Me and My Live in Maids
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, Incest, Daughter, First, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My dear readers I am bringing you the true account of my escapades with my maids. i hope that if you follow the story than you also will be benefited by it and will enjoy your virgin maids.

My name is VeeKay and here I am giving you an account of my sexual encounters with my live in maids from last 25 years.

It all started when I was 24 years old and we had a live in maid at my parent's house at Aligarh, her name was Kunta, she was about 17 years old stood 5.6', dark as ebony with very sharp features and a figure to die for (specially her tits). Kunta had one deformity in her and that was her right leg was about 2 inches shorter then her left leg, she use to walk with a slight limp.

Though I had lost my virginity by the age of 16 and had my fair share of pussies, but Kunta was different she was fresh out of village in to an urban house hold even her language was coarse. This 17 year old had the habit of imitating the style of urban folks and at times landed her in a very comical position.

The best part was that we had a huge bungalow as my father happened to be a very successful businessman and I had my room on the first floor complete with a huge bathroom with tub and there was also a small room next to my room with toilet, it was this room that was given to Kunta.

Being rich has its own advantages, I had a bike a Yamaha 350 cc twin cylinder and seldom use to go to dad's office but would spend time with my friends who also had rich father like mine. One day when we were having a good time in the pub, my friend Vinay told us that today he fucked her 15 yr old virgin maid and the account he gave us made us all horny with a rigid hard on.

Some of the friends told Vinay to share the pussy with us, Vinay refused and said that he had made the conquest and they all have maids in their houses so they hunt for their own pussy, everybody accused him of being selfish except me.

I asked Vinay that don't he think that the village girls are unhygienic and ignorant in sex, Vinay laughed and said "Boss on the contrary it is the opposite", I asked "How"?

Vinay said Veekay in India it is the village girls who get married by the age of 14 or 15 unlike the city girls who get married at 21 or after, moreover village girls are well versed in sex since they tend to get married early. The village girls are more hygienic than the city girls, my maid bathes 3 times a day and in sex they are hellcats and enjoy exploring sex they give themselves with abundance unlike the city girls who after having 10 cocks will play coy and ignorant.

I thought about Kunta she too use to take bath 3 times and sometime 4 times and always smelled good whenever she passed by. Vinays analogy on village and city girls impressed me and from then on Kunta was on my mind, I started thinking of seducing her.

At home I observed her more closely than before, I noticed that she does not wear bra and I never saw her having a panty because she use to put her clothes for drying on terrace and there never was a panty drying.

I was not getting any idea as how to seduce Kunta and more I thought the more I got obsessed by her and begin to notice many things in Kunta which I previously never gave a thought, she had a very taut ass and her tits never bounced when she got down the stairs in a rush, even with a limp she had a very seductive sway in her butt.

I stopped going out of my house, my smoking increased and I started drinking more than usual, I closed my self in my room and only came out for lunch, dinner or breakfast, few days passed my mother noticed it and came to my room.

My mother pinched her nose as my room reeked of cigarette smoke and alcohol, she called Kunta and asked her to open all windows and doors of the room to get rid of the foul smell, and as Kunta started doing what was told my mother dragged a chair and sat by my side. Mother asked me if something wrong with me or if I was not feeling well. I told her not to worry it is just a passing phase and would be over.

Mom said than why I was drinking and smoking so much, I told her to let go I am fine.

Mom said that she and dad are leaving tomorrow for week or ten days, first they would go to Bangalore to see my younger brother who is studying engineering there and then move on to Pune where my younger sister was studying medicine after that my dad has some work in Mumbai. My heart leaped in to my throat on the opportunity to be alone with Kunta.

Mom told me that she has instructed Kunta about everything she would take care of you and the house, the guards are given the instructions as there is going to be a new Gardner who would be coming on a temporary basis as ours is going on leave for a month since he was getting married and would be coming with his bride however the driver is also on leave for 15 days.

I was not listening to my mom any more I had plans forming in my mind, up till now it was the fear of mom and dad that kept me away from my mission because in every scheme of mine they were the main obstacles now with them away my path of seduction of Kunta was clear and easy.

Mom left and Kunta was busy airing the room, I asked her what all instructions mom had given her, she gave me a straight reply that she has been told what needs to be don and saying this she left my room.

I was disappointed but hope never left me, next day mom and dad left for their tour by 8 in the morning for Delhi to catch their flight to Bangalore, at 9.30 kunta called me for breakfast I went down to the dining room and she served me the breakfast here I played my first card.

I invited Kunta to join me at the table she was shocked and refused, she said she would not dare to join me at the table as I was the master and she a lowly servant, I told her that I was not going to eat the breakfast alone as I never did before and also reminded her that what mom told her to take care of me.

Kunta reluctantly joined for breakfast, my first ace worked and then I threw the second one I told her that we were going to be together for next 15 days and to get through the days we need to be friends or the days would become boring.

"Sir, I am just an uneducated ignorant poor girl from a remote village I had never gone to school, I do not know the ways of friendship of city folks, and I do not want to be a boring friend". Please excuse me sir Kunta said.

That gave me another opening, I said to Kunta that the life is the biggest school and people the biggest teacher. She nodded and said yes that was true. I asked Kunta how old she was to that she replied that she completed 15 and was running 16 hearing this I got a hard on.

I asked Kunta that I had come to know that girls in villages are usually married by the age of 14 or 15 and how come she is not married, this brought tears to her eyes she said "Sir, I have a limp due to an accident when I was 10, I fell down from a tree and my pelvic bone got shocked that is why I limp a little on the other hand I am dark as coal, the boys in village want fair girls further to this my father is a poor man I came to city to earn money so that I can send my father the money and he will save some for me for my dowry as I have two little sisters also one is 14 and the other 12". Kunta started sobbing my heart went for the girl I stood up and tried to console her, I held her shoulders and crooned in her ears to calm down, she relaxed a little.

I sat back on my chair, I said to Kunta that I promise to make her limp go and I would turn her in to a city girl in 7 days provided she accepts my friendship, to this her head snapped to attention and she asked me if that was possible.

I knew that I was almost there.

"Kunta my dear if you become my friend I promise you what I have said".

"Sir I am ready to be your friend but what I have to do to become your friend".

I said first let us finish our breakfast than we will talk in my room, we ate our breakfast in silence and after finishing it I went to my room, Kunta started to clean up and she said that in 10 minutes she would be with me in my room, boy was I elated?

I smoked a cigarette and poured me a glass of vodka I sipped and smoked as I waited for Kunta. She came after 10 minutes as she had promised I asked her to close the door and drag a chair next to the bed I was sitting on. Kunta sat next to me with questions in her eyes.

"Kunta, my dear friend to become a friend one must shake hands" I extended my hand to her. She hesitantly looked at me then held my hand in hers since she was new in the trade of housemaid her hands were still soft, I squeezed her hand and said "Kunta this hand shake is a mark of trust between two friends never to be broken and whatever happens it is kept secret between two friends do you agree"?

Kunta looked deeply in to my eyes for a minute, for me that minute was the test of my win or failure. She shook my hand and said "Sir I will be your friend forever".

I further said that "Kunta this hand shake also means that there will be no secrets between us, do you agree"?

Kunta said "Sir I have given you my word and I know you are also a man of your words I only want one thing that you will never disgrace our friendship".

"Kunta I promise you that you will never be disgraced in my lifetime, my name is Manu not Sir, and friends call them by name I hope you understand".

"Yes Manu I understand now what must I do"?

"Kunta I have noticed that you do not wear any bra and panty"?

"Manu I come from a very poor family and for me to have a bra or a panty was always a dream".

I got up from bed and went to my cabinet I opened a drawer and took out a measurement tape, I told Kunta to remove her clothes she went ashen and shocked, I told her not to fear and she said how she can be naked in front of me to which I said that we are friends first and if anybody of us gets ill or hurt then it is only two of us to take care of each other, Kunta understood the logic but was apprehensive.

I told her that how could she be a city girl if she shows such modesty.

Kunta stood up and she removed her clothes. Boy the Venus herself was in her full glory in front of me my cock was aching, her nipples were hard as rock pebbles, I measured her, and to my delight she was 34- 24- 34 in figure, her pussy was hairless. I took the measurements and asked her to dress again that made her confidence go high up for me. I dressed and left telling her that I would be back in two hours I also took her slippers with me.

I left my house but before I left I had called my friend Ajay on telephone to be there, Ajay's father owned the biggest departmental store in the city. I met Ajay at his store and asked him to take me to the lingerie section Ajay was all wide eyes and asked me why? I told him to shut up and do as I asked him, he took me to the girlie section. I gave Ajay the measurements and asked him to direct the sales women to do the needful.

I was soon shown the best of Victoria's collection, I ordered Ajay to have them in each colour available, they had six and I ordered them all. I then asked Ajay to take me to the cosmetic section, we both went there, and I picked up all shades of lipsticks and all colours of nail enamels.

I was back to my house within two hours as promised to Kunta.

I asked Kunta to come to my room, she followed me with the bundles of carry bags that I carried.

In the room I told kunta to go to the bathroom in my room and try the lingerie, she was again shocked and I had to remind her the oath for friendship, Kunta modeled me in all six colours of Victoria secrets designs and it was now impossible for me to control myself.

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