Lisa Gets Dominated by Her Daughter

by dawn1958

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Mind Control, Slut Wife, Mother, Daughter, FemaleDom, mc sex story,mc story.

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Lisa loves her daughter very much, but their relationship had grown strained when Lynzee graduated and found a steady boyfriend. Lisa quickly discovers that Lynzee was controlling and strong-willed.

Lisa was a single mom who would do anything in the world for her daughter. She was a very hard working professional who lost her husband when Lynzee was only six. Although it was a struggle raising a child being a single parent, Lisa managed to make all of the necessary sacrifices to ensure her daughter had a good childhood. It wasn't until lately that the relationship with her daughter became very strained and Lisa felt bad because it seemed they were fighting almost all of the time.

The two had different ideas about what a nineteen-year-old girl living at home should have the freedom to do. Lynzee felt she didn't need any parenting advice from her mother and Lisa believed her daughter wouldn't grow up properly unless she listened to her advice. What bothered Lisa the most was how readily and easily Lynzee acquired new boyfriends, as it seemed she was dating a different boy every month.

Lisa tried on occasion to sit down with her daughter and talk about her acting promiscuously. Lynz always shrugged off her mother's suggestions saying she was old enough and could act and do anything she wanted, which resulted in a continuous battle between the two. Sometimes Lisa cursed herself for being so protective and always wanting the best for her daughter.

One thing Lisa was kind of happy about was her daughter's current dating situation. Lynzee had a steady relationship with a boy named Jeff and they had been going out for three months. The one tiny fact Lisa didn't like was how her daughter let her boyfriend touch and embrace her in public and especially while Lynz was at home. She frequently caught the two in what appeared to be an intimate embrace. They seemed to purposely ignore her presence and continued fondling each other, which Lisa found troubling.

One particular Thursday night Lisa reached the end of her patience when she caught Lynzee and Jeff huddled together watching television in the living room. They were huffing and puffing, as if they had just run a marathon, and Lisa noticed her daughter's hand stuffed so far into Jeff's pants that it was very apparent what she was doing. She scolded the two and told Jeff he should leave, which he did without any hesitation.

Lisa didn't talk to her daughter again until she came home from college on the Friday and to her utter alarm, the girl appeared to be extremely angry with her. Lynz blatantly told her mother that her boyfriend was coming over to visit. She said that they were going to be doing homework and then they would be going out to a nightclub. "Guess we'll have to go out so we don't make you mad," Lynz said.

"Honey, I don't mind as long as you don't attack a guy in my living room," Lisa replied.

"We were just necking ... and anyway, I'm old enough and don't need you hovering over me all of the time."

"I don't."

The doorbell sounded and that ended the conversation, as Lynzee ran to the door. Lisa watched her daughter greet her boyfriend with a big hug and lingering kiss, before she hurried out of the room. She busied herself with housework, which took her mind off her fight with Lynz, and after a few minutes Lisa was fully occupied with doing laundry and cleaning. Her immediate plan was to do all of the housework so she wouldn't have anything to do on the weekend.

Lisa did all of the dishes and kitchen cleanup and then she moved to the laundry. She heard the television on in the downstairs family room and assumed Lynzee and Jeff were watching some show so she decided to get the laundry hamper out of her daughter's bedroom. Lisa opened the bedroom door and had taken two steps into the room before she realized the room wasn't empty. The lights were out, but she noticed the shadowy figures lying in the middle of the bed.

There was a mad flurry of movement, as both teenagers tried to straighten their clothes, and Lisa knew they had been fooling around. "Mother! What the hell ... you don't barge into my room without knocking," Lisa yelled.

"Oh my, I'm sorry ... I thought you were in the den," Lisa replied. "I heard the TV ... thought you were watching television." She noticed a lot of skin showing and a furious attempt by Jeff to stuff what looked like his family jewels back into his pants.

Lynzee yanked her top down and covered her bare boobs, as she glared at her mother. She wasn't able to rectify the rest. Her jeans were down and bunched around her knees and Lynz didn't even try to pull them up. Luckily her thong was simply askew and off to one side, which enabled her to at least straighten the garment so it covered the right spots. "What the hell are you doing just walking into my room," she asked.

"I'm sorry. I was doing laundry and wanted to get your dirty clothes so I could wash them," she responded, as she slowly backed up. "I thought ... but I thought you were downstairs."

"You're bullshitting me ... just like you've been doing for the past two years. Every time I get a boyfriend you have to make sure he's worthy ... or some bullshit reason like that."

"No ... honey, I'm not. Really, I'm not checking up on you," Lisa whispered and slowly backed out of the room.

"Yes, get your skinny ass out of my room ... and stop mothering me all of the time," Lynz shouted, as the door closed.

Lisa went to bed, but she couldn't get the awful images of what she had seen out of her mind. She just couldn't comprehend how her daughter could be so brazen and openly let her boyfriend fondle her. Lisa considered Lynzee to be completely innocent and too naïve to act in such a shameless manner. She blamed her boyfriend and vowed to have a serious talk with him, as she slipped into her customary baggy t-shirt and flannel pajamas pants.

Just as she was pulling back the blankets, a soft knock on the bedroom door sounded and her heart skip a beat. She knew it was Lynzee and quickly responded. "Yes, come in, love. Please ... come in."

Her daughter came into the room and walked straight up to her mother, leaving the door wide open. "I'm sorry about earlier ... when you caught us in bed," Lynz said. "We didn't mean to ... to actually make love."

"No, what ... whaaa," Lisa replied, as she didn't know what to say. She knew they were fooling around, but didn't realize they were actually having sex.

"Oh mother, you can't imagine how it feels ... what it feels like to find the perfect guy."

"Yeeeaaa, good. I didn't know," Lisa replied and sat down on the bed because she was vibrating so bad she had to sit.

Lynzee quickly sat down beside her mother. "You'll like Jeff, mom, once you get to know him like I do," she whispered. "He's different. He's so much nicer than any of my other boyfriends."

"Yes, but ... but," Lisa said.

"You'll see. Mom, you'll see that he's different," Lynz said and looked her mother in the eyes, as she grabbed her hands.

"Yes, that is nice, love. I'm glad you like him," Lisa replied, as her daughter fell into her arms.

"Mother, when he touches me ... oh my gawd, when he touches me I just get all tingly."

Lisa hugged her daughter and welcomed the loving embrace. It seemed that since Lynz had gotten older, they didn't show much outward affection towards each other like they did when she was younger. "That's good, sweetheart," she whispered. "I want you to be happy."

Lynz pulled back and looked into Lisa's eyes. "Mother, can we talk. Can I talk to you ... like we used to do," she replied. "We never lay in bed and talk. We used to do it all the time."

Lisa welcomed the sudden friendliness and it was by mutual agreement that they both remained seated on the edge of the bed. She was the happiest woman in the world and realized it had been a long time since they had a serious conversation. "I would love to, sweetheart. I love you with all my heart ... will do anything for you."

"Mother, I love Jeffery. When we're having sex ... I feel like a real woman."

"Sex, well maybe you should wait."

"Oh mother, we're in love. We talk all the time and know what's on each other's mind. We love each other!"

"Yes, love, but you're so young."

"I'm old enough. How old were you when you and dad had sex," Lynzee asked?

Lisa realized that her daughter had a good point. She had been her husband's childhood sweetheart and they had gotten married when she was only eighteen. "Well ... that is not important, sweetheart. I'm concerned about your happiness ... not about what happened to me," she replied.

Lynzee was proud of her mother and knew others found Lisa a very attractive and sexy woman. She was in her mid 30's, but by looking at her you would not think she was that old. Lynz and her boyfriend often talked about Lisa and the fact Jeff found her mother extremely sexy didn't bother Lynz one little bit. In fact, it made the girl happy and she started mentioning her mother's womanly attributes during sexual encounters with Jeff.

Lisa had an extremely seductive appearance. Her waist measured only 23 inches and she looked even slimmer in most clothes. Lisa was blessed with natural boobs. They were large by any man's standard and had nipples that were almost impossible to hide because they seemed to be erect all of the time. Probably her most outstanding features were her hips, butt and legs. She had perfectly rounded hips and a butt that made women envious because it swayed seductively when she walked. Her legs were long and muscular enough to attract anyone's eye, as admirers thought she was very athletic.

"Mother, we talk about you all the time," Lynz said. "When we have sex ... Jeff and I talk about you."

Lisa was completely dumbfounded and almost speechless. "What ... you what?"

"Jeff and I talk about you a lot ... especially when we're having sex."

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