people). A couple of my women occasionally ride with me during practice and they become highly aroused by the excitement and danger.

Some years ago, I planned to purchase a rural home in my preferred retirement area. Before I left my old community, I went into my doctor for my annual physical and he did his normal exam, which included some blood work. He told me that my blood work indicated that I had developed a serious medical condition and needed to live close to a hospital. Based on his advice, I purchased a home within the city limits of my current town.

After moving into my new home, I established myself with a new doctor. He obtained my medical records, and that is when I learned that the lab that tested my blood made a mistake. The lab mixed up blood samples. This irritated me very much for I would have preferred living on an isolated ranch. Life shits on me frequently in all areas of my life, and this has contributed to my being an angry and bitter man.

My home is a large property near the downtown area that backs onto an alley. My garage and some additional off street parking is at the rear of the house and accessed by the alley. The town's main industry is tourism, which means parking can be very difficult to find. After moving into my house, I learned that people would pull onto my property and park in the open area where I park my car. I would come home to find my uninvited guests had filled up my parking spaces. These inconsiderate assholes forced me to go find another place to park my car. The first few times this happened, I was upset, very upset to be truthful.

After consulting a lawyer, I implemented my solution. I installed a wrought iron fence around the rear of my property with a remote controlled, sliding gate. I also installed a video/audio surveillance system that monitors the property and the interior and exterior of my house. I posted the usual signs regarding private property, no trespassing, and no parking. I had my lawyer prepare a special sign for the video/audio surveillance system. The surveillance system sign gives me the right to video tape and record the audio of anyone who comes on my property or inside my house. In my state, the wording of the sign gives me the right to use the recording as evidence in a court of law and it gives me all rights to the resulting video and audio.

On two occasions, my surveillance system recorded men who appeared to be attempting to break into my home. I provided the police with copies of the recordings, but according to the DA, the only crime proven by the tapes was trespass. I think there was an obvious case of attempting to break-in, but I'm not a lawyer. The authorities didn't find the perps, so perhaps the DA felt they were transients and not worth pursuing beyond the city limits.

My main irritation was people parking on my property without permission. I decided that if someone ignored my personal rights and took advantage of me by parking on my property, I would make them pay for their lack of respect. One of my deficiencies is a failure to play nice with people who upset me.

I had one additional sign made and posted on my property. The title was 'CONSEQUENCES'. The sign provided a person parking on my property with the following options:

1) My notifying the police and having them issue a citation to the violator for trespassing on private property.

2) The violator paying me a parking fee of $250 in cash - no checks or credit cards accepted.

3) The violator engaging in sexual intercourse with me. (Note: This option is only available to females who are at least 18 years of age and attractive to the property owner.)

If you are thinking I become vindictive when my rights are violated and willing to take advantage of someone, you are correct. As I said, I don't always play nice.

I discovered that if I pulled my car out of my parking spot and left the gate open, I would often find at least one car parked on my property when I returned. After parking, I would close my wrought iron gate. If there was no space left for me to park, I closed the gate and looked for a different place to park my car. After entering the house, I would check my surveillance recording.

Usually my trespasser is either a man or an unappealing woman. For these people, I give them the choice of the first two options on my Consequences sign. If the violator is an attractive woman, I also offer her the third option. The number of women who select the third option is surprising to me. Since the cost of a citation is considerably more than my parking fee, I make a lot of money off people who park on my property. Sometimes they give me a lot of pleasure in bed.

One of the things that I don't point out to the women who select the third option is that I videotape their activities while they are inside my home. The surveillance system cameras in the master bedroom have a good view of my bed. I have made and kept a number of recordings of myself having sex with some very attractive women. So far, I have retained those recordings for my personal viewing pleasure. Some of the local women have learned that I videotaped our encounter. A few of these women are now regular lovers. I prefer to believe the reason for our continuing relationship is they enjoy having sex with me. However, they may fear that I will make the recording public. I never stated or implied that I would do such a thing, but fears are often irrational.

I want to make it clear that I don't rape the women that choose the third option or force them to do something they are not willing to do. For some reason, being in bed with a stranger appears to set them free sexually. When I suggest something sexual that is beyond normal missionary sex, they act as if shocked by my suggestion. Their demeanor is that of someone who is reluctantly complying with a demand; but physically, they do so in an extremely eager, willing, and energetic manner. I'm not sure who gets the most enjoyment out of my suggestions. If you are one of these women, please be aware that our sexual interlude is not going to appear as a future story, and I am not going to post the video to the internet. I accept that I am a self-centered asshole, but I'm not a scumbag.

The day I met Pam, I ate breakfast then made a quick trip to the grocery store. For some reason, I forget to shut the gate when I'm horny. When I returned, I closed the gate for I saw four cars parked in my off-street parking. The area was full, so I went and found another parking place.

I think you can imagine my irritation at once again having my rights violated forcing me to deal with the inconvenience of having to find somewhere to park my car. I also received a pleasurable surprise when I played the surveillance tape and saw Pam, the model for my fantasy woman, getting out of a car. Men, who were well equipped with a variety of cameras, got out of the other three cars. Yeah, they looked like paparazzi to me.

Before I go much further, I should explain that my fantasy woman is a short, sultry redhead with a B-sized bust. Pam is tall with chestnut hair and a large bust. I like all types and sizes of women, but prefer short women with trim figures and small busts. I started with Pam, made a number of minor changes to her appearance, and ended up with my fantasy woman, who looks nothing like Pam. I don't understand it, but in my mind, there is a strong link between my fantasy woman and Pam. I must be weird for they look nothing alike, but they are interchangeable to me.

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