Jerry and His Women

by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Revenge, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Story: Young man meets and finally marries a Preachers daughter. He finds the old cliche is true about Teacher's and Preacher's daughters. His marriage ends and he changes careers where he finally meets the true loves of his life.

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Jerry was still in high school when Preacher Rowe and his family moved to town. Reverend Rowe was the preacher for the largest non denominational church in the southwest part of the state. To give the devil his due he was a charismatic bastard. By the time he had been in town four years he was well thought of and a member of all the civic organizations. He had tripled the membership of the church and presided over construction more than doubling the size of the church building.

Angela, Preacher Rowe's daughter, was an only child. She had all the traits of a preacher's or teacher's daughter. She was outgoing, personable, kind, helpful and well thought of by the adults in the congregation and town. She was also high maintenance and very aware of what she considered to be her high status in the community. She had the better than thou attitude down pat. If you weren't a member of the church and/or the town's elite you were nothing in her eyes. If she spoke to you at all it was in a very condescending manner.

The first time Jerry saw Angela he fell in love with her. Unfortunately for him he was NOT a member of the town's upper crust and he was not a member of her father's church. Therefore, Jerry was beneath Princess Angela's notice. He tried several times right after she moved to town to talk to her but was ignored and put in his place rapidly by her and her elite following.

Time passed. Jerry dated and learned about women. The beautiful ones and teacher's and preacher's daughters went with boys from the town's upper crust or the athletes. Jerry could only dream about the teacher's and preacher's daughters and the wild time they were rumored to give those lucky enough to date them or spend an evening with them for some other reason.

Jerry's father was not a member of the country club. He was not rich and he did not have a high profile job. Jerry's father made good, nay excellent money as manager of the medical repair and calibration department of the local medical center. To most people in town he was a nonentity in spite of the high salary he commanded and the very responsible position he held. To others he was merely a repairman. He was ignored much as you would an auto mechanic or other menial laborer and so were his children.

Angela was the perfect Preacher's daughter. She attended all church functions as expected. She served on various committees as expected for a child of the preacher. She was in many of the clubs in high school and dated the appropriate boys from the upper crust families. Angela never did anything to sully her or her family's reputation. She was the epitome of proper behavior. The dictionary had her picture in the definition of 'prim and proper'. There was something about Angela, though. The boys sensed it and her inner cabal of friends knew it. Angela oozed sexuality. Her desire for men simmered just barely underneath her cool fa├žade of personality. She drove boys and men wild with her desirability, teasing and occasionally flirting and innuendo.

Jerry was smart. He was very smart. He got a full ride scholarship to the state university. Unfortunately as it turned out he was not smart enough to truly realize what Angela was. After high school he left town for his higher education as did many of his peers and as did Angela. He was not even missed by anyone except his immediate family and a handful of friends who more or less forgot him within a few months. Angela, on the other hand, also got a full ride scholarship. She went to her father's alma mater, a well known theological college, where she followed in his footsteps and took a degree in theology. Jerry and Angela both turned 18 shortly after graduating high school. They both attended their respective Universities in the same town. In fact, the University Jerry attended and the Theological Institute were only three blocks apart. The students sometimes even took a few courses at both institutes of higher learning while they attended college. They shared many of the same student hang outs.

While he was in University Jerry not only saw Angela from time to time he began hearing rumors, unsubstantiated to be sure but credible based on what he saw personally, that Angela was one hot momma. He knew from personal experience that she enjoyed hoisting a few with her friends. On many occasions Jerry saw Angela drunk on her ass in the local bars and allowing her flavor of the day fellow personal liberties with her wondrous charms. Jerry began to hope he too might one day sample her wondrous body.

As they kept running into each other Jerry and Angela began talking with each other more and more. They had a certain common ground being from the same town and graduating class. Jerry found himself looking for her when he went to the bars he knew she frequented. Finally, they began arranging to meet each other, and then they began dating. Jerry found out Angela was indeed a hot to trot female. On their first arranged meeting she got loopy and not only initiated a deep French kiss but she grabbed his not insubstantial package when she did it.

Jerry gasped when he felt Angela squeeze his cock and she gasped when she felt the size of the monster he kept in his pants. The remainder of the evening while dancing or even in the semi privacy of their booth Angela rubbed Jerry's cock at every opportunity. He tried to get her to go somewhere with him to relieve his need but she giggled and refused. She said, "Jerry, as much as I would like to do that I can't. We aren't a couple and I only allow my boyfriend to take that kind of liberty with me."

It took Jerry two more months before Angela agreed to an official date and another month before she agreed to be his monogamous girl. The night she agreed they were going steady however, she rocked his world. He got the best piece of ass of his life. Jerry was in love with Angela again or, perhaps, still. The remainder of that year, the summer at home, and all their sophomore year of higher education Jerry and Angela were a couple. He was beginning to think of marriage when his world crashed down around him.

Jerry once again began hearing rumors that Angela was seen on her campus with other men doing things that would not pass the boyfriend test. She was seen alone in town being too friendly with other boys. One Monday evening Jerry and some of his friends went to a favorite hang out for supper instead of eating in the cafeteria on campus. They were walking past a student bar they did not normally patronize when he saw Angela inside. She was walking across the floor with a boy on either side of her, her arms around them. They got to a circular booth in the corner by the window. Angela slid in with one of the boys on either side of her. To his surprise she kissed each one of them. He saw their hands go under the table. Angela jerked slightly and looked like she was giggling.

Jerry and his friends walked into the bar and stood in the front where they could see Angela's booth. Her legs were spread slightly and each boy was rubbing the thigh nearest him. They were turned slightly toward Angela. They talked and she giggled alternating kisses with the boys. Jerry took a couple pictures with his cell phone and he and his friends left. As they went out the door Angela caught sight of him. Her face turned white and she quickly pushed her admirer's hands off her thighs. By that time the boys had their hands far enough under her skirt they were gently rubbing her moist pussy lips.

The last Jerry saw of Angela she was trying to get out of the booth. He ignored her when she called his name and followed his friends out of the bar. A few minutes later his cell rang. It was Angela so he ignored the call. It was nine days before Angela finally caught up with him in one of the hang outs they frequented. She walked up to Jerry and laid her hand on his forearm. She said, "Jerry, I'm sorry you saw me the other day. Can we please talk so I can explain?"

"No. I saw enough. I thought we were exclusive. Now I know we're not and I don't want what you're offering. I don't want to be one lover among many. Now that I know the rumors are true I want nothing to do with you. I should have known to stay the hell away from a preacher's daughter even before I started dating you."

"Jerry it's not like that, Honey. I know I shouldn't have done what you saw me doing. I was drunk, Honey. You know we had a huge test in Theology that Monday. Those two guys were in the class with me. We were so relieved we were done with it and that we passed that we went out to celebrate with some of the other kids. Somehow we got separated from the gang and ended up in that bar. I just took my attention off myself and I guess I let them get a little too friendly. I'm sorry and I apologize."

"Ya think? I understand now. That's ok," Jerry said. Angela began smiling and wrapped her arms around Jerry's then leaned her head against his shoulder. He felt his cock twitch when he felt her breasts against his arm.

Angela looked up at Jerry and said, "See, Honey, it wasn't so bad now was it? Come on. We have some make up sex to get out of the way now hummmm?"

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