Six Months

by Zipper D Dude

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Incest, Mother, Son, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Phil has some work to do, and six months to finish it. A pity things don't go as smoothly as he hopes.

"I'll be back off my deployment in six months," Dad told me before he left. "I want you to get your mother pregnant by the time I return." He told Mum the same thing, so I was looking forward to six months of boffing my sexy mother. Hah! Not a chance.

The first night, when I tried to get her into bed, she told me, "Your father said by the time he gets back, and that's six months away. We don't even have to think about it for five months."

"We could always start practising," I pointed out, hopefully.

"No, Phil," she said, cutting me off.

Well that left me really pissed off, to put it mildly. I'd built up my hopes for a six-month shagathon with my sexy Mum, but no dice. I felt just as deflated as my prick.

The pod AI was no help either. As long as she was pregnant when Dad got back the damned thing didn't care whether she was six months pregnant or six days pregnant. I could have screamed with frustration. It wasn't like I was going without. Dad's third concubine, Gisele, was happy to fuck me most times I got horny. But she wasn't Mum, and it was Mum I had the hots for; probably because Dad had kept her for himself up to now, so she'd been off-limits.

We had a bit of a strange set-up in our pod. When he'd been extracted, Dad took Mum and me as his two allowed concubines. He'd had to use a slot for me because I was seventeen then, with a CAP of only 4.7 -- yeah, I know, I'd heard them all: 'Phil the prat', 'Phil the plonker', 'Swarm-food Phil'. And that was just my friends! Of course they'd turned into my former friends; I was off Earth and they weren't. Who's laughing now, plonkers?

During the journey here Dad picked up Gisele as an extra concubine while we were still on the ship. Her original sponsor had got himself reduced to a concubine, so she was floating around as a spare. Dad got her because he'd scored 6.9 CAP, (almost a seven), and we were two men with one woman, so we were short of women in our pod. The Civil Service guy said something about helping with genetic diversity in the family as well. Gisele is Austrian, so her name has a hard G, like KEEZ-ler, but with a G and the 'er' sound at the end. Definitely not JEEZ-elle, which really annoys her.

Dad hadn't allowed me to fuck Mum up to now, but he did let me fuck Gisele, at least when he wasn't doing her himself. That helped a lot and I was able to stop worrying about the muscles in my right arm getting overdeveloped.

The day after Dad left I talked to Mum before breakfast, "Why can't we do it now, Mum? We're going to have to do it sometime, so why not now?" I was trying my hardest not to get whiny about it, which was guaranteed to put Mum off. I allowed myself to ask the question once. Just once.

"It is not easy for me, Phil," she explained. "You still look like my son and I can't help thinking of you as off-limits. I know that the Confederacy can fix any medical problems from inc ... from you fathering my baby, but it hasn't really sunk in. I need a lot more time to get used to the idea before I can do that sort of thing with you."

She had a point there. When we'd gone into the med-tubes for our changes, I'd come out looking much the same as I had before: better teeth and better eyesight was about it. I was still just under six-foot and had the same dark blond hair as Dad. In contrast Mum had gone from thirty-nine to looking like twenty-two, and a lot sexier than she'd been before. Dad had slimmed her thighs, flattened her stomach, tightened her arse and lifted her tits; Mum was a hot babe! She didn't really look like the mother I'd left Earth with, while I still looked like me. Dad was a Marine, so he was huge, two metres (that's six foot seven in old money) and wide with it. Mum had been pregnant for nine months, but Dad had popped her straight back in a med-tube after Kath had been born so she was still looking hot. In contrast to Mum, who was medium height and brunette, Gisele was tall and pale blonde. She'd arrived from her former sponsor with enormous tits, but Dad had reduced them to just being large. That was fine by me, they'd looked ridiculous on her at their old size. I know us men are supposed to find big boobs a turn-on, but hers were just silly. Her previous sponsor must have been a right idiot. I suppose that was what got him knocked back down to a concubine.

As well as Dad and us three concubines, we had two babies in the family: my little ten-week-old sister Kath, and Gisele's Franz who was two days older. Franz's father was Gisele's previous owner -- she was already pregnant when Dad took her in. A lot of concubines got pregnant in those first few weeks on board ship! That meant that I wasn't going to get Gisele pregnant this time round. Dad wanted to do that himself when he got back from his deployment, so he'd put her in a med-tube to fix things so she wouldn't get knocked-up while he was away.

Having two nursing babies around meant that I got four tits to look at over the breakfast table while Mum and Gisele were breast-feeding. Two brown nipples on Mum and two pink ones on Gisele. All four with big areolae. Dad had allowed them to lose those ugly concubine smocks and they'd switched to mini-skirts with an optional nursing-bra style top. Mum had told Dad that the smocks weren't very convenient for breast-feeding, so he let them wear something different. He allowed me shorts and a T-shirt, but still in that horrible grey colour. Well, it was better than that damned smock thing, I preferred being naked to having to wear that.

As I stared at the two of them feeding their babies at breakfast I blurted out, "How about some of that for me, Mum?" Me and my big mouth. Speaking before thinking again.

"Certainly dear, there's a jar of expressed milk around somewhere if you want some." Mum was able to keep a straight face, but Gisele lost it and burst into giggles. I felt my face burning as I turned bright red, had I really been that obvious? Mum continued, "Or was it not just the milk that you wanted?"

"Erm..." Oh shit, what was I going to say now? Could I really ask Mum to let me feel her tits? "Well, Mum, I was really hoping for..."

"You just want to get your hands on my boobs, don't you?" Mum wasn't stupid; she'd always been able to see straight through me.

"Erm ... well ... yes, I suppose so, Mum. They do look nice, and I am getting to see them a lot with you feeding Kath." I'd learned that it was better being honest with her than trying to fool her. Dad might be able to put one over on her sometimes, but I'd never been able to.

She looked at me with a half-smile on her face, thinking. "OK, we can have some fun when you get back from work. It'll give you something to look forward to while you're shovelling gloop."

Here on Waller the Civil Service had arranged work for us concubines to do. We couldn't stay in our pods fucking or babysitting all the time, so they'd organised all sorts of jobs for us. I was shovelling gloop down at the Biology Station. It's really a sludge of the local bacteria, but we called it gloop. Waller has less oxygen than Earth, so we're using the native bacteria to help build up the oxygen in the air. One of the guys said it was like living halfway up a mountain on Earth, where the air is thinner. Apparently the med-tubes have given us some extra nanites to help our breathing until the oxygen level gets more like Earth's.

We used big open concrete pans to grow the gloop. Start with a mixture of replicated gloop-food, seawater and the local bacteria. Then leave it to fester away in the sun making oxygen until the bacteria had eaten all the food and the pan was full of gloop. We shovelled the gloop straight into a big recycler. The stuff was organic so it was easier for the replicators to make food from gloop than from sand. Pretty much all Waller has on land is sand and rock. There aren't any native plants or animals at all. Anything living on land is an import from Earth, including us humans.

As a change from shovelling gloop I've also worked at shovelling sand. That's where we put rock and sand with some gloop into a special replicator and soil came out the other end. We planted mountain grasses from Earth in the new soil. The grasses made more oxygen and helped cut down on the dust in the dust storms. With all that sand and no plants, the dust storms could get pretty bad in the Dry season -- we've only been here long enough for one of those so far. They want to get some sort of force field in place by next year to protect the town. The dust storms certainly weren't any fun last Dry season.

That day the previous shift had just emptied one of the pans so I was working on steam cleaning it ready for the next batch of gloop and thinking about Mum's tits. She was right, it did give me something to look forward to.

And boy was I looking forward to it when I got back to the pod after work. Why was nothing ever easy with Mum? First she sent me off for a quick shower to clean off all the sweat and grime from work. OK, I allowed her that, I did really need one. When I'd finished, in record time of course, I found that baby Kath had latched on and Mum wasn't going to let me do anything until Kath had finished feeding. Even then, I had to help clear up the kitchen -- Mum was really good at keeping me frustrated! Gisele took both the babies away to settle them down after their feeds and finally Mum sat on the sofa and patted the seat next to her for me to sit down.

"So, you want to get at my boobs, Phil?" Mum didn't mess around, she got straight to the point.

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