Room 2581, a Story of Rape and Love
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Rape, Coercion, True Story, Cheating, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a true story of what happened when I met a girl with a rape fantasy and the adventures that ensued.

Room 2581

Her emails already had me turned on. She had replied to an ad I ran on Craigslist, "Admit that you deserved what he did to you...", which I posted to find a girl for me to 'rape'. As I drove into the parking lot of the hotel where she was staying, images of a crazy girl screaming and claiming she had no such fantasy, kept flashing in my mind. I was sure that would be followed by my being arrested shortly afterwards. As there is no way to be sure who is emailing you from Craigslist, I was wondering if the photos of the sexy body she had sent me, were really her. Could this whole thing was just be a prank to mess with some asshole who enjoys raping women!

I had my knife in my pocket and my zip ties ready. My palms were sweaty and my body was tense as I knocked on the door to room 2581. It seemed like an eternity before The door opened slightly and she peeked through the crack. The first thing I noticed were her eyes, then the door suddenly opened and I was face to face with the beauty in the emails!

She was more beautiful than I expected! Honestly, this girl could have been a model. I pushed the door completely open and started my willful duty of raping her.

First, I grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against the wall, closing the door behind us. Normally, I would slap her around this time, but her lips were begging to be kissed. So I pressed my lips into hers roughly, with need and eagerness, as I pushed my body against hers.

A brunette, a cute little number, if I had to guess at her age at the time, I would have said late twenties to early thirties. She had the hour glass body most women would kill for and an amazing set of 36D tits. Those tits looked delicious to me and I knew I would enjoy abusing them later. Her beauty and body reminded me of brunette Marilyn Monroe, designed to make men mad with lust. She had luscious lips that were just made to suck cock and deep green eyes that made me rock hard instantly. It turns out that I fall in love with those eyes, but that's not relevant to the story yet.

You know that feeling you get when you see a gorgeous girl and you would give anything to kiss her and fuck her? That was exactly what it felt like when I kissed her. She melted into my arms completely, and she surrendered in a way that was so sexy. This was the hottest thing that had happened to me in quite a while. Honestly quite a few times that night I forgot that I was supposed to be RAPING her!

I knew the first thing I had to do was to get my cock into her pretty little face as far as it would go. I had to feel the mouth of this subservient girl around my cock until it made her tear up and choke. I wanted her to gag on my cock.

And so I made it happen! I barked at her, "Get on your fucking knees slut," as I walked between the queen beds in the large hotel room. She obeyed immediately. I pulled out my cock and watched her as she began to suck it. She was an amazing little cock sucker, but I planned to throat fuck her. I grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her throat as she gagged on my cock.

She would hold it down as long as she could, then struggle to push me off. Eventually, I would let her breathe, only to repeat the process. I pulled out my iPhone and started recording her. She looked up, but didn't object, knowing she had no choice in the matter. I videotaped her choking on my cock repeatedly.

One of the times, I forced her head down so hard, she ended up vomiting into the nearby trashcan! Knowing this was no excuse to stop, she continued sucking like a dutiful slut. That was another one of the things I loved about her submission so much, she had decided that she was mine for tonight and would do anything I forced her to do.

After enjoying fucking her throat for about 5 minutes, I sat on the edge of the bed and had her suck my cock and balls while kneeling between my legs. She tenderly licked my balls when I commanded her to do it, but she obeyed, when I told her to get her fucking mouth on it properly. Then, she would shove her head further down and start sucking my balls like a proper slut. She alternated between sucking my cock and my balls. She was very impressive in her technique and I was in heaven, but I knew a proper raping was in order, and that it was time to really fuck her!

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