The Tutor

by Ann Douglas

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Fiction, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: It was no surprise that Candy Lewis asked Scott Stevenson to tutor her in history. What was surprising was the subject she tutored him in return.

"Hey Stevenson!" Called out the booming voice of Roger Craig, the Captain of the Football Team. "Heads up!"

Scott Stevenson looked up to see a spinning football hurling through the air, heading right for him. Dropping his books, the sandy haired teenager attempted to catch the pigskin. Only to fall flat on his face while running for it. Then to add injury to insult, the ball hit him in the head as he lay there.

"I told you Rog," said Bill Mathews as he picked up the ball off the grass. "Never send a dweeb to do a man's job."

Laughing and tossing the ball into the air, Mathews immediately started walking back to the practice field.

"You ok, Scott?" Roger asked as he helped the smaller boy to his feet. "You want to go see the Nurse or anything?"

"No, I'm fine." Scott said discouragingly as he readjusted his glasses, which had fallen off in the fall. "I thought I had it."

"Hey no sweat," Roger said. "We all can't be jocks. Your muscle is all in your brain. To tell the truth, I'd trade the MVP award to get half your grades."

"Yeh, right." He answered as he picked up his books.

"Well, I better get back to the game," Roger said as he turned and began to follow Bill. "You hang in there."

Scott just nodded. All his life he wanted to be an athlete, the center of attention. The guy who got the girls. Instead what he got was a hundred and five pound body, nearsighted eyes, and a complexion that on a bad day resembled a pizza.

There was a plus side to his life. His straight A average made him the third ranked student in the Senior Class at Robert Kennedy High School. He already had a full scholarship to MIT lined up with all the perks that entailed. Yet he'd trade it all just to have someone look at him as something other than a nerd, just once.

Watching the Football Squad resume the game, Scott figured he should've been nicer to Roger. Of course he had only been nice to him because of all the help he'd given him in chemistry the last semester. If it weren't for his tutoring, Roger would've been kicked off the team.

Quickly losing interest in the game, he set out once again for the Library. Someone had left him a note asking to meet him there to discuss the possibility of his tutoring them in history. The name on the note had been all smudged, so he wasn't sure who had left it in his locker.

Reaching the steps of the Library, Scott swore under his breath. This wasn't his day. First the Football Team, now them. Sitting on the top step were three members of the Kennedy Rocketeers. Four time winners of the State Cheerleading Championships, there was no more stuck up group in the school. If you were a hunk, they might take the time to chat with you, even if you weren't on the Football Squad. Losers like Scott Stevenson, they just ignored like they were a lower form of life.

When he'd been a junior, he had once tutored one of the girls before him. Penny Martin was every young man's perfect fantasy. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, and an incredibly formed perfect set of breasts. She was a 5'4" Goddess.

After four grueling months of keeping her one step ahead of a failing grade in calculus, the Tutor had made a humiliating mistake. He'd accepted all the friendliness and interest she'd shown him as real, real enough for him to get the courage to ask her to the Junior Prom. Worse he had asked her in the school cafeteria in front of a table of her friends, Rocketteers all. Immediately she had burst into laughter, asking how he could ever think she would actually go on a date with a geek like him. The laughter was quickly picked up by her friends and then from the surrounding tables. It had been one of the low points of his young life.

Stopping at the edge of the last step, he took a second look up at Penny. With her were Maria Diaz and Candy Lewis. Maria was from Puerto Rico. She had beautiful brown skin and long black hair. Her figure was nowhere near as good as Penny's, but you couldn't convince her of that. Standing with her back to him was Candy Lewis. One of the few black students at the school, Candy had coal black skin and short black hair. She always wore bright red lipstick that gave her mouth an incredible erotic look. If Candy were to buy an ice pop, every guy in sight would stop what he was doing to watch her eat it. Over the last year her breasts had undergone an unusual growth spurt so that she was now about the same size as Penny. A fact that Penny preferred to ignore.

Nice as they were to look at, he just couldn't deal with their taunts today. Whoever was waiting for a tutor was out of luck. With that he turned and started to walk away.

"There goes your old boyfriend, Penny." Maria joked as she saw Scott.

"Fuck you!" Penny said as she looked over and saw Scott. "Maybe you'd let a freak like that touch you, I'd sooner turn lesbo."

Both girls laughed. Candy suddenly excused herself and jotted down the steps.

"I'll catch up with you later at practice." She called out as she disappeared into the small crowd.

"Might as well head home." Scott thought to myself. "This day's shot to hell."

He'd gone another ten feet when he'd heard someone calling his name. He stopped and turned, but didn't see anyone who could've called. Candy Lewis was running across the quad but surely it couldn't have been her.

"Scott, wait up!" Candy shouted.

"What the hell does she want?" Scott said to himself.

"I'm glad I caught up to you." Candy said as she skidded to a stop.

It took a few breaths for her to regain her composure, giving time for Scott to watch as her chest heaved in and out after her exertion. Bitch she might be, but she had great tits.

"What can I do for you, Candy." Scott asked.

"Didn't you get my note?" The black girl asked. "When I saw you at the library I thought..."

"You sent that note?" Scott asked, cutting her off in mid-sentence.

"Of course, I wanted to talk to you about helping me with the report for Mr. Grogan's class." She said, flashing him a sexy smile. "I'm on the verge of failing history, and no history grade - no graduation. I'm not looking forward to spending my summer in school buried in useless dates and boring facts."

"If you'd pay more attention, you'd find that history is like a great adventure story." Scott retorted. "It can be interesting and fun."

"Yeah, right." Candy said in an uninterested tone. "But the fact remains that I have to pass that class. Whatever you get paid for tutoring, I'll double it. Just help me write that paper."

"Help you?" Scott said in a voice that said he was getting quickly annoyed. "Don't you mean write it for you?"

"Ok, triple then, and a hundred dollar bonus if it gets me an A." She said, sure that he'd accept.

"No, thanks." Scott answered to her dismay.

"What... ?" Candy sputtered. "You're turning me down?"

"I've had my fill of tutoring Rocketeers." Scott said and started to turn away. "There are plenty of guys who'd bend over backward to help you." He added.

"None of them can write a really great history paper." Candy exclaimed.

"Well then I guess you're out of luck." Scott said in a voice that told he was now more than a little annoyed.

"Wait!" Candy cried as she grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

"Hey!" Scott cried back as he pulled his arm back. "Can't you Rocketteers take no for an answer, you certainly can give it as one fast enough."

The young man couldn't remember the last time he was this angry. Not taking the time to think about what he was saying, he lashed out in anger.

"I wouldn't write that paper for you if you offered to drop down right here and spread your legs for me." He barked.

Candy didn't immediately react. In the few seconds of silence that passed, Scott thought about his angry words and felt suddenly guilty. Candy really hadn't ever done anything directly to him. She hadn't even been at that lunch table last year. He'd taken his rage at Penny and the Rocketeers in general out on her for no reason. He was about to apologize when Candy finally spoke.

"All right." She said.

"What?" Scott said, sure he had heard her wrong.

"I said all right." Candy repeated. "If that's what it takes, it'll be worth it to get out of summer school."

Scott stood dumbfounded, he couldn't believe what he'd heard. One of the most desirable girls in the school had offered to fuck him in exchange for a lousy history paper. A paper he could write in an hour. He found his heart racing and his dick getting hard at the thought.

"Who knows, might be fun popping a guy's cherry?" Candy remarked. "I never did that before."

"I'm not a virgin!" Scott shot back.

"Well, I guess that doesn't really matter." Candy said. "So, do we have a deal?"

Scott thought about it real hard. The press of his hard cock against his jeans made it hard to think logically. He kept looking at those bright red lips. What would it feel like to have them wrapped around his dick.

It was true he wasn't a virgin. Yet the fifteen minutes he'd spend with Judy Anders last spring hadn't been all that memorable. He'd spent about ten minutes playing with her small breasts before putting his cock in her, missionary style. Five minutes later it was all over. She seemed rather bored through it all and when he'd tried to get a blowjob out of her, she'd called him a pervert.

"Well do we have a deal or not?" Candy repeated.

Scott was about to say yes, captivated by those big lips and what they could do. Then he remembered how he had been tricked before. How Penny had been so nice and sweet to him, then turned back into super-bitch the minute her exam was over.

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