Chuck's Big Inch

by Hambone Jones

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chuck awakens one morning to discover his dick has grown during the night. Is this just a drunken dream or have his wishes been granted. He wakes his wife for confirmation.

Chuck hit the snooze button for the last time. He lay struggling to clear his head of the alcohol induced sleep. He had had too many scotches last night. Apparently, Maggie had as well. She hadn't budged this morning not even a grunt out of her. She lay there with her nightgown up around her armpits with her bare ass shining up at him. With the hickey he placed there last night.

Chuck remembered that she had wanted to get fucked last night. Something about wanting one last pounding while she was still in her thirties. Why they had celebrated last night Chuck wasn't quite sure. After all today was her fortieth birthday and they would be having dinner and drinks with Bob and Carol Adams, Bernie and Sadie Green and Ed and Sally Brown. They had known all three couples since college and long before any of them had been married.

Chuck got up and headed for the bathroom to relieve his usual morning piss hard on. When he took hold of his dick to direct the stream into the toilet something was different. He wasn't sure at first but the longer he looked at his dick in his hand it dawned on him that his dick seemed extended further beyond his hand than usual.

Chuck had what would charitably be called a little dick. It was slightly over three and a half inches long when erect. He knew this from many measurements taken from the time he hit puberty until his mid twenties when he decided there was no longer a chance of any further elongation. When laid across the palm of his hand, which was exactly three and a half inches across, the head of his dick barely protruded beyond the edge of his hand. In order to make his dick look as favorably as possible Chuck kept his pubic hair trimmed as close as possible and that at the base of his dick cropped to the skin.

Maggie, who had been a virgin when they married (try finding one of those today), had never complained and had always commented that she liked the ease with which she could get it all in her mouth. Chuck liked that as well.

This morning the head of his dick was entirely over the edge of his hand. He released his dick and examined his hand for any sign of change. He didn't remember injuring his dick last night. Maggie had clamped down on it as he worked her clit but no more so than usual. He laid his dick back across his hand. There was no doubt about it. It was longer. Was he having a growth spurt at forty-one? He seriously doubted it probably just a side effect from the scotch. It would be back to its normal size by tonight. Even so he was tempted to go in and mount Maggie from behind just for the experience of fucking with a bigger dick. The small size of his dick was a short coming (no pun intended) when they tried it doggie style. He was not long enough to achieve much penetration and he was forever falling out. Maggie never complained but he knew that it could not be much enjoyment for her.

Chuck gave it no more thought as he went about his day. He left the office early to go by the jeweler to pick up the diamond earrings he had picked out for Maggie's birthday. When Chuck got home Maggie was getting dressed for dinner. He fixed each of them a drink and carried Maggie's to her dressing table along with the box containing the earrings and her birthday card. He removed and hung up his clothes and headed for the shower. While the water ran to temperature, he took a long pull on his drink. After removing his underwear and putting them in the hamper he stepped into the shower. After he lathered his torso and moved to his groin he experienced the sensation of having a larger handful than normal. Looking down he was sure of it. He couldn't believe that he would seem that much bigger in the flaccid state from the small amount larger his erection had been this morning. To confirm this he increased the lather he applied to his dick and began a rhythmic stroking as he thought of the big tits and perfect ass of Sadie Green. God she was sexy. They had run into each other at lunch in the downtown Hilton one day several months ago. He had invited her for a drink which she readily accepted and they ended up in one of the suites for the remainder of the afternoon. Chuck could still remember the dark areolas of her too large breasts that he dove into head first. She loved having her tits sucked and held him tightly against her.

It didn't take long for this remembrance to affect a solid hard on under his firm stroking. When Chuck looked again he could see his dick had grown even more than this morning. He laid it across his hand and sure enough the head was well beyond the edge of his hand. It must be at least an inch longer than it was yesterday. He didn't know how long he had been staring at it when he heard Maggie's voice telling him they were going to be late if he didn't get a move on.

Knowing this was not the time to bring up the subject he quickly dried off and got dressed for the evening. He went into the kitchen to return his glass and Maggie was waiting for him with a big smile and a thank you for the beautiful earrings which she was wearing.

The evening was spent in good fun with good food, good wine, good friends and with almost unending remarks about turning forty. Maggie was the last one in the group to hit the big 4 0 and they all remember the hard time she had given them. She got no mercy tonight.

Thankfully Bob and Carol had driven because neither Chuck nor Maggie was in any condition to drive home. Once there they both were only concerned with sleep once they hit the bed. Thank God the next day was Saturday.

As usual on the week-end Chuck was the first one up and he padded to the kitchen to start the coffee. It looked like it was going to be a beautiful day if he could just get over the shakes from two nights of drinking. He got a glass down from the cabinet and filled it with cold water. Then he opened the aspirin bottle and took three for his head and set three aside for Maggie. It wasn't pounding like yesterday morning but he still needed some help. What he needed was some Librium to get his body functioning correctly but that was in the bathroom. While waiting for the coffee he took down two chimney glasses and fixed two Bloody Maries adding just a touch of horseradish at the end. As soon as the coffee was ready he filled two mugs and placed them on a tray with cream and sugar, his water, and the two Bloody Maries along with three aspirin for Maggie. He would have fixed her cup in the kitchen but Maggie was so particular about the sugar. It had to be exactly a half spoon and no more. Chuck had given up trying. It was easier to bring the cream and sugar to her than to hear the whining. He put his stuff on the table on his side of the bed and placed the tray on Maggie's bedside table.

By the time he had taken the Librium and returned to the bedroom Maggie was sitting up sipping her Bloody Mary and fixing her coffee. "Thanks honey I owe you a blowjob for this," Maggie smiled as she took the aspirin and washed them down with her drink.

"Speaking of blowjobs I have something to show you. Something I don't understand. Night before last did anything unusual happen? Did a witch doctor place a spell on me or give you something to put in my drinks?"

"What the hell are you talking about Chuck?"

"Let me show you," Chuck said as he removed his undershorts. "There see!"

"You want me to give you a blowjob before I've had my coffee. Is that it? Go fuck yourself Chuck."

"No, I would never dream of such a thing I don't want my balls cut off I'm too young," he said in mock horror. Now he worried that his new growth was all a figment of his imagination. That he was still the same old 3 ½ inches he had always been. But when he looked it was different. It was longer. He didn't care what Maggie said.

"Well what do you want to show me Chuck? You don't have a sore on your dick do you? You haven't contracted something awful have you? You just fucked me with that thing night before last. Have you been fooling around on me Chuck?"

"No, nothing like that and of course I haven't been fooling around. I think my dick is growing is all. I noticed it yesterday morning in the shower and again last night. It was longer last night than yesterday morning."

Leaning over for a closer examination Maggie said, "It looks the same to me Chuck, but then I don't see your dick a lot when it's soft like that. Make it hard."

"It doesn't work like that Maggie. I can't just make it jump up. You can make it hard quicker than I can. It reacts to you more than me."

"That's because it likes me more. So you do want me to suck your dick is that it? I knew there was some trick to it. A man's dick doesn't start growing when he's over forty. Does it? Who told you this would work to get me to give you a blowjob? I bet it was Bernie. He's always doing things to get Sadie to suck his dick.

That must be where she gets her practice, Chuck thought,

"Maybe it's growing because you are forty."

"Don't be ridicules Chuck. Why would my being forty make your dick grow?"

"A gift from the Gods for your fortieth birthday. You don't have to suck it but it might be the easiest way for you to tell. If it's bigger it should feel different in your mouth."

"Tell you what. You go fix us two more Bloody Mary's and while you do I will finish my coffee, brush my teeth and when you come back it will be blowjob Saturday. We'll get to the end of this in short order, pun intended. Go along now so I can finish my coffee."

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