New Arcadia: Denise's Story

by Jehoram

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A teenager describes how she was introduced to a sexual education camp, and what she's learned there. She's still a virgin, but expects to be fully initiated before long, and is looking forward to being an "adult" with full fucking privileges. (On the "New Arcadia" timeline, this takes place at about the same time as Chapter 5 of "New Arcadia.")

"How beautiful is one's first orgasm! It is not only the pleasure that one derives from it, but the realization that this pleasure is what the human body is made for. It is an experience to be treasured and shared, not hidden from others by a veil of shame. A child's first orgasms should be a cause of communal celebration, particularly for females, many of whom must be taught the subtleties of the art of self-pleasure. For them, their orgasm is a sign of mastery, of control over their bodies, an accomplishment in its own right. Control over the pleasures of her own body is only a first step to control over her life and her destiny, and her realization that she need never take a position of second place to the male sex in any aspect of society."

-- Alfonse Gregorio, from Return to Eden

Hi! You're the guy who's taking interviews, right? My mom said I could talk to you. My name's Denise, and I'm fourteen years old. Almost fifteen. I've got an older brother named Bruce. He's the guy over there with the boner. He almost always has a boner. The tall guy next to him is his best friend Troy. Troy doesn't have a boner 'cause I just jerked him off. That's his cum on my tits. Troy can shoot his jizz farther than anybody, even my brother, although they shoot the same amount of jizz, more or less. He wants me to wear it just like it is, without smearing it. I don't mind. He says it makes me look sexy. Do you think so, too?

I've had real tits since I was twelve. Not as big as they are now, of course. My mom's got real big boobs, and she says that mine will be as big as hers some day. I hope so. My nips are already as sensitive as hers, and I can cum from people sucking on them, like she can. I don't have to touch my pussy at all.

But I want to touch it anyway right now, to stay in the Zone. Do you mind? You can touch your cock if you want. I think boners are really cool, and you have a pretty one. Here's a game you can play. Just try to keep it hard enough that it doesn't sag and touch the towel you're sitting on. Make it so it points straight out, but not up. Yeah, just like that! If it starts to sag, give it a few squeezes, but don't get it hard all the way. It's good practice for fucking. That's what Mom says.

I guess you want to know what it's like to grow up in New Arcadia. My mom and dad have been coming here for years. My mom's a Guide, which means that she knows all about sex and fucking. Have you met her? She likes to fuck all the newcomers, to see what they know about sex. Then she gets together with the other Guides, and they figure out what the new guy needs to know, and then they fuck him and teach him. There are men who are Guides, too, and they fuck all the new women. I see you've got a black wristband, so you haven't had the Training. I bet she'll be fucking you later. Or one of the other Guides.

I'm not fucking yet. See the red wristband? That's what it means: no fucking. Mom says I need more training, and my hole's not quite big enough yet. But I can hold an orgasm for almost ten minutes now, when I wank myself. I'm still cumming too fast, though. My dad and another guy named Herb and another guy named George are helping me with that. They don't fuck me with their boners, but they finger-fuck me and eat me out and suck on my tits, and I try not to cum too fast or too hard. Finally, they let me cum, and then it's my turn to tease them until they cum. Like I said, they can't fuck me with their boners, but I blow them or jerk them off. Herb's cum tastes the best. George always produces the most cum, so I like to jerk him off and see it squirt out. It's fun! Did you know that George's very first cum, when he was here the first time, was from me? It must have shot up three feet into the air, straight up! I loved seeing it, and so did Mom. She was helping me wank him. Mom didn't give him his first fuck here, though. Cory did that. She's my cousin. My tits are bigger than hers, and I have more pussy hair, but she's older, and her hole is big enough for fucking. That's why she was initiated last spring.

Oh, your dick's leaking pre-cum! Can I taste it? Mmm. It's good! My daddy's pre-cum tastes good, too. He lets me lick it off his cock every morning, when we meet for breakfast. It tastes best then. And it gets him hard, so he can show his boner around to all the ladies. They like that. But you know whose pre-cum tastes the best? My brother Bruce's. Mom says that it's because he's so young. His cum tastes pretty good, too, but Herb's tastes better. He says that it's because he eats lots of fruit. Mom says that if Bruce ate more fruit, his cum would taste really, really good, but Bruce likes to eat hamburgers and junk stuff.

Wow, your dick's getting really hard! I like the way it curves. Your balls are cute, too! Balls are so weird. Sometimes they hang down low, and other times they're higher, if it's cold or if the guys are almost ready to jizz. I wonder what it would be like if my boobs were like that! I think soft dicks are kinda weird, too. They just kind of flop around. I like them better when they're hard, or half hard like yours. Then they don't look so gross.

My clit's getting hard again, too. See? I like to pull the hood up and show people what it looks like. It's really big for a girl my age, they say. That's because I'm playing with it all the time around here, like the other girls. I mean here in New Arcadia. The girls on the outside who are my age don't get to do that, and that's why their clits are smaller and less sensitive. That's what Mom says. Mom and Dad tell me that the dicks on the boys in New Arcadia are bigger than the ones on the guys on the outside, too, because the boys are hard most if the time here. Bruce sure is, anyway. The boys outside the camp aren't allowed to take them out of their pants and get them hard anytime they want. I think that's crazy. Bruce hates it. That's why he likes to come here, so he can show off his boner and play with it. He does that around the house, too.

You were asking how I got introduced to New Arcadia, and what it was like for me. Well, my mom and dad have been members since I was a little girl. I couldn't go with them then. You have to be fourteen. But I remember how they would go away for weekends, leaving me and Bruce with my grandparents. When Bruce turned fourteen, a year before I did, he would go with them, too. I would plead with them to take me, but they said, "You can come with us when you're fourteen." They would always be so happy when they came back, even if they weren't in a good mood when they left. Bruce always had a shit-eating grin, and he wasn't as much of an asshole as he usually was, but he wouldn't tell me what went on at New Arcadia. Anyway, on my fourteenth birthday, I asked them if I could go with them the next weekend. They looked at each other, and then they smiled.

So that weekend, we got in the RV and drove to the place. There were all these naked people there! And I had to get naked, too. We took all our clothes off. Mom explained that they were going to be sleeping with other people, and that we kids would be in a separate sleeping area called the dorm. This had two big rooms, one for boys and one for girls.

And then Mom explained that this was a sex camp, where people learned all about sex and wanking and fucking. She said that there would be lots of people playing with themselves, and that it was all right, and I could do it, too. Bruce liked that part! His dick started getting hard the minute he dropped his pants. Then he ran out the door, and I didn't see him for a while.

By the time we were all naked, Dad's penis was getting big and hard, too. I'd seen penises in pictures in art books before, but not hard ones. Dad asked me if I wanted to touch it. "Sure," I said. Mom told me how to touch it and stroke it and make it harder. "Not too much, though, or you'll make him jizz."

"What's jizz?" I said. I had never heard of that.

"Jizz is what comes out a boy's penis when he's really, really excited," Dad explained. "It feels really, really good. He shoots it out when he cums. But I don't want to cum yet. So I'll leave you girls here and go look for some friends of mine." I didn't know it then, but I learned later that he wanted to stay in the "Zone" so his cums would be better. And I learned that the friends he was looking for were all women, and he was going to fuck them if they wanted him to, and that Mom wouldn't mind, because she was going to be fucking other guys besides him. That's what they do here.

After he left, Mom told me more about cumming, and how girls do it, too, but without the jizz. She pulled up her clittie hood and showed me her clittie, and she showed me how she masturbated, and let me play with my clittie. It felt good! Then we went to this big lawn area with our towels, and there were a bunch of girls my age, and we all sat together while Mom showed us how to masturbate. Some of the girls climaxed, but I didn't. Mom said that was all right. It still felt good, though. Then we went back to the RV. The door was closed, and Mom said that Dad was fucking somebody and they didn't want to be disturbed. So we went back to the lawn area and masturbated some more.

And she explained all the other rules of the camp, about what the wristbands meant, and how No Means No, and stuff like that. And she told me about the Golden Zone, and how important it was to practice being in it, but it didn't make much sense to me, until I had my first orgasm. And she told me to never, never, never tell anybody on the "outside" about this place and what we were doing here.

Then we watched two boys as they masturbated each other. One of them was Bruce. Mom was masturbating as we watched them, and I did, too. Mom said, "Now watch their dicks and you'll see them jizz." And then I saw some white stuff shoot out of Bruce's dick. It looked like shampoo, sort of. And then the other guy came, too. So that was jizz, I thought. The boys laughed. They were smearing their jizz over their bodies, and when they saw us, they waved, and we waved back.

That night, I slept in the dorm with the other girls. There was another girl named Mandy who was there for the first time, too. We got to be good friends. In fact, she's my best friend now. We sleep together all the time, in the same bed. On that first night, we snuggled, but neither of us were orgasmic so we weren't really getting it on. Her big sister Ivy slept in another bed with an older girl, and those two got it on! I mean, the whole dorm could hear them! Ivy slept with us until she was initiated, and then she didn't sleep in the dorm any more. She slept in the cabins, so she could fuck guys.

When was my first orgasm? Let me think. Oh, yeah. It came about a month later. Ivy and her twin brother Davey and another boy named Leo were playing around. Leo had a green wristband, which means that he could fuck people. He'd just gotten it the week before, when he was initiated. His dick and balls were still red from the dye. The rest of us had red bands. Ivy was showing me how to give the boys blow jobs. We'd tease the boys for an hour, and then suck their dicks until they came. I got Leo's cum. It was the first cum I ever tasted. It tasted weird at first, but I got to like the taste of men's cum after a while. Well, some men, anyway.

Davey didn't want to cum in Ivy's mouth. Instead, he wanted to shoot it onto my tits, so Ivy jerked him off. It looked so cool to see the stuff shoot out of his dick onto me! It was the first time somebody jizzed on my body. Davey's face kind of scrunched up when he came. Then the jizz shot out of his dick in three or four spurts, and his dick twitched each time. That was cool to watch.

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