I Can Do Better Than This

by Pultoy

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Desc: Sex Story: Who can?

Greetings coveted readers: I haven't submitted anything for quite a while. I've just had nothing I wanted to write. Then, the other day, I caught a few lines of a song on the radio. I haven't heard it before, or since, and I cannot seem to recreate the melody in my head. But, the words did make an impression on me. And so, I offer this story for your approval:

We'd been dating about 3 weeks when we were intimate on the 6th date. She was a 23 year old Senior at Colorado State University, majoring in Animal Feed Science, I was a 28 year old grad student, with a BS and MA in Veterinary Medicine and was about to get my Doctorate in that same vocation. I did not have her in any classes, but our fields of interests were similar enough that we were often in the same area of campus many times per week. We inadvertently had met and knew each other for two or three years before we actually dated.

She, the svelte and tall, willow swan, dark haired, blue eyed with straight, white teeth, an air of class and ornery girl machisma. She was a tall 5'10", 140 fit pounds; very perfect 'C' cup breasts with a small round, athletic tight butt that makes men forget their whereabouts as they watch her move about, bend, stoop, walk and pose for her admirers.

She was an easy 3.5 GPA student and never really tried to do any better. Her name is Audrey. Audrey Nichole Neville and she descends from British Royalty. Often I'd playfully call her Annie (Audrey Nichole Neville, initials A.N.N.) as a nickname, even though she didn't like it.

Me, the relatively average looking guy of 6', 175 lbs, Sandy brown hair and hazel eyes. I wasn't, am not, ugly but not super looking either. I am bright, but not brilliant. I had no real athletic talent, but I wasn't out of shape, I had few social skills but I wasn't a wallflower either, just sort of an average type of guy, nothing special.

My GPA was 3.3 and I had to work hard to keep it up that high. But, I was well on my way, almost there; to becoming a veterinarian. Veterinary Science and practicing vets have a reputation for earning a solid living with lots of job security. So, I wasn't exactly a throw away, but, not really the grand prize either.

It seems now that I always kind of knew that Audrey was just stopping off in her life as far as her relationship with me was concerned. It seemed like she knew she could do better than settle for someone like me, but that right guy hadn't quite come along yet, so I was the stand-in for a real boyfriend/fiancé until the perfect one came along. She almost always kept a distance, some sort of protective shield in place. Occasionally after an ardent fucking, she'd let her guard down and gush some wonderful sharing of her life with me. But, it was not often and not for long periods of time when it did happen. She pulled back and stayed back most of the time.

I guess I kind of forgot that little detail along the way and I fell in love with her. Hope springs eternal, doesn't it? Or, is it, "Love is Blind?" I think it is both.

She was mostly good to me, kind and even loving at times. But, she never really made the leap, never committed that last ounce of her heart to me, always holding something in reserve, hoping that her 'Lance-Lancelot' would make his appearance and save her from the dull drudgery of a life with such a common one as I.

As I turned 29, I was to receive a trust fund set up for me when I was born. I'd lost my parents when I was 15. They died tragically on a luxury cruise ship when it lost power and became disabled in the middle of the sea, drifting for days before rescuers were able to respond to their ship's location and tow it to shore for repairs and offloading of the passengers. Fresh water became scarce; frozen and refrigerated food spoiled, raw sewage was running in the ships hallways. My parents caught some infection and died on the ship before they ever made shore. They were on their 20th wedding anniversary celebration and took a cruise as their gift to one another.

I was 15 and they trusted me to stay home alone that two weeks during the summer, with the supervision of neighborhood families and friends looking in on me every day.

My parents weren't wealthy, but they both had jobs, both had income, left their Last wills and testaments, life insurance policies and an estate and had set up a trust for me, contributing what they could to it since I had been born. It matured when I was to turn 29. It was substantial.

The cruise company had paid One million, fifty thousand dollars each for my parent's deaths, as my share, in settlement of a five hundred million dollar class action lawsuit the surviving passengers brought against them. It seems negligence on their part was proven to the satisfaction of the courts and a judgment rendered.

The judge in my case in juvenile court, ruled the money be put in my trust fund, with living expenses and college fees to be doled out to me as needed until I attained that age, under the original terms of the trust as set up by my parents at the time of my birth. Since I had no family, or legal guardian, the judge appointed a lawyer to handle my finances and sent me to a foster home until I reached 18. Regular monthly checks kept my life bearable, because the foster parents did not want to halt the gravy train.

Additionally I had their life insurance proceeds, their savings, and even the house was paid for on their death by insurance. But, I had to move into a foster home until I was at least eighteen.

So, in just a few weeks, I was to receive three million seven hundred thirty three thousand dollars as the fund matured and I became of age to receive its' bounty. Interest, dividends and stock price increases had grown the fund to a substantial fortune, in spite of my cost of living draw and administration costs through the years For a very young man I was about to be quite wealthy.

Money would be no issue, but I never mentioned this trust fund to Audrey. She had no idea of my soon to be wealth. She knew only of my monthly check that it was enough to cover my expenses while in school.

I must have had a protective mechanism that triggered inside me and, because she never committed the last ounce of her heart, I didn't either. Though I was in love and devoted to her, I had dreams of buying her a beautiful home and making a wonderful life together with the money. I just never told her about the trust fund.

We hung out together on the weekends when we had free time and even in the evenings some times during our last year of schooling there in Fort Collins. We got married after 4 months of dating in a private ceremony in the District Judge's office.

There was always plenty to do, skiing was close, lots of bars and restaurants in the college town dotted every corner almost. There were plenty of farms, ranches and feedlots we could visit together to enhance our college majors with some hands-on experiences. We did many things together.

We had a fairly good sex life, in my estimation. Her favorite position, and actually it is a favorite of mine too, is when she'd lay on her right side, I'd spoon up behind her and play with her clit as my cock would nudge her from behind. I could boink around on her rosebud a little and then finally insert my cock into her pussy while playing with her clit. As I pistoned in and out of her, I'd push the top of her pussy so that my cock would be rubbing on her g-spot from inside, all the while rubbing her clit from the outside. She was explosive when we did that. Actually, I was explosive when we did that, too.

We had oral sex a lot too. We both did love to give and receive oral sex. I felt like I was better at it than she was. She'd nearly break my neck or cut off my air supply sometimes when I'd lick her and finger her at the same time to wild orgasms. But, when she gave me oral, she'd never swallow; she always held onto my cock and only took the tip into her mouth. It wasn't the best, but it was ok and I did usually come, just that she'd have a napkin or towel ready to catch my load.

Our sex life was good, I did not complain. We were married but four months, not time to really have anything to complain about yet.

But, Audrey seemed forever slightly perturbed with me. She wasn't ever satisfied with the direction "we" were taking. Actually, it was 'my' direction with which she wasn't satisfied I determined later.

One day we were at a feedlot east of Greeley helping them out with our individual expertise in our respective areas of study. The feedlot had received a load of supposedly 'open' heifers. That means females guaranteed, "not ever to have been with a bull, therefore not pregnant".

At final count, 45 of the animals were pregnant when they were off loaded, and some started delivering their premature calves right there in the feedlot, after the stress of their trip. I was assisting the lot's cowboys and feed truck drivers with the delivery of the calves. The feedlot didn't want the calves but we needed to save the mothers because of the initial investment. We were duty bound to minimize the loss of life because the settlements against the ranch that sent them to the feedlot, would be substantial. But, we had no way to care for the live birthed calves, so they were all stillborn prematures or they did not survive their first night in the harsh environs of the feedlot.

One of the young cows was having a tough time delivering her calf. It looked like she wouldn't be able to get it done, so I decided I had to take the calf by force from her exhausted body.

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