The Dwarf

by Percy Sugden

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A man gets food poisoning and hallucinates his wife is having an affair with a little person.

I am a salesman for a hardware wholesaler and my territory is a large and mainly rural area. I travel about half my time but manage to make it home every weekend.

I stopped for lunch on my way to see my next client. I wasn't feeling well and tried to get some soup into me but was having trouble getting it down. One minute I would feel hot and sweaty, the next as if a wind straight from the North Pole was blowing right through me. And to make matters worse I was sitting next to a table with some jerk bragging about some broad he was banging.

It was my own fault for coming in. I knew the guy was in here; I saw his bright red Caddy convertible parked out front. The guy himself wasn't hard to recognize either - he only stands about three feet high. I had often wondered how he reached the pedals of his car.

"Yes, she's a real goer," I heard him say to the guy sharing the table with him. "She'll do anything I ask. A real slut. She gobbles up my dick whenever I ask and just loves it up the ass."

I tried to ignore the demented ravings of this lunatic and concentrate on my lunch, but his piercing voice just wouldn't stay out of my head.

"She's a real good looker, too. Tall and well built; tits you wouldn't believe. Married, too. I don't know what her dork of a husband's like, but he obviously isn't feeding her enough dick."

I changed tables, moving as far away as I could. Unfortunately the room wasn't that big and he had one of those voices that carried.

"I take her out to my favorite strip club. She likes to get on stage and dance and let guys feel her up. She's really into one of the other strippers, too. You should see them going at it, licking each other's cunts. It sure makes my dick hard."

I managed to close my mind to the filthy monologue for a few minutes and ate some of the soup. I suspected his experiences were just pure fantasy. My attempt at not listening didn't last long.

" ... and when I said to her, 'Baby, I want you to suck both of us off, ' she started drooling! Actual drool down her chin. Before either Harry or I had even got our dicks out. Next time you're in town, look me up. I'll have her suck you..."

I'd had enough. I got up and paid for my mainly untouched soup and left.

" ... and I've got some great pictures of her in action if you guys want to..."

The other men in the cafe were gathering around the dwarf's table as the door closed behind me.

By the time I got another twenty miles down the road I was really suffering. I called my next stop and told them I wouldn't be coming, and headed the ninety miles back to the city. How I made it I'll never know; I don't remember half the trip. It was dark by the time I got home. I knew my darling wife Leanne would put me to bed and make me feel better.

I drove into the garage behind the house and just sat in the car for a while, hoping Leanne would notice I was home and help me out of the car as waves of heat and cold alternately passed over me. After they stopped I got myself out.

I left the garage and walked the short distance between the garage and the back of the house to the back door. Loud rock music was coming from the downstairs bedroom we used as a family room. Leanne didn't normally listen to that type of music so I peeked through the tall bushes and into the window to see what she was doing. Since the room's window faces the garage wall we had never got around to putting curtains in.

What I saw froze my heart. Leanne was sitting, naked, on the floor, her hands behind her for support, her legs slightly bent and apart, and her long, light brown hair hanging on the floor behind her. That is, naked except for a frilly red garter belt, sheer stockings and red high heels. I didn't even know she owned a garter belt. And those shoes! They had ankle straps and must have had at least five inch heels. Her other clothes were strewn all over the floor. The dwarf from the restaurant was straddling her stomach, his short, bandy legs barely reaching around her. The dirty pervert was still wearing his undershirt and his socks. He was rubbing some sort of long stick on her breasts. It took me a while to realize it was his cock. It was huge, ten to twelve inches long, and thick. It would have looked big on an ordinary man. On him it looked gargantuan.

One of the smaller windows was open so I could just make out what was being said.

"Come on Arnie," I heard Leanne say. "Put it in my mouth. I want to suck your fuck stick." With her right hand she wiped some spittle off her chin.

I was flabbergasted. My wife never swears; she hardly ever says "damn". To hear her use language like that was too much for me. I had to leave.

I couldn't tear myself away.

The dwarf rubbed the head of his cock on my wife's face and around her lips, smearing the bright red lipstick. She had her mouth open and her tongue out trying to catch it. When she couldn't, she put her head back and laughed.

"Come on, Arnie, stop teasing and let me taste it."

I watched in amazement as my modest and virtuous wife sucked and slurped on his large cock. Once when I had suggested she put my penis in her mouth she called me a dirty pervert and slept in the spare bedroom for three days.

I was only a couple of yards or so from them and could see everything. The dwarf had reached down and was pulling on one of her nipples.

"That's right, baby, suck on that monster. Do it right and I'll give you a drink of my cum. Would you like that?"

To my horror I saw her nod and redouble her efforts on his big root.

"Oh, baby," he continued, "you're the best cocksucker I ever met. You like sucking on my dick? Does it turn you on?'

Again she nodded.

I leaned over and threw up. I couldn't watch any longer. But some horrid fascination made me stay. When I looked through the window again, the dwarf was handing my wife a bottle of Jack Daniels. She put the bottle to her lips and took a couple of gulps. I have never seen Leanne drink more than one glass of wine. I don't even keep any liquor in the house. Now she was drinking whiskey straight out of the bottle. She passed the bottle back to the dwarf who drank from it, too, before putting it on a nearby table.

Leanne lay down on her back with her knees up, rubbing herself between the legs. The dwarf straddled her head and rubbed his big, hairy balls all over her face. He stopped them directly over her mouth. She opened up and sucked them in.

"Oh, baby. Suck those nuts. Hum for me. Make my dick harder than it is."

She hummed for him. My beautiful, young wife was on her back sucking on the balls of a midget and humming. While getting the hum job, the dwarf grabbed the bottle from the table and had another drink from it.

Having had enough of the hum job, the dwarf scooted down and placed his cock between Leanne's large breasts. She pushed them up and wrapped them around his cock.

"Ah, baby. You've got the best tits for fucking I've ever known. You're a real hot cunt, you know?" He said as he moved back and forth.

"Oh, Arnie," she responded, "shoot your cum all over my face. Right in my mouth." She opened her mouth and obscenely stuck out her tongue.

"Not yet, baby. I want you to do something else for me. Come on. You know what I like."

"Please, Arnie," I heard her say, her fingers busy between her legs. "Fuck me. Stick that dick right up my cunt. Fuck me good. I need to feel your big cock up my cunt."

I still couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Yeah, baby, I'll fuck you all right. But you got to do this first."

I wanted to go. Morbid fascination made me stay. I watched the dwarf hop off of Leanne and, after grabbing the bottle from the table, hobble over to my easy chair. Scrambling up it, he turned around and waited for her, his hard-on sticking out obscenely.

My wife crawled over to him on her hands and knees, her breasts swaying as she went. Saliva dribbled down her chin. She had a lustful gleam in her blue-grey eyes and she growled softly. It wasn't until then that I noticed the loud music was no longer playing. As she approached him he stuck one of his feet towards her. Taking the toe of his sock between her teeth she slowly pulled it off. Then she licked his toes while the dirty little pervert cooed with glee, taking the occasional drink from the bottle. The procedure was repeated on his other foot. I threw up again.

By the time I had finished puking she had his cock in her mouth again. Still on her hands and knees she slowly rocked back and forth, her breasts swinging with her movements. I watched as she took more and more of his long penis into her mouth. The dwarf encouraged her with words like, "that's right, baby, eat it all," and "take it right down your throat," and "you're the best cocksucker around". After about a minute of trying, she finally had his entire length in her mouth. I couldn't see how she did it, how she didn't choke. Five or six times she went down until her lips touched his pubic hair, then moved back until only the tip of the penis was in her mouth. She would look up at him at these times and, licking his knob, smile, repeatedly asking if he liked what she was doing.

At this time I seemed to be in the room with the two, as if I had somehow flowed through the window glass. Another polar wind blew through my hot and sweaty body. Nothing seemed real, except what I was watching.

The dwarf had rolled onto his back on the seat of the chair and had his deformed legs up in the air. Leanne had moved closer and, holding his cock out of the way with her hand, was licking his balls. He was going crazy, yelling, "Lower, lower!"

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