The Devil's Pact Side-story: Willow's Fantasy

by mypenname3000

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Mind Control, Lesbian, Hermaphrodite, First, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Willow's deepest, darkest fantasy is to molest a patient while giving her a gynecological exam. Now, thanks to a little magic from Sam, she's getting the chance. Takes between Chapter 32 and 33.

Edited by Master Ken

Sunday, July 15th, 2013

I walked through my clinic, inspecting the finishing touches to the remodel. Everything was looking great, which was a good thing, because tomorrow was Monday and the grand opening of the Women's Health Organization for Reproductive Empowerment. We were a charity Gynecological Clinic to provide free OB/GYN services to poor girls, and to find a few, beautiful young women who might want to serve Mark and Mary.

It wasn't a big clinic. There was a small reception area with a few chairs, the newest magazines sitting on a glass coffee table, and a windowed counter where Jayda, my receptionist, would work. Behind her counter were the filing cabinets where patient records would be stored. Jayda was setting up her computer, a frown spoiling the beauty of her innocent-looking face. She was young, only twenty, and very pretty. She was my favorite of the four women that worked for me. Today she wearing a pair of old jeans and a loose shirt. A silver choker was around her neck that read: "Willow's Gal."

All my workers wore the chokers. Besides Jayda, there were three nurses: Hayfa, a dusky skinned Arab with beautiful, dark eyes; Madalyn, a strawberry-blonde cutie with huge breasts; and Thi, a doll-faced Vietnamese woman with a beautiful smile. All four women were volunteers from the Church of the Living Gods, eager to serve their Gods and gain eternal beauty. Apparently, getting bound with the Zimmah spell was something many of the worshipers aspired to.

I did not get why anyone would worship Mark and Mary.

Maybe it was because I knew them. I knew firsthand that they weren't Gods, just humans who made some dark pact with the Devil and consorted with other demons. They could have put a stop to being worshiped. But it played to their vanity, particularly Mark's, who had an ego the size of Jupiter. I used to be one of their sex slaves, but after the attack last month, the pair grew a conscience. They freed all of us sluts, as they called us, and I decided to work for them, running their clinic. The perks were great; I had four beautiful women that were eager to share my bed.

Particularly young, fresh-faced Jayda.

I walked down the hallway that led back to my office, the three exam rooms, a bathroom, a small laboratory, and a breakroom. The hall smelled of fresh paint and I squeezed past a few Church volunteers who were just finishing painting the walls an eggshell white. Each exam room was furnished with exam tables, counters, and shelves full of all the supplies necessary for a clinic. My three nurses were going through the inventory of each room, making sure we had everything ready for the grand opening.

I paused as I stared at the exam table, picturing a young woman just coming into her sexuality. I would spread her legs and examine her young vagina covered only by a sparse mat of hair. She would be nervous, and trusting, as she experiences her first Gynecological examination. She would shudder as I probed her vagina carefully with my finger, looking for abnormalities. All the while I would be enjoying the feel of her innocent womanhood on my fingers as I carefully brought her to an orgasm.

I was getting wet just thinking about it. After a few years working as an OB/GYN I developed that fantasy. I felt guilty, at first. How could I get so aroused at the thought of molesting my young patients? I was straight, dating Yancy at the time, and I couldn't understand why I would have such disgusting fantasies. I tried to suppress them, to forget about them. I married Yancy, even though I wasn't happy with the relationship, trying to convince myself I was happy with him. He was a great guy, and I tried so hard to make our marriage work. And then Mark and Mary came along and they awakened me to pleasures I had only fantasized about.

When Mary sat on my exam table, and spread her legs, I had been shocked to see Mark's cum leaking out of her vagina. With a few words, Mary had convinced me to molest her as I did my exam. I remembered how she shuddered so deliciously as I brought her to an orgasm. It was all my dreams come true.

After that, I started to realize I was gay.

These last few weeks, living with my nurses and Jayda, I found just how satisfying being with a woman could be. No wonder I was never happy with Yancy. I had been living a lie. Deep, deep inside me I must have known the truth. I was a lesbian and my conscious brain just refused to see the signs.

Tomorrow, I was going to experience my darkest, most depraved fantasy. I was going to molest one of my patients. I just needed one thing and hopefully she could help me out. I sighed; I had been putting off going to see Sam. The disgusting woman was always leering at me, stroking that vile cock she created for herself.

"Is that computer ready, Jayda?" I asked as I walked back up front.

"Yes, Mistress," Jayda answered. It was so delicious to hear someone call you 'Mistress'. No wonder Mark and Mary made us all their slaves.

I left the nurses to finish getting things ready as Jayda and I got into my red Prius. Sam would want something to pay for what I needed and I have seen her leer at Jayda. Hopefully she would be enough; I would hate to have to get fucked by Sam's freakish dick. I drove up Meridian, turned right onto 39th Avenue and took that out to Shaw Road, hung a left, then turned right into the Mountain View Estates. The bodyguards waved me in, dressed in their slutty cop outfits. My eyes lingered on their figures, the way their breasts just seemed about to spill out of their half-unbuttoned blouses. Mark and Mary owned the entire neighborhood; the only people that lived on the block were their families and employees. They gave me 2911, third house on the right, that I shared with my three nurses and Jayda. I pulled into the garage and Jayda and I walked up the street to Sam's house.

Sam lived at the second house on the right, just around the bend in the road. I knocked on the wooden door, stained a dark red, with frosted windows. I waited for a minute, grabbed the brass knocker on the door and knocked again. I heard soft footsteps, then Candy, Sam's plaything, opened the door naked. She was a young, curvy woman with hazel eyes and a playful smile on her lips. Her hair was dyed garishly: half cotton-candy blue the other half bubble-gum pink.

"I need to speak to Sam," I snapped.

Candy licked her lips suggestively. "Is that all you really need? Maybe you need to use her special tool," she giggled.

"Wipe that grin off your face and tell Sam it's important," I ordered.

"Fine," Candy pouted and flounced off, her tight rear wiggling delightfully as she walked up the stairs. A moment later she returned and invited us in and led us to the living room. "Would you like anything to drink?" I asked for a white wine and Jayda for a coke. Candy smiled bitchily at us and pointed at the kitchen. "Feel free to get it yourself."

"Well, well, I'm surprised to see you here, Dr. WolfTail," Sam said smugly as she sauntered in. She was naked, her dark-olive skin glistening with beaded water, her short, blue-black hair damp, and her filthy cock swinging between her legs. "I thought you wanted nothing to do with my 'disgusting growth?' Right? That's what you said." Her eyes narrowed.

"Yes, well, I need something for the clinic," I replied, trying to sound diplomatic. "For their clinic."

Sam sat down next to Candy, fingered a strand of blue hair, then pulled her plaything's head down to her lap. Candy opened her mouth, eagerly sucking Sam's cock into her lips. Sam leaned back, smiling at me, and I tried my best to hide my disgust. It wasn't natural, a woman having a cock, but Sam loved to flaunt what she gave herself.

"What do you need, Dr. WolfTail?"

"Well, Ms. Soun, I need something to make the young girls biddable," I said. "To keep them relaxed and docile, and to leave no bad memories of their examination."

Sam's grin turned hungry. "You want something to let you molest the girls you exam?" I nodded stiffly. "That hardly seems like something Mark or Mary want you to do."

"They need me to find them girls," I answered. "Willing girls, to work for them. I need to make sure they are ... responsive."

Sam laughed wickedly. "I can arrange that, for a price."

"What?" I asked, trying to ignore Candy's sloppy blowjob.

"Well, I need a volunteer to test my amulets on," Sam answered.

"What?" I asked in surprise. "I thought those weren't working yet." Sam was working on amulets that could deflect bullets. She promised they would be better than a bulletproof vest, if she could only figure out how to get them to work.

"It's possible they don't work because I've only tried them on mannequins. But, if I had a living person to shoot at..." Sam shrugged. "That might make it work."

"Absolutely not," I snapped. "Shoot at one of the bodyguards. That's what they're good for."

A suggestive look crept into Sam's eyes. "Well, I know you think my cock is disgusting, but if you give me a blowjob, that'll cover it. And swallow, of course."

"How about Jayda gives you one," I countered.

Sam eyed the girl, who blushed prettily. "I'll need more than a blowjob from her. I want her for the week."

"The night," I countered. "I need her for the clinic."

Sam grinned. "For the night. But I get to use all of her."

"Of course," I said, shuddering to think what this hermaphroditic freak would do to my sweet Jayda. But, I wanted to molest some sweet, young girl too much to balk at her price.

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