Abduction Unnatural

by Dafafu

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Two teachers who have been lusting after a sexy 16 year-old student and her voluptuous mother stage an abduction for sex.

Shirley was only 16 years old but had developed into an extremely beautiful, extremely shapely and extremely voluptuous school girl.

She was about 5' 5" tall with a fabulous figure. She had a beautiful face, sultry eyes, rosy cheeks and full succulent lips, with her blonde hair cascading down in gentle curves.

Shirley's full shapely smooth thighs, narrow waist and flat tummy increased her sex appeal. The most amazing but magnificent feature was her bosom. Only 16 but she had inherited her mother's big breasts, needing 40DD bras. Her breasts were very big, very round, very firm and thrust forward brazenly, pushing out whatever she wore, bra or blouse, by 6 inches at least.

No, there was not any girl in her school or in her town who could match Shirley's sexy beauty or voluptuous figure. Every where she went, all folks, men and women ogled her. The women - old women or young women or girls - envied her beauty and total sex appeal. The men - old men or young men or boys - got aroused at seeing her and craved for intimacy with such a beautiful and voluptuous girl.

At school every male, whether teachers or students, wanted to friend her. Invariably they wanted dates. Shirley knew that all they wanted with her was sex. She was a smart girl and although she remained friendly yet she did not accept any invitations for dates. The male teachers, both bachelors and married ones, were ready to break school and social ethics to befriend her hoping and craving for sex.

Shirley herself was totally aware of her beauty and sex appeal. Not only aware that men and boys wanted her for sex but she was also aware that her own body craved for sex, desperately craved for sex. This frightened her. She was constantly and uncontrollably aroused, that is sexually aroused.

Shirley avoided masturbation as far as possible but once in a while she was forced to masturbate because her body's sexual cravings tormented her to such an extent that she couldn't concentrate on her school work and her body became feverish. She wanted to maintain her excellence in studies. She did not want to be a beauty without brain! Sex can wait, she thought.

But how long, she worried. Her hope was that one day, after attaining academic success she will let her control down and would definitely wallow in sex. At the moment she was facing a tough battle; on one hand she wanted to study hard and on the other hand her body craved, desperately craved for wild sex. Could she control herself? One moment she told herself yes, but another moment she told herself no.

Shirley's mother, Liz was an almost exact replica of her daughter, only a little bit more plumb and womanly, but still very youthful looking. Like her daughter, Liz oozed sex appeal, her figure at 33 years being equally shapely and voluptuous. She too possessed uncontrollable desire for sex and her husband was fortunately very virile and equal to the task, and they loved to fuck frequently. Sometimes they mated several times a day, yet she craved secretly for men, virile men. but never let this be known to her husband.

Shirley's parents, Mike and Liz, were very aware of their daughter's beauty and sex appeal. They were constantly worried that she might be seduced. But they couldn't do anything beyond worry. Shirley had to grow up and had to go to school and finish her education, they thought.

As the school holidays approached Mike planned a long holiday to Spain. He applied for leave from work and had informed the neighbours and office friends that he would be taking his family for holiday when schools closed for the long summer vacation.

Meanwhile two of Shirley's teachers had been eyeing her and lusting for fun with the voluptuous school girl. They had also seen her mother and were amazed by, and interested in, her youthful beauty and voluptuous figure. And they hatched out a plan which they thought would benefit not only them but also Shirley and her parents.

When school holidays finally started they put their plan into motion.

One day Shirley and her parents went shopping. Shirley and her mother wore tight jeans and blouses that showed off their shapely figures. Mike was in his usual shirt and slack.

On their way home, Shirley and her parents were abducted by two big and ugly looking men. This was according to the plan of Shirley's teachers.

Mike, Liz and Shirley were understandably frightened. The abductors refused to answer their many questions except to warn them against any attempt to escape. The abductors took them to a luxurious bungalow situated in a lonely place.

Mike, Liz and Shirley were herded into a big room. Inside the room Shirley found two of her teachers, Mr. Allkock and Mr. Goodfuk, who pretended to be also victims of the abductors. They were, in fact, behind the abduction. The abductors went out and locked the room from outside.

"Hello, Shirley," Mr. Allkock greeted her.

"Hello, Sirs," Shirley greeted both her teachers.

Mike, Liz, Shirley and the two teachers gathered together and comforted each other over their predicament. They wondered why they had been abducted. Of course Allkock and Goodfuk pretended to be victims also.

"Do they want some ransom?" asked Mike.

Mr. Allkock said, "No, I don't think so."

Mr. Goodfuk supported him, "No, I too don't think it is for ransom."

Mr. Allkock continued, "If they wanted ransom they would not have abducted the whole family. It would have been more sensible to abduct Shirley alone and phone you for ransom. Moreover why should they abduct us teachers also?"

Mike and Liz agreed that Mr. Allkock's explanation made sense. They just couldn't figure out the real reason.

After two hours the ugly abductors opened the door. One of them said, "Folks, listen carefully. You are not here for ransom. No harm will come to you if you just follow our instructions. Otherwise we may have to hurt you and you will regret afterwards. Is that understood?"

Everyone kept silent.

The other ugly man said, "Just call me Two. My friend who spoke to you, you can call him One."

More silence.

One said, "We will now take you to the dining room for dinner. No funny tricks remember."

Mike, Liz, Shirley and the two teachers followed One. At the back of them followed Two.

The folks were led into a dining room. They were seated at a round table. Mike and Liz sat on either side of Shirley as if they wanted to protect their daughter. The two teachers sat facing them.

Liz noticed that once in a while Shirley's teachers looked at hers and Shirley's bulging bosoms. She dismissed it as being circumstantial. After all men did ogle them even in town! Their massive forward bulging breasts did attract the attention of men and boys. So if Mr. Allkock and Mr. Goodfuk did look at their chests you just can't blame them. After all they were only about 48 years old and very healthy looking. Liz did seem to like them. They looked handsome too.

Soon two women brought in the food and drinks and laid them on the table. Not simple dishes but very sumptuous ones. Many dishes. More than enough for all of them. At first everyone didn't feel like eating. But the delicious looking food stirred their hunger.

Mr. Allkock spoke, "If we don't eat, it is not going to help us. Let us eat and that can keep us alert."

Mr. Goodfuk supported him, "Yes, our predicament is not going to change if we don't eat. Let us eat." He directed his words towards Shirley and her parents.

Mike saw the logic in what the two teachers had said. "Yes, Mr. Allkock and Mr. Goodfuk are right. Let's eat. After all why waste good food." He encouraged his wife and daughter.

So, they started eating and found the food very tasty. During the meal Liz noticed again that the two teachers stole furtive glances at the chest of Shirley and herself again and again. But she couldn't blame them. Their big bosoms tended to have this effect on men and boys. In fact, Liz felt proud of her bosom and Shirley's bosom and she took the teachers' glances as compliment.

When they had finished eating, the same two women who had brought the food and drinks earlier brought them desserts. Each of them was given a dish of dessert. It was sweet and tasty. What Shirley, her mother and father didn't know was that their desserts alone had been spiked; just a dash of aphrodisiac.

After dinner they were shown to their bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The two teachers shared one room and Mike was asked to sleep in a room by himself. They were given their own wardrobes which had all sorts of fresh clothes, including pyjamas. Mike's room was locked from outside. He didn't know that the room of the teachers was not locked.

Shirley and her mother were shown into another bedroom with two separate beds. Their room also was locked from outside. They also had their own wardrobes with all sorts of women's wear.

After worrying for a while the men checked their wardrobes. some items in his wardrobe worried Mike:

the underwear shorts were very short ones made of practically transparent thin fabrics with the button-less fly openings;

the pyjamas were loose, thin and also very transparent;

the briefs were totally brief in front and back and also practically transparent.

But there were also decent attire.

Mike thought that the warm weather probably required such items. He wore a set of decent pyjamas and went to bed.

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