Clubbing With Mum

by steve4u

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Daughter, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Emma convinces her mum Sharon to go clubbing with her. After getting friendly with two brothers, they get invited to a private party.

I sat by the dressing table putting on my makeup. Mum was in her room doing the same. I still couldn't believe it, finally I had convinced her to come clubbing with me. My name is Emma and my mum is Sharon. I was a mistake she had in a locker room with a teacher when she was fourteen. As I am now eighteen, this makes her thirty two. As you can guess, she was pretty wild when she was younger. She has a career in nursing and is now a ward sister, but she can still be wild. I think I inherited the gene. We are both about five foot four, (mum has an extra half inch) with blonde hair and blue eyes. We are both 36 C cup, and again she is slightly bigger.

The cab picked us at eight, I dashed out in my backless top tugging at my skirt, trying to keep it down, it was a lot shorter then I realised. Mum trotted out after me, her top covered slightly more and her skirt was a little longer, but not by much. We sped off to the club giggling all the way, our short skirts riding up to the delight of our cab driver.

It was a good evening, we danced with a number of guys and as the night wore on they started playing slow numbers and I was dancing with a guy snuggled in real slow. As we slowly moved around the dance floor I felt his hands drift downwards until they held my cheeks. As I moved around the floor, my gaze fell on mum and saw she was in the same situation. They guy she was dancing with was tall and black and one of his hands was sliding up her skirt. As we turned away my guy kissed me gently on the neck. I looked up into his eyes and he brushed his lips against mine. I held his gaze and he kissed me again. The third time I kissed him back and our tongues danced. The heat from his lips ran up and down my body and I felt myself getting damp.

He squeezed my buttocks and I moaned softly. After an eternity that left me breathless, he pulled away and flicked his eyes to an open exit at the back of the club. I nodded slightly and he put his arm around my shoulder, leading me outside. We stepped outside into the dark rear of the club. He stopped to kiss me again and led me away. We stopped at a recess and we kissed some more in the privacy of a three walled alley. In the darkness, I thought I heard the sounds of kissing and knew there was another couple there.

As we stepped into the alley, he drew me into his arms and kissed me again, holding me tight. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him back. His kisses were electrifying, and the noises the other couple were making were turning me on even more.

As we kissed, his hands slid down my back and cupped my ass. A jolt of electricity ran straight through to my pussy. I gasped into his mouth and grabbed his ass in turn, things were getting seriously hot. I thought I heard the sounds of a zip from the other couple and knew things there were getting even hotter. She groaned and the noise sounded familiar. Then I got distracted, his hands were inside my panties, tugging them downwards. I moved my knees closer together to assist him and stepped out of them. Grinning, he stuffed them in his pocket. I reached for him and we kissed some more. His fingers rubbed against my pussy and I groaned I was so wet it was unbelievable.

I reached for his belt and pulled it undone, then undid his button and pulled down his zip. His cock pulled free, god it was thick!

I dropped to my knees and took hold of it. Pulling back the skin, I licked the tip, he gasped at that, "baby, that's so good." I opened wide and sucked the whole thing in. hollowing my cheeks, I sucked hard and flicked my tongue along the base under the head. His breathing grew ragged and I pulled away, I wanted my fun too. I stood up and he groaned, I pt my arms around his neck and kissed him. He picked me up and carried me to the other side of the alley. The wall there had a bench like base covering some pipes.

Picking me up he placed me on the bench and moved between my knees. I opened my legs wide and felt his cock head pushing against my labia. I reached down and held myself open for him. It was lucky I was so wet as with one push he was inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he started thrusting. The groans nearby got louder and, suddenly a light came on in a window above, illuminating the area. On the concrete bench, only three or four feet away from me was my mum in the same position as me getting the arse fucked off her!

She looked at me, surprise on her face as we both got fucked together. I grinned at her and she smiled back. She was about to speak when her orgasm overtook her. Her head went back, "fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, yes, yes oh god," she wailed as she came on his cock. That drove me over the edge, watching my mum get pummelled and orgasm. The heat down below in my pussy raged and then, I was cumming too. I don't know what I said, but I was loud and got louder as he continued to pound me taking me higher and higher. Then mum's guy started to groan and shudder as he pumped sperm into her. I reached for my lovers shoulders, "come for me, come in me," I whispered. He started to slow his thrusts, then jerked as hot cum flowed from his cock straight up my pussy.

My head was swimming; this was the most erotic unbelievable thing that had ever happened to me. Our two lovers were standing there putting themselves away. I looked at mum, like me she was still on the bench, leaning back breathless, top up, tits exposed and skirt around her waist feet on the bench and legs open, cum trickling out.

We stood together and walked into each others arms, slightly embarrassed, we had never actually done anything like this before. True we were both sexually active and had brought guys back, but it had always been in our own bedrooms. We had never seen each other before. We hugged, "darling," she said quietly, "that was ... um, an experience."

I hugged her tight, "wow, mum," I said under my breath, "that was intense."

She nodded, looking at our lovers who stood there grinning at each other and whispered, "yes, I can't believe we did this."

"Me neither, any regrets?"
She shook her head, her eyes shining, "no, god, I don't know how I didn't scream the place down; I haven't cum like that in ages."

We released each other and stood there, mums eyes widened, and I wondered what was wrong, then I realised, as I felt the same thing, cum was running down my leg.

Our lovers were chatting quietly, our panties in their hands and grinning at each other. They noticed us staring at them, mine said, "we are having a private party here, after if you both want to stay."

Mum and I looked at each other, nods and raised eyebrows, conveyed a whole conversation. I looked at them both, "yes," I replied, we're game."

As we walked back inside, our lovers introduced themselves, I went a little red when I realised, we had had sex and didn't even know each others names. The tall black guy who had taken mum said, "I'm Elijah."

"I'm Jeff, said his white friend.

"I'm Emma, and this is my mum Sharon."

They both paused and went slack jawed, "mother and daughter?"

We both nodded at that, mum asked "is that a problem?"

They both laughed, Jeff said, "no, it's just every man's fantasy, mother and daughter."

We all laughed as we went back in.

As we went in Elijah was behind us, he gently grabbed our arms getting us to pause, "look," he said quietly, "this party, it might get a little wild, you may be the only girls there. If you want, I will get you a cab home." We smiled at that, it was nice to be warned, and his offer was appreciated. We looked at each other and had another ten second conversation consisting of nods and raised eyebrows. To tell the truth, we had both guessed it was going to be along those lines. Mum spoke, "we are fine," we both smiled and went back inside.

I didn't realise, that Elijah and Jeff were part owners of the club. They had a private room upstairs they used for their own private parties. They led us up the back stairs holding our asses as we climbed. I was getting all hot and bothered again by the time we got there.

We walked into the room, the lights were low and there was a sound system, with TV screens all over and two beds, with couches against the walls and in the corner, a small bar. That wasn't what made is stop as we went in. there were twelve guys, mostly black and one woman, who looked mixed race waiting for us. With our two, that made fourteen guys. The woman smiled and came over to us, hugging us both and kissing us on the cheeks. "Hi, she said, I'm Marcia, Jeff and Elijah's sister, did they mention they were brothers?"

I shook my head, looking around, "I'd never have guessed."

She smiled at that, "look," she said, if you want to leave, you had better do it now. It's not a big deal, we have done this before, but the girls have to be ok with it."

Jeff was talking to one of the guys, his jaw dropped and he said to us, "is it true, you are mother and daughter?"

We both nodded and together said "yes."

Marcia frowned for a second, and said quietly, "shit, you shouldn't have said that, you have just fired off every male fantasy going. Look, quickly, if you want to, leave now, if not, you will have sex with everyone in the room, ok?" she gave a firm look at that, I did a quick head count, again, fourteen guys, then I realised, she said everyone, that included her as well. I had never been with a girl before, well I had kissed and fumbled a little with a friend at school but that was it, we had never taken it any further. Mum made our decision. She closed the door and turned to smile at them all, "hallo boys," she said.

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