Susie Lee and the Magus: a Journey to Love

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Romantic, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A journey from sexual use and development to love. Susie Lee developed late, physically and sexually. She first became the 'property' of her roommate Amalia. Then, through a fortuitous accident, she became the love of her boss, Maggie, who became Susie's 'Magus', and taught her love, bringing her to her sexual adulthood. Susie was then prepared for her future, when she wandered into that block party.



Susie Lee sighed, Amalia had made another attack on her today. She thought about it and giggled, remembering it. It was usually, at least it had been, in the break room. Amalia had a knack of knowing exactly when Susie'd be there and distracted. She had an innate ability to sneak around and before Susie knew what was happening, Amalia had her skirt flipped up and had grabbed her by the butt, saying 'Hi, Susie Lee' in a sexy voice, the voice that, in previous times, had always melted Susie's inhibitions.

But it had happened again today. They were no longer lovers but still great friends and the 'attacks' in the break room seemed to be Amalia's way of keeping her 'hand in there' with Susie Lee.

Susie and Amalia, Amalia West, had been roomies at the university. Amalia, from the first, had told Susie how much she loved her oriental, mystical freshness, at least that's the way that Amalia had put it.

At the time, it had certainly made Susie tingle. She'd grown up very conflicted about herself and what she wanted, sexually. She was certainly attracted to boys but she also found herself attracted, kind of, to girls. That was the conflicted part for her.

Susie was shy and slow to develop. By the time she got to the university and was a late semester sophomore, when she and Amalia decided to room together for their junior and senior years, she'd become a fair, but petite, lovely woman. She had light, almost white skin, and contrasting dark, black hair, that she wore straight and with bangs. Her breasts were smallish, 34a, but the darkness and, she found out, the tenderness of her nipples more than made up for the size of her breasts. She had always been serious about physical activity. She had strong, lovely legs and a perfectly shaped butt. Susie, by her days at the university, as a sophomore, was a treat!

It was during that junior year, when she and Amalia, best girl friends by then, that they began their affair. It had been Amalia who'd started it.

Susie always remembered how it went and how it began and how it felt. She let it roam across her mind, especially at times, when she was alone and could use those scenes to play with herself, a delight that she'd discovered early and as an alternative to boys. She certainly hadn't been very successful with boys and, being, in those days, shy, petite and not very developed, had been pretty much on the sidelines. There were only a couple 'trysts' that she'd had but really lacked very much passion.

In that indelible scene with Amalia, Susie had already been in bed. It was a hot kind of night in September, not terribly hot but hot enough for no 'pjs' for Susie.

(As a matter of fact, Amalia had been waging a war against Susie's use of pi's for sleep. She told her that she was lovely and should be going to bed naked or in panties. It usually made Susie giggle and say 'stop it', getting a grin and a kiss on the cheek from Amalia, though it was, in the end, part of Amalia's campaign to 'get' Susie Lee.)

It had been a Friday night and Amalia announced that she was going to see 'who was out'. She invited Susie to join her but, as usual, Susie demurred. She had, she said, some reading that had to be done, and wanted to use the night to get some of it done.

Amalia went alone. When it got late that night, Susie went to bed, with a giggle, as it happened, since she was wearing only a pair of beige panties.

She was awakened by Amalia coming in and, drifted off to the sound of Amalia having a shower. The next thing that she realized was that Amalia had thrown the covers back off of her and said a quiet voice: "Look at Susie, the panty girl"

It woke Susie barely but then Amalia actually crawled into bed with her and, with Susie staring at Amalia with wide opened eyes, began to get kisses from her.

Susie struggled to say an inquiring 'Amalia' between kisses but all she got in return was a fiercely whispered: "Be quiet and kiss me, Susie!"

It kind of came to a head for Susie at that point, all the processing and thinking about boys and attraction and girls and attraction, and Susie simply submitted. It became an outlook for her, almost a life outlook, at least for a while, and especially with Amalia. She submitted and put herself into the kissing that Amalia was demanding.

Then she felt Amalia's hands on her breasts, tweaking and pinching her nipples, getting surprising but pleasing noises from Susie and then crawling down to go inside the waist band of Susie's panties.

Amalia was playing with her then, in the same way that Susie often played with herself but she was surprised and pleased at how much better it felt, when Amalia did it.

Amalia pulled Susie up on top of her then, so that she could rummage beneath her panties and get her hands on Susie's ass.

"You have a perfect ass, girlfriend!" Amalia said.

"Thank you," Susie whispered into Amalia's lips, that were so close to her own.

"I want you out of bed and kneeling on the floor," Amalia said.

"Yes," Susie said, and did as she was told. She felt a kind of thrill in that, the doing of what she was told, and she moved out of bed and knelt on the floor.

Amalia was up then and stalking around her kneeling roommate.

"Panties off," Amalia said, and Susie again complied, with a kind of a wonder in her mind about how natural it felt to do what Amalia wanted and demanded.

Then she was kneeling naked and had her eyes on Amalia's own naked form, still stalking abound her.

Next Amalia moved into position so that her pussy, with it's brownish curls —- neither of them was a fan of the bald pussy craze —-directly in her face.

"Eat me!" Amalia demanded, and Susie murmured a soft: "Don't really know how."

"You'll do fine," Amalia had said, "I'll make 'Susie the pussy eater' out of you."

Susie giggled at the thought and continued to do as she was told. She moved her mouth and her lips to Amalia's pussy and began to eat her, discovering in the process that she could do it quite well.

It ended with Amalia cumming and clutching Susie's head to her stomach in a final throw of passion.

That's the way it had begun and it continued throughout their careers at the University. It certainly began with them as an every night kind of thing, with Amalia pulling Susie now and again into a '69' position for the pussy eating. It trailed off, after a while, but Susie was always there for Amalia, essentially to use, when the need was upon her.

Susie, in those university days, didn't mind. She still was really shy around boys, though she had some friends, who were boys but there weren't crushes or even many dates. She'd had the almost obligatory sex a couple times on dates but neither one proved to be great passionate interludes for her.

Susie also discovered that Amalia was somewhat jealous about Susie dating, and after a date, demanded to know exactly what Susie and the date had done physically, which for Susie, in those days, for the most part, wasn't all that much.

There were even times, when Amalia, in a mood, would strip Susie naked and tie her hands behind her back with a rope extending to her ankles and question her, spanking her butt now and again, and interspersing her questions with kisses. On those occasions, Amalia normally ended by eating Susie, as though to keep her 'tied' to her own affections, instead of the boy's with whom she'd gone out.

Over time, especially after they left the university, and had gone to work, both of them getting good jobs with the same firm, the two of them settled down as friends, though lately Amalia had been making moves on Susie again, with the periodic 'gotchas' that she performed especially in the break room: sneaking in, lifting up Susie's skirt and grabbing her by the ass, getting a satisfying squeal from Susie every time.

It certainly made Susie a bit jumpy but even more so made her determined to pay Amalia back in kind.

Susie bided her time and planned. She tried to see when Amalia normally would be in the break room and decided on her approach.

She giggled to herself, as she snuck into the room, where Amalia was in front of one of the vending machines and bending over to pick something out.

It seemed perfect.

Susie snuck up behind her friend and with great glee, whipped Amalia's skirt up to her waist, getting a view of a pretty pair of blue panties and pantyhose, grabbed her friend's ass and declaimed, in a happy voice:

"Got you!"

It began with the satisfyingly startled squeal that Susie got out of her friend, who then spun around, and Susie, unaccountably and frighteningly was faced with Margaret Schaeffer, the COO of the company, who was staring at Susie, as though she thought that Susie were 'bug-shit crazy'!

Susie was struck totally dumb! She just stared and began to almost whisper her apologies, while the big boss just kept staring at her.

(Of course, it's obvious that both Amalia and Maggie Schaeffer were wearing dark, a-line skirts that day and white blouses. Thus Susie's crazy mistake!)

Susie apologized again and spun on her heels and left the break room, deciding that instead of 'getting Amalia', she would likely kill her, at the first opportunity.

Susie waited at her desk for about 20 minutes and then got the inevitable call, to come to Ms Schaeffer's office. It was the secretary/assistant calling to make the request-demand.

Susie went like a person to the gallows. She realized that in deciding on the ill timed prank, she'd written 'paid' to a job that she really liked, with people that she also really liked.

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