A Ticket to Ride

by StangStar06

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Tear Jerker, Cheating, 2nd POV, Violent, Workplace, .

Desc: Sex Story: A red light camera ended my marriage

Hi folks. This one was suggested by a reader. I hope he likes what came out of his idea. Thanks as usual to sircharles 5150 for his editing skills. SS06

I felt his eyes on me like waves of unwanted heat. I was leaning over a little too far and he was getting an eyeful of my cleavage. Normally my blouse would have been a button down type. And I'd have buttoned it nearly to the top. But I'd worn a v-neck today under a blazer and when the air conditioning failed in the July heat, I was roasting.

I looked up into his face and saw the same look I'd seen on the face of lots of men, for most of my life. "Can I help you with something?" I asked in as cold a voice as I could muster.

"I was just enjoying the view," he smirked. "And wishing I could see more."

My blood started to boil. I immediately got up and went into another office. The office I chose was occupied by the head of the small firm we worked for, Bradley Martin.

"Brad, I want to file sexual harassment charges against that guy," I said pointing out into the office. "He came over to my desk and talked about me like I was a piece of meat."

Brad looked over his glasses at me. His eyes, though he'd had a lot of practice drifted to my chest as well.

"Karen, I'll talk to him about it," he said. "He's young, but he's a good lawyer. We have a lot of cases coming up where we might need him, so I'm not going to fire him this time. But if it happens again, he's gone."

I nodded and turned to leave his office.

"Karen, what's really wrong?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked looking back at him.

"Come on Karen. You were putting guys like him in their place ten years ago when he was in high school. Remember all the shit you gave me before..." He stopped abruptly. And then I started talking just to fill the silence before it became awkward as each of us flashed backwards in our minds. Neither of us wanted to go there.

"I guess I'm just nervous about the weekend," I said quickly.

"But why?" he asked. He had genuine concern written all over his face. "Karen this is your shot. For the past three years, how many times have you sat there whining about everything you would do if only the heavens would split apart to give you one more chance? You've schemed, you've manipulated, you've planned, you've dreamed and you've waited patiently hoping for exactly what you have this weekend. This is your shot, Karen. Don't let nervousness mess it up for you. No one on this planet knows that man the way you do. Go get him."

"Maybe it hasn't been long enough," I said.

"Uh unh!" he said. "Statistically, marriages where the couple reunites within four years after a divorce have the best chance of making it. Look at Joyce and me."

"Exactly," I said. "Are you, back in the house yet?"

"Not yet," he said.

"Have the two of you gone out on as much as one fucking date?" I asked.

"Not yet, but we will," he smiled.

"Brad, she uses you. Anytime she needs or wants something done, she wiggles her little finger and you go running. You're more like her flunky than her husband," I said.

"But sooner or later she's going to get over her anger and I'll be back in there. We had sex last week," he said.

I laughed. "She got horny and called her little vibrator over to get her off, right?"

"Maybe," he said. "But at least I'm back in her life. I'm back in my kids' lives. And sooner or later, I'll be back in her heart. It's far more than I deserve. I've got mine, Karen. Go get yours."

"But I'm so nervous," I said.

"About what?" he laughed. "The guy loved you enough to ask you to spend the rest of his life with him. Just go out there and remind him of what he loved. Sure we screwed up. But time has passed. Let him know that it affected you and you won't do it again."

"It's not that simple," I said. "My daughter, Debbie, hinted that her dad is with someone."

"That's a good sign," he said. "Do you remember some of the women I dated before I got off my ass and started trying to get my family back? The fact that he's dating only proves that he's lonely. He's ready for a relationship again. So you go in there and show him how much better for him you are. Have a great weekend. Come back here happy."

I left the office and Brad called the idiot who'd been trying to hit on me, into his office. I drove home and thought about the weekend. I needed to have just the right outfits so every time Danny saw me he'd remember the things he loved about me.

I looked at myself in the mirror and shook my head. Once upon a time I was falling in love, now I'm only falling apart. Everything that Danny loved about me was gone. I was pushing fifty, my body was failing and my face could no longer launch one leaky rowboat, let alone a thousand ships.

My body had always been unusual. I was built in a way that made men crazy and women jealous. I had long slender legs that drove men crazy. I had a tight tiny ass that looked good in anything. There wasn't an extra ounce of fat anywhere on me except ... my boobs were almost too big. They rocketed away from my tiny rib cage as if they were trying to escape my body.

The jealous girls in my class called me tits on a stick. The boys fought over me. The thing that drove them mad though was the fact that I was a good girl. My parents raised me right. The prettiest girls never have to put out. I was able to keep the boys at arm's length until I met Danny. For my entire life, my plan was to stay a virgin until I was married. It was a really good thing that I met Danny when we were in college, because from the first time he touched me I was ready to give him anything he wanted. Nothing mattered, not the consequences, or anyone's opinion, as long as I got him.

But strangely enough, Danny waited. He treated me like a precious jewel. I remember when Danny first met my Dad. I had gone home for a few days to be with my family and had come back to school early because Danny and I had a date. My mom was one of those women who were paranoid about their cookware. I'd had misgivings about bringing any of her bowls or pans back to school with me, but she'd insisted.

So two days after I got back to school, she'd sent my dad to retrieve her pie pan. My dad is a huge guy, and he's a hell of a practical joker too. He saw me coming out of my apartment with Danny, whom he'd never met, but had heard all about.

He grabbed my arm and Danny inserted himself between us. "Get out of the way, Boy. This doesn't concern you," yelled my dad angrily.

"If it concerns Karen, it does," said Danny quietly. My dad was clearly impressed because he was almost twice Danny's size but Danny showed no sign of backing off.

My dad pulled out a huge gun and leveled it at Danny. "She has something of mine and she doesn't want to give it back," said my dad. "So I'm gonna take it out on her. We have kind of a history together."

Danny's eyes got huge. "What kind of history?" he asked.

"Don't be stupid," said my dad. "Let's just say she's given me more than my share of goodnight kisses, if you know what I mean. I'm not sure I can even count the number of times she's wrapped her arms around me and thrown herself against me."

My dad was torturing Danny. "Wait a minute," laughed my dad. "You haven't slept with her yet have you?" He started laughing. "Why not?" he asked.

"Karen wants to wait until she's married for that," said Danny. "And I care enough about her not to force her to do anything she's not ready for."

My dad just laughed, but I could tell that Danny had really impressed him.

"Look kid, this isn't your fight. Just walk away," said my dad. "It's not worth getting shot over." He raised the gun as if he was going to shoot me.

Danny spread his arms and covered me. My dad just laughed. "So you're going to take a bullet for her ... a chick you haven't even..."

Danny just bit his lip and nodded his head. "I ... I love her," he said.

"Okay, I'll just shoot you both," said my dad. He pulled the trigger and all we could hear was a loud bang. About a second after the shot Danny realized that he could still move and launched himself at my dad. My dad reached out and put his hand on Danny's forehead, laughing his ass off as Danny tried over and over again to swing at him.

"Danny, calm down. It was just a joke," he laughed. Danny looked up at him in confusion.

"How do you know my name?" he asked.

"Uh, you ruined my Christmas," said my dad. "The whole time she was home, she talked about you constantly. If she wasn't talking about you, she was texting you, or on the phone with you. Jeezus it was almost as if you were there with us. I came up here to get her mother's pie plate. So when I saw the two of you, I just had to yank your chain a little."

"But you shot me?" said Danny.

"It's just a big cap pistol," said my dad. "I use it for starting my track team's races back home. It scared the shit out of you didn't it."

After that Danny could do no wrong in my Dad's eyes. He and my mom were convinced that Danny and I would end up married. And it happened. Shortly after we graduated, Danny and I began our fairy tale life together. If things had gone the way they were supposed to we'd still be together now.

As the memory faded, I found myself still standing in front of the mirror. I lifted my heavy breasts and noticed that when I did, the wrinkles and stretch marks disappeared. As soon as I let go of them, instead of shooting out from my rib cage the way they did when I was younger, they drooped down onto my stomach. My nipples once pointed their way to the sky, now they indicated the direction to the floor.

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