A Story of Forbidden Desire

by dawn1958

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Mind Control, BiSexual, Oral Sex, mc sex story,mc story.

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Kelly was a lesbian who found as much pleasure in domination than in an actual sexual encounter. Debbie and Linda found out just how controlling and powerful Kelly was and it resulted in sexual desire that neither thought was possible.

This is a request from Debbie and hopefully I do justice to her story. Please feel free to send your feedback, as I am always interested in what readers think of my erotic tales.

Kelly was fairly new to the neighborhood. She divorced her husband and moved across the country to be closer to her family. Working fulltime meant she had to juggle having a profession with raising a child, but Kelly didn't mind because her little girl meant everything to her.

Relocating was scary at first, but Kelly got lucky by moving into a very friendly area of the city. The first family she met lived right next door. She instantly liked the older family and their teenager children, especially the oldest daughter who was actually quite close to her age. Kelly had married young and she was only 25 while her daughter had just turned two. The neighbor's daughter, Debbie, was 19 and just about everyone on the block considered her the best babysitter around.

Kelly got to know Debbie extremely well, as she used her to babysit every time she went out, and the two became quite close friends. Debbie often stayed to chat with Kelly after a babysitting session and it wasn't long before the married woman discovered the teenager had a deep-dark secret. During one of their intimate chats, Debbie innocently implied that she was different than most girls. That disclosure was enough for Kelly and she kept asking questions and prying until she found out that Debbie was a lesbian.

It didn't take long for Kelly to reassure the girl that the most important aspect was to remain true to herself. Debbie was extremely confused by her secret emotions because her parents taught her that being bisexual or gay was sinful and very immoral. Following the intimate talk with Kelly, Debbie understood the strange feelings that had been troubling her throughout her teenage years and she willingly accepted the fact she was gay.

When the teenager sat in front of her and revealed her inner passions, Kelly felt a sense of power and control. She was definitely one who wasn't happy until she was in-charge and in control and those traits were contributing factors to why her marriage fell apart. Kelly thought back to her university days and remembered having more relationships with girls than with guys. Although she liked sex with her husband, she definitely felt more desire for another woman than she did for guys. Kelly deemed the major reason was the fact she was demanding and much stronger emotionally than the majority of women, which enabled her to gain control over most women.

She acted more like a mentor and mother with Debbie, which allowed her to gain the girl's complete confidence. Kelly realized that once the girl fully trusted her, the two would most certainly become lovers, but Kelly was in no hurry for that to happen. She vowed to take it slow and not get intimate until the girl was ready or the time was right.

Life was going along smoothly for Kelly until her older sister called one night. They talked for an hour before the reason for the call came out. Her sister was 15 years older than her and she had a son who wanted to attend college in the city. The only way her sister would let that happen was if he could live with a relative or someone very trustworthy. Kelly immediately agreed and told her sister to have no worries because Ronny was more than welcome to live with her. She insisted her nephew would put absolutely no hardship on her and her daughter.

The teenager had just graduated high school and he was one of those kids who put more time into sports than into his studies. Ronny was a very handsome boy and he was tall with an extremely athletic build. When he arrived at Kelly's, her jaw dropped because Ron had definitely matured and turned into a very good-looking boy.

Everything happened quite innocently and Kelly never really intended on involving her nephew in any of her devious schemes. That changed when Ron openly talked to his beautiful aunt after he had moved in with her. "Auntie, I noticed your gorgeous babysitter ... Debbie. Sweet Jesus, she's the sexiest girl and I wouldn't mind shagging her," he informed a stunned Kelly. "Does she have a steady boyfriend?"

Kelly was taken aback by the teen's daring request, but her mind immediately went into overdrive. She thought of ways to use Ron's teenage zealousness for her own sexual enjoyment. Although she would never become intimate with her nephew, Kelly dreamed of getting supreme satisfaction from gaining complete control over Ron and Debbie. Her zest for power was even greater than her desire for sex.

Ron had a lot of the same family traits as Kelly. He was demanding and controlling, but he was also extremely calculating. When Ron walked into his aunt's house, he instantly felt a strong sexual attraction to the gorgeous woman who was considerably younger than his mother. He studied Kelly and for the first two weeks he spied on her every chance he got. When he caught a glimpse of her almost nude and getting ready for bed one night, Ron decided his aunt was definitely fuck material.

Kelly had no idea the teenager had his sights set on her as well as her sexy babysitter. The Saturday started off like every other weekend. Kelly was cleaning the house, as she did every weekend, and she was in the kitchen when Ronny entered. "Auntie, take a break and join me for a drink. I need something to take the edge off, as I drank too much last night," he stated and handed Kelly a wine cooler. "I hate drinking alone."

"You're too young to be drinking, my love," Kelly replied, but took the bottle from her nephew.

They both took a few sips of their drinks before getting comfortable at the kitchen table. They chatted and Kelly never imagined in a million years that she would open up to someone young and immature. It was two hours and four drinks later before Kelly found herself fairly inebriated, but she hadn't lost her senses. The topic of sex eventually came up in their conversation and once it did, the chat got very steamy and explicit.

Kelly wasn't about to have sex with a relative and especially someone she felt close to, but she had no qualms about discussing sexual topics with her nephew. By the end of the afternoon, she had a new appreciation for Ron and knew the teenager was receptive to just about anything related to women and sex. "I must get ready. I've got just over an hour to get dressed and ready ... I'm going out with some people from work," she informed her young nephew.

The mixture of alcohol and teenager hormones made Ron feel as if he was invincible. "Good, I'd love to help you get dressed," he said and grinned at his aunt.

Kelly merely shrugged off the teen's bold suggestion. "Debbie ... well she's babysitting when I go out tonight and I must tell you a little secret about her," she said and laughed when the teenager listened intently. "Well, eh, she's not really looking for a boyfriend."

"Yeah, neither were any of my other girlfriends."

"Yes, but with Debbie it is different. You see she doesn't date guys ... eh, she likes girls."

There was a long silence and then Ron smiled. "Great! I love a challenge."

The night out dragged and during the entire evening Kelly's mind was on her babysitter and nephew. She kept seeing the devilish grin on Ron's face when he mentioned staying home with Debbie and Kelly thought of every imaginable thing that could happen when two teenagers were together. Her evening ended quite early because her friends were more interested in going home than partying so she rushed home with great expectations.

Kelly entered the house a little hesitant, as if expecting to find a sordid affair, but she found the two sitting in the dimly lit family room watching television. Ron had a beer and Debbie was drinking a wine cooler so both appeared fully relaxed, as they lounged together on the sofa. "Good to see you guys are ready for a party. All of my friends were too tired and they all went home," Kelly informed the teenagers.

Ron promptly hurried over to the small beer fridge. "Here you go, sexy. You'll need about three of these to catch up to us," he said and handed his aunt a drink. "Debbie and I were talking about you all evening."

"Good, I hope it was all bad," Kelly replied and broke out in laughter. Then she swiftly started chatting with the two. Ron noticed a unique chemistry between the two women and he was not only envious but also horny. It was well after midnight when everyone decided it was late and long past bedtime. Kelly was close to Ron and she gave him a knowing wink. "Go to your room, young man, and you might receive some company," she whispered. "Let me work on our little sweetheart so don't go to sleep."

Ron watched in awe, as the two women walked off towards Kelly's bedroom arm in arm. Nothing was said when they entered the room and closed the door. He lingered in the living room and listened for any tell-tale sounds of what was happening inside the bedroom. "Sweet fuck, I hope she's not kidding," he said and rushed off to his bedroom to wait.

Once inside the room, Kelly wrapped her arms around the teenager from behind. "We have the rest of the night to ourselves," she whispered in the girl's ear. "We've talked about your sexual appetite ... now it's time for a tremendous discovery."

Debbie rolled her head back onto the woman's shoulder, as the lips kissed the side of her face. "Huuummm, yeeaass," she moaned. "Please ... oh please, take me. I've waited forever."

Kelly rolled the girl's top up and over her head, tossing the garment on the bed. "I wanted to make love to you when you told me about yourself ... that you were a lesbian," she said. "Are you willing to be my lover ... my obedient slave?"

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