Vic is initiated into the boys' club
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, Reluctant, True Story, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, School,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A 14 year-old boy discovers something about CFNM and his submissive character. A 19 year old college girl begins to find what turns her on as well. They have a thing or two in common.

In the summer before I entered ninth grade I tried to join a boys' club gang that met on weekends. My older brother was going into 11th grade and I was the annoying 14 year-old, kid brother wanting to join his group. They agreed, much to my surprise. But then came the punch line. We were in a friend's garage and I was told to get into the club I would have to pass their initiation which involved getting 50 whacks on my ass with my pants pulled all the way down. There were ten club members and they were going to take turns giving me five swats each with a ping-pong paddle.

To their surprise I went along with it and pulled my dungarees down right away. You must understand, in the early 1960s fraternity and secret society pranks like this were not seen as abuse or frowned upon by society at large. Just boys being boys.

As it happened, I only got about a dozen whacks with the business end of a ping-pong paddle when a female voice made a very loud ' ahem!' sound. It was Lauren, Fred's older sister ( it was their family's garage we were in, ) and she had a mean look on her face. Lauren was in college, going into her second year in September, and there I was in my white jockey shorts with my jeans at my ankles. I pulled my pants up right away and listened while Lauren lit into her younger brother.

She said their mom was looking for Fred to get something at the grocery store. We were all about to leave when Lauren asked what it was we'd been up to, with me with my pants down and all? My brother explained it was an initiation into their club. Lauren wanted details and when she found it only amounted to a pants dropping and 50 smacks on my underpants-clad butt, she lit into my brother's friends making them feel two feet tall.

Lauren said in college fraternities or sororities initiations are taken seriously. She said, ' Watch and learn.' Then she turned to me and sweetly asked me my name. I told her it was Victor and she furrowed her brows, and spat out her words like a drill sergeant. Something like ' you have no name, pledge ... until you are in this club you will do as you're told and DON'T LOOK ME IN THE EYES ... YOUR INITIATION STARTS NOW!'

I lowered my gaze and murmured 'yes' and she ordered me to take off my denim cut-offs, t-shirt, sneakers and socks and roll them into a ball and give them to her. I did that right away and, even to this day, I can feel the excitement and thrill of that moment.

She grabbed the paddle out of someone's hand and told me to lean by the door and put my hands on either side of the doorway and bend a bit so my ass jutted out. Then she started whacking my butt, but only for ten smacks. She said something I couldn't hear to one of the guys and then loudly told me that I was going to get as many smacks as it took to turn my ass red. Then she pulled my underpants down to my feet and shouted " ON THE BARE, PLEDGE-BOY, ON THE BARE!"

It probably took only a few minutes, but my butt was burning because Lauren was not holding back. It must have been dozens of full swings! But it was not over. She had me step out of my underpants and she ordered me to pick them up and start masturbating into them.

The older guys around me started to snicker at me as they watched my face turn as red as my butt. Of course, I had masturbated into my underpants before, most guys do. But never before with an audience including a 19 year old girl; her fully clothed and me buck naked.

It did not take long; I came in five spurts and completely creamed my white undies. Lauren told me to fold them 'cum-side out' and stuff them into my mouth. I was still dripping but my cock rose stiff again as I moved to obey. I was surprised to find my body was aroused by many things at that moment: I was naked in a crowd of clothed teenagers, especially a girl, I had just masturbated on command from that girl, I could smell my cum and then taste it as I jammed it into my mouth. It was a tight fit and filled my mouth, but I managed to get the shorts completely in and I was totally gagged. At no time during this humiliating initiation did I lose my erection.

Lauren stooped down and unlaced my sneakers and tied the two laces together. Then she ordered me to turn around and face the wall. Lauren used the laces to tie my hands behind my back and I heard whispering and then Lauren told the guys to get that tin pail and start pissing in it. I thought they were going to douse me with piss, but they didn't. Instead, Lauren told them ' That's how you initiate a pledge.' And then I heard lots of laughter and the garage door open and then close. My face was still to the wall and I didn't know if I was allowed to turn around. When I did, I found I was alone.

It took me only a minute or two to untangle the shoelaces binding my wrists. With my hands free I took my underpants out of my mouth and looked around for the rest of my clothes. At first, I couldn't see them, not until I looked in the pail and there they were, all my clothes except my sneakers completely soaked and floating in a pail full of piss. My underpants were piss-free but hardly dry. So I had a choice: put on piss-drenched clothes or run home in only my cum-soaked undies.

Well, it was summer so I figured it might look like I was wearing white shorts. After draining it, I took the pail with me to carry my other clothes except the sneakers which I put on without socks. It was better to run in. I wasn't actually streaking, but it felt like it.

I was running like made, embarrassed but, strangely excited. I had had my first experience of getting naked in front of a girl who was years older than I was.


Months after Lauren happened upon Vic's club initiation in her family's garage, she confided her mischief to her college roommate, Kathy. She and Lauren had been playing a Truth or Dare game as a way to get to know each other and become closer. Kathy had started it off by taking a dare from Lauren. Kathy was therefore dressed only in her panties and bra when she demanded her roommate reveal an embarrassing truth about herself.

Lauren responded, "One time, when I was just 15 years old, two boys at school got me at my locker. I thought it was just a silly prank, at first. One guy had my skirt up and was mercilessly fingering me -- I hardly ever wore panties back then and the other jerk had my blouse unbuttoned and was after my nipples and I was helplessly close to having an orgasm when a teacher came down the hall and both boys bolted and left me standing there, practically naked. I was able to turn facing my locker and get 'composed' - The teacher stopped for a second and was about to say something ... he just said, like 'uhmm... ' but then must have thought better and let it go. Not as embarrassing as it could have been, but it was close.

Then it was Lauren's turn to get Kathy to tell a truth or take a dare. Kathy once again chose dare and Lauren dared her to remove her bra and put her hands behind her back. When she complied, Lauren tied her roommates wrists together with the bra.

In the next turn, Lauren chose 'truth' and Kathy asked her ' What would most turn you on?. Something that you'd do on a dare.

Lauren replied immediately, "I have always found it more exciting to be the only naked person in a group or be naked and exposed in places that I should not be."

On the next turn of the game, Kathy once again chose dare and Lauren dared her to submit to a selfie dressed as she was now, except without the panties. So Kathy let her roommate slip off the panties and she even agreed to pose with her legs wide-spread, thus exposing her smooth shaven pussy mound and pink inner flesh.

Naked, horny, bound and enjoying the game now, Kathy got Lauren to expose herself further, but only in words as she once again answered truthfully when Kathy asked, " What's the most embarrassing thing you've made someone else do?"

Kathy was assuming the game they were playing right then and the dares she had taken would have been Lauren's answer. So she was surprised when her roommate told her about her recent hazing of a 14 year-old high school boy in her garage.

After going into all the details, Lauren added with a giggle, " The odd thing is I think Vic actually enjoyed it. Not only the stripping, either. I think he got off on being paddled too!"

Kathy grinned as she said " Maybe, if he likes it so much, you could see if he'd like posing for life classes in a college arts club. Or maybe get him to send you some even more humiliating photos of himself."

"Now that is an interesting idea" said Lauren.

"But did you really gag him with his underwear and leave him naked?" asked Kathy who was, herself, getting wet at the thought of Vic's ordeal.

"Yeah," replied Lauren who picked up Kathy's panties. "Just like this." She smiled as she shoved them into her roommate's mouth. Kathy's breathing became deeper and her pussy got wetter. Lauren got up and left their dorm room. She had also left the door wide open.

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