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by jackieoh

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Eric gets his first lesson in feminine anatomy from his beautiful neighbor.

"I've never actually seen ... a ... a girl."

"You mean ... down there? Her pussy?"


I thought about it and smiled at how innocent he looked saying that. It is a legitimate concern. After all, if he is going to try constantly to get into her pants, he should know something about what is there.

"Good thinking, Eric. If you are exploring under her dress, you should know something about what is there and what to do with it. I understand completely."

Eric had finished his chores and I invited him in for a Coke and some cookies.

"Look, I need to finish the laundry. Want to help? The girls are staying over with Grandma. Maybe today is the day for that chapter of your education."

I led the way to the laundry room and began tossing things out of the dryer and he began folding, once again, a pile of my panties. I smiled when he picked my underwear out of the mixture of laundry and neatly folded every piece. The panties just as I liked them, brassiere cups doubled with each other. My nightie matched up with the matching panties. He left me folding David's shorts and t-shirts.

Eric followed me to my bedroom carrying the basket.

"Would you put my underwear in my drawers for me? I just need a minute to freshen up."

In the bathroom, I peed, dabbed with a tissue and then washed between my legs with a moist wipe from the box on the sink. My shower was only a few hours ago, so I wasn't too worried about my freshness but want to be extra sure. I put a little perfume between my legs and pulled my panties up my legs.

"You do very nice work, honey." I giggled and kissed his cheek. "Why don't you lock that door? We don't have much time, David will be home and we are going out for the night."

I pulled the comforter off the bed.

"Eric, would you mind just washing your hands, honey?"

I fidgeted nervously in front of the mirror until he returned. I heard him peeing loudly in the bathroom and then the water running in the sink.

"Would you like to take my panties down, darling?"

He looked intense and excited, but not sure where to start.

"Put your hands under my skirt."

I suddenly realized that it was my turn to feel nervous. I was giving instructions confidently, but this was new ground for me as well and I found my breath a little short. Here I was in the middle of the afternoon with my bedroom door locked about to give a lecture on the sex equipment of women using my own weeping pussy as the visual example.

My hand was shaking a little as Eric knelt in front of me. He looked straight ahead at my skirt for a moment, his hands at the ready. I smiled down at him nervously.

"It's OK." My voice was a little husky.

His hands cupped around the sides of my knees and our eyes held each other. Slowly, his hands went nervously up the outside of my thighs, tickling a little; arousing me a little at the same time. I felt my nipples leap to attention under the yellow golf shirt. I could see them through the material, longing for someone to suck them.

His hands found the garment on both sides of my hips. Tentatively, he fondled me and felt around the back for a moment before going to my waist to find the taut elastic and hook his fingers into the band. Slowly, he pulled my panties down over my hips. I felt the elastic stretch over the wide part of my bottom and hips, then that familiar bare sensation you always have when someone takes off your panties. I shivered a little at the thought of Eric undressing me. His hands fondled my skin a little more as he slowly lowered my underwear to mid thigh. Taking a very deep breath, Eric pulled them to my knees and saw the floral pattern of bright colored silk.

I put my hand on top his head for balance, kicked the panty to the side and hitched myself up onto the bed facing Eric. I saw his Adam's apple bounce as he gulped deeply, his eyes wide and unblinking.

"Ready, honey?" I whispered. He nodded and I noticed sweat beading on his forehead. It brought a smile to my face. Pulling my feet up on the bed, I pulled my skirt up into my lap and leaned back.

"Hand me a couple pillows?"

He put the pillows behind me and then stood there, unmoving at my side.

"Yes, you can kiss me, if that is what you feel like." He was. He leaned over and put his lips to mine with a softness I really enjoyed.

"Now, why don't you kneel here, here in front of me? So you can see everything."

We both heard me take a very deep breath. My hands trembled as I looked at him, kneeling and staring at my legs. I parted them at last and spread wide for my darling boy, holding my legs wide apart by digging in my feet into the edge of the bed. The natural reaction for a girl is, of course to cover herself with both hands. I did it automatically and then, taking another deep breath, I took my hands slowly away, exposing my pussy.

"Is ... it all right?" I asked quietly.

He gulped deeply again and nodded his head without moving his eyes.

"You are beautiful, Mrs. Barton."

"I think you should call me Ellen, don't you?"

He just stared between my legs, gratefully.

"Now, sweetheart, the thing to remember is that I am a little delicate or sensitive in various places here, so be gentle. That is the most important thing to remember. At least at first, because then there will be times when I or 'she' will want you to touch things a little more aggressively, but 'gently' is probably the best approach."

Parting my lips with two fingers, I leaned back on the pillows and found I could still make eye contact. Though it looked like he was not going to look at my eyes at all.

"These are called my 'outer' lips and they liked to be touched but they are not as sensitive as other things inside. You can play with them a little, but the next ridge here, all bright pink and already getting moist from excitement, are the inner lips. And here at the top is my 'clitoris' probably the most sensitive part. I like to have that played with a lot. I mean I like it a very great deal! It sends great shivers up and down my spine and I can have an orgasm if it is handled properly. So you move it like this, with circular movements until the end when I like it to be rubbed back and forth more like this."

My mouth was dry as I showed him how to play with my clitoris. I paused a moment. I gulped audibly. "And this little thing is where I pee. Things are all close together down here. And here is my anus. And this, my darling boy, is the center of the universe, my vagina. I slipped a finger inside and watched his eyes widen. He licked his lips and I giggled.

"Putting things inside can be very pleasant, like a cigar if you are Bill Clinton, but don't try that. A finger, or two, or sometimes three, can be nice. And of course, your nice pretty prick that is so hard right now."

I heaved a sigh as even my own finger sent a bright sensation through my body...

"Eric ... let me see your prick, sweetie. We would be 'evener' if you took off your panties too." I teased and his face reddened. But I needed a little break from the intensity of the scene. He shucked off his shorts, catching on his stiff, jutting prick.

"Now ... Eric ... would you put one finger inside? Is that OK with you?"

He nodded eagerly.

"Here, put a little of this lubricant on, just in case I am not lubricated enough."

"The vagina is only four inches deep when it isn't excited. Then when you fondle my breasts and then touch between my legs, I get moist as you can see. Other parts of my body are sensitive too, of course, and every little bit helps arouse me and make me ready for ... well for a penis. As you fondle me and kiss me, my vagina lengthens slowly until it is long enough to allow the whole penis to slide inside without hurting anything. With your penis, you might be able to touch deep inside to my cervix; the opening to the womb where the fertilization happens and the baby grows. All the foreplay, which is so much fun, lubricates and lengthens the vagina for the penis. If you don't take enough time, the vagina won't be ready. Understand? Lots of kissing, lots of feeling me up!"

"Go ahead ... just slowly."

His finger slipped into my pussy. I gasped, and he stopped, his eyes on mine.

"No, Eric ... it's OK ... it feels nice. You are so gentle. A little more. Feel how it is inside there."

OHMYGOD, oh, you found it. My G-spot ... very sensitive, very nice. Just rub it a little like this." I beckoned with my finger and immediately felt his finger rubbing it in the same way.

"Ohhhh, dear, lovely..."

"Is it ... OK?" he asked, concern on his face.

"Yes ... yes, yes ... Now then ... maybe you should take it out now? Now when you put your penis in, my vagina will be quite sensitive here at the front where I would feel good having the friction of your penis sliding in and out. And it is also very sensitive far at the back and so if you have a long penis, I would feel wonderful back there, too. And that is where the pleasure of sex comes from for the woman."

I sat up, my legs still parted, but less so. Slowly I brought them together while Eric continued to stare at my triangle of dark hair over my mound. "I should have trimmed a little. Sorry ... it is so shaggy there."

"Oh it's beautiful, Mrs. Barton, just beautiful."

I took his glistening finger and brought it to my lips as I kissed him. His tongue automatically tasted.


"Was my lesson OK? Do you feel OK about it? Do you have any questions?" I babbled nervously and pulled my skirt down over my mound.

"Can I put these back on you?" he said.

"Yes, darling, if you want to." I babbled.

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