The Lost Tablet

by NymphWriter

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: When Lucas Barrett found a lost tablet on the train during his commute home, he discovers the key to rescuing him from a crap job and proving to his father he can be a successful publisher, if he can convince the author to let him try. Note: The BDSM element in this story is mild compared to most. Please don't shy away from this story because of that.

Lucas Barrett boarded the train after a long day, and a long week of work. The area he normally sat in was full of other people wearing a range of business suits to fast-food uniforms. He climbed upstairs where he saw several empty seats. This area was less popular as most passengers wanted to be near the door when their stop arrived. Since Lucas knew he'd be on the train for a while, he didn't mind. He set his jacket and briefcase in one seat and sat down near the window when he felt something odd underneath him. He stood up and realized he was sitting on a tablet in a dark case that looked very close in color to the seat.

Lucas picked up the tablet and sat back down. He opened the case and it was clear to him this lost tablet was expensive. He decided when he reached his stop he'd turn it in, so he slipped it into his briefcase and took out the latest manuscript sent to him for approval.

Lucas worked for his father at a major publication company and was learning the process of what makes a good novel. Though lately, all Lucas was seeing was, in his opinion, crap. He knew this was punishment for the mishap that had occurred a few years back when a jealous coworker gave him a manuscript that he loved and was ready to publish, only to find out it was a purely plagiarized work. Because Lucas didn't catch this mistake from a lack of research, he was blamed for it. That cost the company thousands of dollars and his father hit the roof.

Lucas was now forced to read new submissions that came in daily, research them for plagiarism, and send them to the next editor. Occasionally he'd find one that would achieve moderate success, and Lucas hoped he'd find that one diamond in the rough that would rescue him from purgatory. Unfortunately, he wasn't the one to assign the pieces, and thus, he always got the crap. This latest submission was exactly that, crap. Lucas knew it wouldn't go far.

The train arrived at his stop and he saw the tablet when he put the manuscript back into his briefcase. He knew he needed to turn the tablet into the lost and found before he went home. He exited the train and walked straight to the lost and found. However, when he arrived, he watched the young man working behind the counter put a cell phone that someone had just given him into his backpack. He decided to watch, and when someone turned in a lost coat, the young man dug through the pockets, and stole some money. Lucas knew the owner of the tablet would never get their property back if this guy got his hands on it, so he walked away. However, not before reporting what he witnessed to the proper authorities. Losing valuables was bad enough, but when honest people tried to do the right thing only to have the item stolen, was worse.

Lucas drove to his apartment thinking about what he should do about the lost tablet. He knew the owner would want it back, but he wondered how to return it. He parked his car and walked up stairs to his apartment. His roommate, Paul, was sitting on the sofa watching the local news. "Hey man! How was work?"

"Same shit, different day," groaned Lucas.

Paul and Lucas had been friends since college. Both "trust-fund" babies as they had been called their whole lives, were now trying to prove they were more than their fathers' sons. Paul's father ran a sporting goods store where Paul was learning how to run the company. Paul stood 5'7", with curly brown hair and brown eyes. His muscular build was helpful as he spent much of his time in the warehouse moving inventory. Lucas was 6'2" with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. He too, was muscular; Lucas and Paul would often workout together in the gym inside their building.

"Read anything worth a shit today?"

"Fuck no!" snapped Lucas. "That prick Edwards will pay for screwing me when I find the next great erotica piece."

"You keep saying that, but you know that won't happen since he's the one who's controlling what you read."

Lucas sighed. "I know," he said, flopped onto the sofa and leaned back.

"Don't stress man," said Paul. "Wanna beer?"

"Yeah," sighed Lucas.

Paul walked into the kitchen and grabbed two cold beers from the fridge. "So, my old man says I've finally earned my way out of the warehouse. Starting next week, I'm working a cash register." Paul handed Lucas the beer.

"Thanks man. So, cash register huh? Well, at least you'll be able to show your dad you're more than just a strong back."

"No shit right. So why are you home so late?"

"Dad's monthly bitch session, I mean staff meeting."

"Ah ... I totally forgot about that."

"Which reminds me," said Lucas, reaching into his briefcase. "I sat on this on the train today. I was going to turn it in, but the guy running the lost and found was helping himself to the stuff there. Do you know if I could find the owner?"

Paul looked over the tablet. "I'll bet this has one of those 'Find my Device' apps on it. Turn it on. The owner should know it's missing by now."

"Good idea," said Lucas. He took a sip of his beer and began to fumble with the device. "You wouldn't by chance know how, would you?"

Paul laughed and took the tablet. A moment later he had the device turned on. Paul played with it for a moment, then said, "I think a woman owns this."

"What makes you say that?" asked Lucas, sipping his beer.

"The apps. My girlfriend has a lot of the same ones on hers."

"What are you doing?"

"Trying to find out who owns this."


Paul continued to fumble with the tablet while Lucas untied his tie and drank his beer. The news droned on in the background, but neither man paid it much attention. Paul tapped Lucas on the shoulder and said, "I think she's a writer, man."


"Yeah. Her poetry isn't much, and there are a few unfinished stories, but this piece, this got my dick hard."

Lucas laughed. "What?"

"Read this story."

Lucas took the tablet and read. After a few minutes he straightened up and said, "Holy fuck! I think this is the answer to my prayers."

The story was about a beautiful and powerful woman into mild BDSM who would both dominate her partner, and be his submissive. The woman was petite, curvy, and blonde; the men she fucked were a wide variety of descriptions. The story was very well written, and exactly what Lucas had been looking for. Lucas pulled out his laptop and began researching. He was sure this had to be an already published story.

He spent the entire weekend researching this and the other stories on this lost tablet, making notes in a small notebook for minor editing that he felt needed to be addressed. He searched every site he could think of only to find there was nothing like this story anywhere. He used the best plagiarism sites available to find this was, for the most part, original work. He even viewed a few videos which only resulted in his dick getting hard and his roommate teasing him about both reading and watching porn. He had to find this tablet's owner now. He did find her email account and even though it was locked, the email address was there.

On Monday, from his office computer so his email would be official, he wrote to the address: "I think I found your tablet on the train Friday. Please let me know if it is yours and identify it if you can. I'd like to return it."

For two days there was no reply and Lucas feared his fantastic, new author was just a ghost. Then, he received an email that described the tablet perfectly, down to the scratches on the side. The author of the message asked where they could meet, and Lucas suggested a local Starbucks near the train station. The author agreed and said her name was Nadia.

Lucas arrived early and ordered a coffee. He sat in the large chair near the door, the tablet safely stowed in his briefcase. Several people came in and ordered drinks carrying tablets and laptops, but none were his writer. He sipped his coffee and watched the clock. About two minutes before their scheduled meeting, a petite blonde walked in. Lucas watched her closely as she ordered her drink, then began to look around. She was wearing a wine colored skirt with matching blazer, black blouse, stockings and black heels. Though her initial physical appearance matched the woman from all the stories he had read, her demeanor did not. She seemed timid and shy.

"Nadia!" called the barista.

The timid blonde walked over and took the drink. Lucas smiled and called out, "Nadia?"

Nadia turned and stared at Lucas. Lucas motioned for her to join him. She hesitated then slowly walked over and asked, "Lucas?"

Lucas smiled and extended his hand. "I'm glad to finally meet you. Sit down please."

Nadia sat in the chair next to him. "So where did you say you found my tablet?" she asked.

"On the train. In fact, I'm sorry to say I sat on it."

"Oh my," she said.

"Oh don't worry, I didn't break it. In fact, if I hadn't sat on it I never would have seen it."

"Was it on the upper level?"

"Yes it was."

Nadia chuckled and Lucas thought her laugh was beautiful. "I sat there on my way to work that day. It must have been when I lost it."

"You're lucky it was there when I got on the train then, especially considering that I was heading home."

"Well, most people don't like to sit in the upper section. But I do, less bullshit. Oh, I'm sorry."

Lucas was confused, then laughed. "Why are you sorry? I personally agree with you."

"About sitting in the upper section?" she asked.

"That and the less bullshit part."

Nadia laughed. "I didn't mean to swear."

"We're not children, we're adults. Speaking of which, I read your story."

"Excuse me?"

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