The Devil's Pact Side-story: Alison and Desiree Get Married

by mypenname3000

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Public Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: The happy day for Alison and Desiree get married, and they want to share it with everyone they love: Alison's Father, and their Master and Mistress. Takes place between Devil's Pact Chapter 32 and 33.

Edited by Master Ken

Friday, July 12th, 2013 – Alison Hertz – The Wedding

The day of my wedding to my Latin beauty, Desiree, had finally arrived.

After today, I would be Alison de la Fuente. After getting her marriage to Brandon annulled, Desiree went back to her maiden name. It was a far prettier name then Fitzsimmons. Desiree and I spent several nights talking in bed about our new last name. Should one of us take the other's last name, like a heterosexual couple? Or would we hyphenate. And how did you hyphenate de le Fuente with Hertz? De le Fuente-Hertz or Hertz-de le Fuente? Both sounded ridiculous. In the end, I decided to take Desiree's last name. De le Fuente was such a beautiful name, far more so than Hertz. Besides, Desiree did the proposing, so I liked to joke that made her the man in our relationship

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach as I walked downstairs, carrying my wedding clothes in a bag. Doubts clouded my mind. You shouldn't marry her, my subconscious whispered. You should devote yourself to Master one hundred percent. She's just a distraction. I knew it was just nerves, but these thoughts had been plaguing me since Desiree proposed.

I loved Desiree, and ignored my doubts. She was the greatest woman in the world. I loved Master and Mistress, but it paled compared to the strength of what I felt with Desiree. When we were apart, I missed her, ached for her.

Xiu was waiting at the bottom of the stairs, a happy smile on her cute, Chinese face. She was dressed like me, in a terrycloth robe, her clothes in a bundle slung on her arm. Xiu was my maid of honor. Desiree had choosen Korina to be her maid of honor, or Desiree's 'best gal', as I jokingly called her.

I was happy Xiu chose to stay with Master and Mistress. When Master healed her after the attack, she didn't hesitate to declare her intention to stay as their slave. Master's power worked so well it even healed her womb. When Xiu got shot, they had to remove her uterus, and the doctors had been astounded when they found out that it had regrown. Just one more miracle to add to all the others Master and Mistress were performing.

I missed Noel and Fiona and Thamina, but if they didn't want to be sluts like the rest of us, that was their loss. I also missed Willow, and even Sam, though they just moved up the street. While neither were one of us special sluts anymore, they still served Master and Mistress in their own way. And it was really wild to let Sam fuck you with that cock she could conjure. But the one I really missed was Chasity. The house seemed a little emptier without her enthusiasm.

I felt a tear misting my eye, and I wiped it away. Chasity died protecting Mistress, while I just huddled in the house with the other sluts, too scared to do anything. But not Chasity, she was a warrior woman, a Valkyrie. The memory of her standing up, her blonde hair streaming behind her, as she made that last, desperate attempt to save Mistress, still haunted me. I liked to think Chasity was out there, watching over us in the great beyond, just waiting to appear and save the day at some crucial moment, like that old movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The barbarian one. Dad always loved to watch it and, at the end, Arnold's girl, who died earlier in the movie, appears in silver armor that shines with its own light, and saves him.

Xiu hooked her arm around mine. "Ohh, I'm so excited," she said, bouncing on the balls of her feet. Which caused her large breasts to jiggle beneath her robe. Her breasts were as big as my Desiree, but on Xiu's petite frame they seemed enormous. It was hard to feel sad when you were faced with such huge, swaying melons.

Arm-in-arm, we walked happily to the back of the house and out into the backyard. Sam was there with a few of the bodyguards. I jumped as strawberry-blonde 29 fired at a mannequin. The mannequin was all white and wore no clothes except for a metal necklace around its neck. 29's round hit the mannequin and it toppled over in a spray of plastic.

"Darn," Sam muttered. "I thought that would work."

"Maybe the metals aren't right?" Candy suggested. When Sam offered to be Master's Vizier and advise him on magic, Sam's price was Candy: a beautiful, young woman that dyed her hair half bubblegum-pink, just like me, and the other half cotton-candy blue. She was stretched out naked on a chaise lounge, tanning. She was short, but she had some nice curves that I greatly appreciated.

"Whacha doin'?" I asked Sam.

Her round, olive face was furrowed in thought. "A protection charm," Sam answered. "There are some vague hints in the Book about enchanting amulets and charms; I've been experimenting. If I can get this to work, a simple necklace could give you the same protection as a bulletproof vest."

"Wow!" Xiu cooed.

"Let's try the B8 bronze, Candy," Sam ordered as 29 went and stood up the mannequin.

I tugged on Xiu's arm. "C'mon, we've got to get ready."

"Sorry," Xiu smiled apologetically as I led her to the back gate.

I opened it up, and nodded to 19 and 20 who were guarding the rear gate. It was a recent addition. Since the attack and the Miracle, the Church of the Living Gods – as the worshipers of Master and Mistress called themselves – had set up a large tent on the empty lot where our Masters are building their mansion. So it made sense to build the gate. Most of us sluts went to the nightly worship services. They were so much fun! All the worshipers saw us as disciples of their Gods, and treated us like we were royalty.

Plus the worship orgies were a blast!

Desiree and I decided to be married at the Living Church. Daisy Cunningham was going to perform the service. Daisy, and her twin sister Rose, despite being fifteen, had somehow become the heads of the church. They had been preaching Master's message of free love the loudest, I guess. The tent was on the edge of the empty lot, close to Shaw Road. At the far end of the lot, the foundations for the mansion were being dug. Many of the worshipers volunteered their time in building the mansion, while others donated money or materials.

We passed the Miraclists, one of the names for members of the movement, who bowed at us. Most wore chokers, stainless steel or plastic or leather, and a few had theirs made with gold or silver. The chokers had phrases like: "Faithful" or "Love is the Way" or "My Gods Live," and a half-a-hundred other phrases. They met most nights of the week, with the most attending the Wednesday night service.

I liked Friday Night worship the best; it was a smaller group. More intimate. Everyone came for Wednesday, of course; that was the day of the Miracle, after all. And on Thursdays, Master and Mistress healed the sick at Good Sam hospital, and the congregation would gather outside to pray. But on Friday, people had plans – excuses not to show up – and since it was the start of the weekend, the orgy often lasted far later into the night.

We passed more and more Miraclists as we approached the large, red tent. It was like a circus tent, rearing up high. Beth Philips was greeting worshipers as they filed in. There was supposed to be a short service, then my wedding. Everyone touched Beth's belly as they entered. She claimed to be carrying Master's child. Maybe she was; I remember the day Master fucked her in the bathroom of that car dealership. I was supposed to distract her husband, but he didn't seem all that interested in me. The rumor was that Beth left him because he couldn't satisfy her after Master fucked her.

Beth bowed to us, murmuring, "Holy Sluts."

"Blessed Mother," I murmured back.

It was amazing how, in the span of a few weeks, the trappings of religion were quickly springing up. 'Blessed Mother' was the title of any woman pregnant with Master's child. Besides Beth, there was Vivian Anders, and Anastasia Milburn was a maybe. She was one of Mark's jogging sluts, but her child could also be her husband's. And, of course, Korina, Violet, and April were all carrying Master's child, but they were 'Holy Sluts'. Maybe they should be 'Blessed Holy Mother Sluts'. Xiu looked at me as I giggled. It sounded more like a swear then a title.

"Blessed holy mother sluts!" I laughed, and Xiu's look became more confused.

Inside the tent, they had made a vestibule out of curtains hanging from PVC pipes. There were a pair of antechambers off the vestibule, on the right and left, while going straight ahead would take you into the main worship pavilion. Xiu and I went into the room on the right to get changed, and to wait for the start of the ceremony. Desiree and Korina should already be in the room on the left.

Violet was waiting for them inside the room, and squealed, "I'm so happy!" The excited girl threw her arms around my face, and kissed me soundly on the lips. I enjoyed my sister-slut's lips for a minute, before I broke the kiss. It wouldn't do for us to get carried away.

Our terrycloth robes came off, and Xiu and I were both naked except for our chokers. I admired the curves on Xiu's petite body: large breasts and dark nipples that were pierced by a silver bar from which dangled pink butterflies on silver chains. I knew from experience just how much she loved for someone to pull hard on those piercings. She practically came when she got them re-pierced. Mark had healed her a little too well after she got shot during the SWAT attack.

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