The Boss Lady

by mattwatt

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Sheila Corday, the Boss Lady, who inherited her Father's company and ran it now, was just in the process of getting rid of her no account husband, Gerald, who turned out to be a gold digger and unfaithful to boot. Sheila's lawyer, Matt, invoked their prenup, which her Daddy had insisted on. Gerald stormed into the office in a rage to beat some sense into Sheila only to be confronted by Charlie, the production manager. Charlie took care of Gerald and a romance was born.


Sheila Corday was the boss lady; it's what they called her, many of them to her face. She just smiled, when they used it. It had been her father's business, the work of a lifetime. It had prospered and had grown, and her Dad had been perspicacious enough to begin to set in place a new management presence for the business. She'd been his obvious choice. He'd taught her, groomed her, shared his insights with her and was completely pleased when she began to show a real flare for the business and the possible future of the business.

The only spot of conflict that she ever had with 'Daddy', as she always called him, was her engagement and marriage to Gerald.

Her Dad hadn't liked Gerald. He thought that Gerald was a gold digger and had picked her as his target of choice. She had disagreed and the two of them, as stubborn as each other, had agreed to disagree. Her Dad was kind of content, as long as his 'Sheila Girl', as he called her, was happy.

They had, however, agreed on an iron-clad prenuptial agreement, that Gerald had laughingly consented to, with statements about 'never letting her go', so that the prenup meant nothing to him, or so he said.

Gerald had charmed her and she enjoyed it for at least part of the seven years that they spent together. It was only then that she discovered that Gerald was charming others too.

She'd had a meeting with the firm's lawyer, Matt Vinkus, and it was then that he'd given her proof that Gerald was seeing others, almost right along. It seems that Gerald had a 'thing' for, what Matt called 'bimbo' type women.

"I mean," Matt had said, "No character, no intelligence, no hips, no butts; nothing but long blond hair and attitude!"

Sheila was stung to the quick by what Matt was saying and the evidence that she'd been given.

That had been the previous weekend, and Matt had told Sheila that she needed to simply go about her business and he'd take care of Gerald. He was going to invoke the prenup and have Gerald removed from the house.

Matt had also been as good as his word on the issue. He'd gotten Gerald out of the house and, in a sit down with him, showed him the evidence of his 'dalliances' and invoked the prenuptial agreement. It provided Gerald with a small kind of 'send off' check, and Matt had that ready for Gerald too.

It was Monday, after that terrible weekend. Sheila was sitting in the alcove of her office talking to Gail, her secretary, assistant administrator.

"Oh, sweetie," Gail said, "I'm so sorry!"

"How blind can one person be?" Sheila kind of moaned, holding, just then, her head in her hands and shaking her head, as she groaned.

"I can deal with problems on the floor; I can deal with problems with our distribution; I can deal with problems with our personnel; I can deal with problems with our suppliers!," Sheila complained, "But I'm showing so clearly that I can't deal with fools, and in the process have been one myself."

"I won't hear of that kind of talk," Gail said. "Gerald was that smooth that he could talk a beagle out of its dinner!"

Sheila looked up and smiled: "Thank you, honey," she said earnestly to Gail, "You're so good for my ego, which is pretty low right now."

"No," Gail countered, "We're going to get through this; you'll just see."

"Yes," Sheila said, "I'm just going to concentrate on the business; it'll help get me through this."

For her part, Gail couldn't understand it. From her point of view, at her current age of 41, Sheila Corday was gorgeousness itself. She was petite but so well formed: nice in the breast, gorgeous butt. Gail was saying that out loud to Sheila, and it, as usual, made her giggle, a giggle that was taken up by both of them.

"You're just trying to have your way with me!" Sheila said, a twinkle in her eye.

"Got it in one, Boss Lady!" Gail said, as she got up and went into her office.

"Okay," Sheila said, "Enough malarky! What do we have next?"

"Charlie Strong is supposed to be here in a few to go over the production reports with you," Gail said.

"Good," Sheila replied, "That'll focus my mind on something that I can deal with!"

Gail went out to her office, through which people had to go to get to Sheila, and about as soon as she got there, Charlie Strong came in through the door that led to the production floor.

"Hey, Gail," he said.

"Hey yourself, Charlie!" she answered.

"Is her gorgeousness in?" He asked.

Gail shook her head 'yes' but said: "Let's be careful today; she's having a tough time!"

"You mean Gerald the fool is at it again!" Charlie said, a fact that was known by the members of the company inner circle, since the company, following her father's pattern, operated as much like a family enterprise as anything else.

Gail simply shook her head 'yes' and Charlie held up his hand to show that he understood.

Then the hurricane occurred.

Gail and Charlie both heard the elevator doors in the hallway open and then the office door was positively thrown open and Gerald Winters stormed into the office.

(For business reasons Sheila Corday had kept her own name, after the marriage.)

He was in a furious mood, and initially both Gail and Charlie just stood and watched as he stormed into the office.

"Is she in?" he almost yelled.

"She's not to be disturbed!" Gail said, moving to stand in his way, while Charlie just looked on.

"Oh, yeah!" he said, pushing Gail out of the way, which caused Charlie to move in Gerald's direction initially.

Gerald just looked at Charlie and seemed to not even notice him, as he stormed into Sheila's office.

"BITCH!" he shouted.

"What do you want?" Sheila countered, her anger too showing.

"You know damn well what I want!" he said.

"You can't do this to me with your fuckin' Matt VInkus!" he fairly yelled.

"What?" she countered, "Take away your posh lifestyle on my Daddy's and my money, while you dip into the pool of the blonde and clueless?"

"You bitch!" he said, advancing toward her, while Gail and Charlie just stared at the scene for the moment. "I'll shake you until your teeth rattle and you see some sense! I'm not going to be pushed out with this measly check for $10,000!"

At that point he took the check and tore it up —-which turned out to be a mistake, since Matt Vinkus refused to have another one prepared for him, afterward, until Sheila intervened.

Then he repeated his threat, after the shards of the check went fluttering to the floor. He reached out and grabbed Sheila by the collar of her blouse and began to shake her. Some of the buttons broke away from her blouse with his fury and she put up her hands to ward him off.

"YOU WON'T DO THIS TO ME!" he shrieked and raised his hand to slap her.

It was then that Charlie intervened. Without saying anything to Gail or to the two struggling in the office, he simply moved to the scene, with a quickness that would have made Gerald's head spin, had he actually witnessed it.

Charlie reached out and grabbed Gerald by his outstretched hand, and, having Gerald off balance threw him against the wall, where he landed with a crash.

Gerald, however, was up and moving in Sheila's direction again in a second, and just giving Charlie a contemptuous look.

"Outta my way, boy!" Gerald growled, and then Charlie acted again.

Charlie Strong, 27 years old, had been raised in a family of boys, four of them, counting him. They were the very pride and joy of their Momma and the apple of their Father's eye.

He'd been a wrestler, a fighter and had always enjoyed brawling with his bros on any number of occasions. Their one rule, that all four of them always adhered to was that no one hurt Momma!

It was how he was raised, and he put that rule into action now.

He was into healthy living techniques; he ran and worked out regularly and Gerald Winters was about to discover that.

As Gerald, in his rage, tried to shove past Charlie, after the comment about 'boy', Charlie reached out and grabbed Gerald by the air, bringing him up short.

Gerald let out a kind of combination of a scream and a shout of surprise but Charlie had him so firmly by the hair that he couldn't move. Gerald, not exactly knowing what to do about this new situation, grabbed the front of Charlie's shirt.

Charlie was, however, good at this. Anyone could have asked Andy, Brian, or Timmy, his brothers and they would have admitted as much.

He pulled Gerald around by the hair and clamped his hand firmly in Gerald's groin, grabbing him by the balls.

Gerald squealed as though he were being strung up to be killed.

Sheila had her hand over her mouth, as she gapped at what was happening, and Gail was smiling and clapping her hands in glee.

"Stop, you asshole!" Charlie shouted at Gerald, who did indeed stop dead in his tracks.

Gerald opened his mouth to say or shout something and Charlie simply squeezed harder on his nuts, and pulled on them a bit.

"Not a damn word, until I tell you!" Charlie said, "Do you understand?"

Gerald, in more pain right then than he'd ever known in his life, shook his head 'yes'.

"Good," Charlie said. "Here's what we're going to do! You're going to beg forgiveness from this lovely lady for raising your voice and raising your hand to her!"

He pushed his face closer to Gerald's, which had turned a kind of beet red in the process.

"Do you understand?" Charlie growled.

Then to make his point, Charlie both squeezed Gerald's nuts harder and yelled into his face:


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