Divine Disposal

by Reana-with-Cur

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Slavery, Heterosexual, High Fantasy, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Snuff, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: In a world where masturbation is a crime punishable by death. An innocent male is past his sell-by date and is selected, tried, and duly dispatched. His journey from notification of arrest, confession of his crime, public display on remand and trial, ensure his innocence becomes guilt

He knew he was finished when the official State of Womanhood post arrived. It simply read "You have been found guilty of the grave crime of masturbation and have been selected for trial at which your guilt will be confirmed. You will prepare yourself for collection." The writing had been on the wall when he had been refused entry to the maternal sperm bank. The stern receptionist had smiled cruelly at him on his last visit.

'Your seed is no use anymore, we shall not see you again; the Chief Matriarch will have her pleasure of you.' There was no use running, there was nowhere to run. Those that did were castrated on capture and dragged around the streets of the citadel by the proud and powerful horsewomen; what was left of the broken and bloodied corpse then thrown from the walls to the mire below.

He knelt naked in the corner by his bed, his cock erect as he heard them enter; there were no locks on the doors of the male quarters as they had no rights of privacy and a woman may enter at any time to ensure the livestock within continued their life of abeyance. A plump and severe woman in black latex, her bulges and large breasts creaking in the shiny skin-tight material, was there to officiate. She was accompanied by two whip bearing guard women. All three had their pussies open and displayed, the crotch of their tight leggings fashioned so, as their duties were very much their pleasure, and their pussies a symbol of feminine power.

His cock rose quite naturally as each stepped close and he sniffed their arousal first, and then was treated to a sniff of their hot arseholes through the neat oval which displayed their rears. The Officiator was last, and after he had sniffed at the tang of her plump anus, she turned and smiled down at his erect cock. He fell onto his arms at her feet, groaning with pain as she struck him hard with the crop she carried.

'Masturbator!' She stood back as he quivered at her feet while the whip-women moved forward.

'We are here to hear your confession to the crime of masturbation, you will confess and will then be tried and disposed of.' She smiled cruelly as he was held by the guards and swiftly ball-gagged, dragged on to the bed by the two and his ankles tied, his wrists bound behind his back. The Officiator's clitoris bulged as she took his scrotum and clamped a ringing tool about its neck; he moaned in pain as his balls felt the tight pinch of the ring which bore the legend "guilty". As he squirmed bound and helpless on the bed, the guards readied their whips. The Officiator rubbed her pussy.

'You will now be flogged until you confess, we know you are guilty but will have your confession recorded on film for the court. Thrash him!' He bucked and whined into the ball-gag as the two guards relished inflicting pain with their whips, curling the braided leather demons about his helpless writhing form, watching the red wheals illuminate his soft flesh as each lash bit home to be followed by another. His tears flowed as he was utterly broken by the women, unable to offer confession or beg for mercy as the scent of their arousal flooded the room fuelled by their lust for the whip.

The Officiator's nipples poked proud in the latex as she had her first orgasm at the expense of his suffering, his restrained howls into the gag making her lift her legs as the juices flowed from her pussy. She loved ensuring males were guilty and relished watching their faces when sentence was served in court; she had brought them there and was justly proud when it was confirmed they would enjoy the rope. Recovering sufficiently, she filmed a little of the whipping, narrating for the benefit of the Court.

'Court will witness how the guilty male refuses to confess.' The monitor caught the muffled howls of the male as he was soundly whipped red raw, the guards now tiring a little and longing to have their pussies licked in thanks by the confessor, as was the custom. The Officiator signalled that they cease, and the male continued to writhe for a few moments as the searing pain ebbed, his cock stiff and leaking pre-cum below him, his submission now sealed. He wept like a child as his ball gag was released and on being rolled onto his cut and sore back, the first of the guards mounted the bed, and straddling his face descended her excited pussy and arsehole to receive thanks. He gratefully accepted the hot wetness of her excited pussy, knowing the pain was over for now, the second guard stroked his cock as the first engulfed his face and rocked to a well earned orgasm before inviting his tongue to lick and probe at the sticky tang of her arsehole. The second delighted in bringing him to the brink of orgasm, slipping her fingers in his viscous pre-cum and ceasing stroking as he threatened to spurt. They exchanged places as the Officiator filmed his bone hard and dripping cock.

'Court will witness the guilty's eagerness to waste his seed through manipulation of his organ; hard evidence that he is familiar with the practice.' The second guard had her pleasure of him and he was brought to the brink twice more; he now lusted to spend under their domination of him, he was resigned to his fate and his balls ached as the pleasure of absolute submission took him. The sated guards now prepared other objects as the Officiator mounted the doomed male, he yearned to shoot his load as the full arse in black latex descended to smother his face with its rich tastes and aromas. His cock bobbed and pulsed as the plump bitch rode his face, she erupted into a glorious orgasm with the thought of the further torment her victim would endure, and he lapped at her sweet juices with tingling balls as he too contemplated his fate.

The sneering women untied him and he was ordered his knees on the floor. The Officiator began filming as one of the guards buckled a collar around his neck, making sure that it was uncomfortably tight.

'Court will now hear the confession of the guilty male, it will be noted that he refused to confess during punishment, so will incur the pleasure of further punishment prior to dispatch.' A leash was attached to the collar and pulled tight to encourage his confession. He looked up at the camera, naked, erect and leashed. The guards flexed their whips, he swallowed hard, it was useless and he had no choice.

'I have masturbated, I am guilty.' The Officiator then spoke cooly and with more than a hint of pleasure in her tone.

'Further evidence will be made available to Court, which will seal the fate of the guilty.' She stopped filming and placed the camera down. A white silk smock was produced and was slipped on to him, the leash retrieved from below it; the soft garment extended down to his waist only, his erect genitalia remained exposed. A placard was placed over his neck on a heavily linked chain; on it was the title "MASTURBATOR." The women rubbed their pussies as the sight gave them fresh arousal, the Officiator now picked up the camera again and before commencing filming, touched his erect cock with her crop.

'You will now masturbate and confirm your guilt beyond question.' The two guards stood smiling either side of him with their menacing whips trailing around him as he eagerly took his stiff cock in hand and wanked in absolute submission. The Officiator filmed the event, her pussy dripping in triumph.

'Court will witness the guilt of the confessor first hand; he has volunteered to demonstrate the filthy self-abuse he has admitted to practising regularly.' The defeated male's orgasm was hastened by the fictitious dialogue which enhanced his submission and ensured he would shoot in abundance; the fact that this would be witnessed by all as he was tried gave him a perverse and submissive pleasure as he wanked hard for the dominant women. The leash was pulled ever tighter as he moaned in the ecstasy of helplessness and loops of hot cream pulsed and shot from his pleasured cock, the guards smiling cruelly as he secured his appointment with castration and the gallows. The Officiator continued to film as he was pushed to the floor by the guards and made to lick up his mess.

'Court will witness his eagerness to dispose of wasted seed; the usual further abasement he employed to hide evidence of his crimes.' She clicked the camera off and stowed it. He was now almost ready to begin his first journey of public humiliation on being taken to a place of confinement, but prior to this he would be made to wear other items which would complete the enjoyment of his exposure. He was held over the bed by the guards and quaked with fear as he felt the Officiator toy with his exposed anus. He groaned with pain as his arsehole was penetrated with a huge anal plug, from which a tail of yellow ribbons hung. He bucked in discomfort as his anus was held wide by the smooth ceramic plug, he felt truly owned as his arsehole clenched at it involuntarily; his anus held open serving to promote a feeling of fear within him. His cock began to swell with the feeling, but this was to be curtailed immediately.

With his wrists now tied behind his back, he sobbed as the women turned him, and his cock was forced into a spiked cage; they smiled with pleasure as his dripping member was secured, the cage anchored to his ringed scrotum, he winced with a delirious mixture of pleasure and pain as his exposed bell-end, left so by the women holding back his foreskin, was penetrated by a multitude of sharp needles as his cock swelled to fill the spiteful cage. His anus now tingled with pleasure around the plug as his manhood was held painfully captive, dribbling pre-cum as he was led out to be humiliated.

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