Beyond Redemption
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Female, White Female, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Foot Fetish, Teacher/Student, School, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a "Secrets in a Swiss Chalet" series. It will be 10 chapters in all with the possibility of a 10 chapter sequel if well received. The story has elements of lesbian love and confused heterosexual yearnings. The lead character has a father fixation that she is totally unaware of. The headmistress is obsessed with the young girl from Britain and will suffer any humiliation to gain her acceptance. The setting is on the ski slopes of Switzerland.

As much as Laura wanted to find a fault with the Swiss electrified train, she would be the first one to admit that it was probably the cleanest public conveyance she had ever ridden. She had lots of experience in riding several of the great undergrounds in various cities like Paris, London, New York and even Moscow. None of them could compare with the sparkle and shine of the interior of this Swiss railway car. Even the tracks were spotless and totally devoid of the trash found in other locales.

The other passengers seemed completely oblivious to their surroundings and accepted the exceptional atmosphere with jaded disregard. The hustle and bustle of the airfield and the motor coach to the rail station were only memories now even though it was only a few short hours ago.

She looked around the compartment. It looked like it had more exotic luggage than passengers. The sprinkling of skis and ski equipment was paramount. Most of the actual luggage was either on overhead racks or pile in huge stacks at either end of the compartment. The girl sitting across from Laura was dark complexioned and with striking facial features that made her look like a high fashion model. They had introduced themselves to each other scant minutes prior and Laura was quite taken with the girl's perfect British speech patterns. In fact, the girl sounded more posh and upper class than most of her silly girlfriends back in private school.

Clarissa Kardasani had just turned 18 and was just striking out on her own for the very first time. She liked to project the image that she was really "cool" and knew everything about everybody and every subject imaginable. She did like to read a lot and knew how to "Google" but her real life experiences were few and far between. Laura sensed that almost immediately but she just filed it away for future reference.

Clarissa turned her head closer and looked at her with a puzzled look on her exquisitely featured face.

"Hightower? Did you say Hightower? Are you related to the Oxford Hightower's?"

"That is us, I am afraid. I hope we are not notorious or anything."

"Not in the least. I went with my cousin to your family's spring garden party at the end of May and fell in love with your beautiful grounds."

The exotic beauty smiled making Laura's heart do a two-step she usually only experienced when looking at her boyfriend's dirty pictures.

Laura was perturbed that she missed that opportunity at the garden party to meet such an attractive and intelligent female. She marveled that the girl was a mirror image of her own self with the only difference being the shade of their skin.

"I missed that because of my silly exams but I heard it was a great success."

"Do you think we will get a chance to pick our own roomies? If we do, I want you to be my roomie so we can talk about things that really matter."

Laura paused before replying because she had a sudden flutter in her stomach that was so much like those times when her silly boyfriend Reggie slyly cupped her boobs with his hot palms before sticking his disgusting tongue in her mouth. She knew it was her private parts making little tell-tale signs of anticipation. It was just that it seemed so strange that she would feel that sort of signal when the source was a female and not a male in the offing. She looked at the stunning face of Clarissa with a realization that she found the girl to be extremely appealing and much more interesting than an entire bevy of Reggie's with their grasping hands and fingers.

"Well, I certainly second that motion and I think we should tell them as soon as we get there."

The attractive chocolate-skinned girl looked out the window at the flashing lines of fences and neatly tended fields.

"I expect we will be there very soon. In fact, I think we only have to make this last bend and then it is a straight into the village."

"Were you here before, Clarissa?"

Clarissa took Laura's hand and put it on her boob telling her,

"Feel my heart beating fast? I was here about a month ago with my father and his people and I fell in love with the place. Wait until you see the village as we come around the bend. It is almost like a picture postcard and I can't wait until we get some free time to do some shopping there."

Laura was beginning to feel those familiar stirrings down below as her fingers were pressed into the yielding flesh. She wanted to cup the beautiful girl's breast and even explore the shape of her nipple but was much too afraid of being laughed at for her depraved thoughts. Besides, it would be far too inappropriate when they had just met.

Not knowing what to say, Laura changed the subject to the ever popular topic of "boys" to distract her from her sudden and confusing desires that boggled her mind. Her fear of rejection was uppermost in her thoughts and she didn't know if she could handle that sort of stress.

"Are there any boy's schools in the area?"

Clarissa looked at her straight in her eye as if she knew the ploy was strictly a distraction.

"Yes, there is a boy's military academy but they seldom are invited on the grounds. I heard one of the girl's got pregnant last year and they will not be allowed back for a long, long time. Anyway, we can meet them in the village quite by chance if we play our cards right."

They were approaching the station now and everyone was suddenly bustling around getting their luggage close to them to make a quick exit from the train. Laura knew she would have to make at least two trips with the amount of luggage she had. When she saw how much Clarissa had, she had no doubt they would both be moving Clarissa's luggage long after hers was safely on the platform. All they had to do was get it on the platform and the hired men would handle it from there. They had already placed the school identification tags of each piece of luggage so they would be delivered to the correct location.

When she stood to get her bags down from the overhead rack, the train lurched unexpectedly and she fell backwards right onto Clarissa's lap. They both laughed but Laura made no attempt to get up from the comfortable spooning saddle of the dark girl's soft and tender body.

They were jammed in tightly inside the small taxi taking them to the school. It was a good thing the luggage was going by a truck separately. There were six of them in the cab plus the driver. It was so crowded that a small petite girl called Adriana apologetically sat on Laura's lap tenderly shifting her tensed up flanks on her mound already thoroughly agitated by Clarissa's touch.

Laura tried to engage the girl in conversation but she seemed overwhelmed by shyness and could only muster a little giggle and wiggled her tail in a very disarming manner right on top of her clitoris. Laura was aware that Clarissa was watching her with an eagle eye and she did not seem particularly pleased with the closeness of Laura and the tiny Adriana. All that Laura was certain of was that Adriana's accent was heavily Russian in inflection indicating that she was from that conflicted country and that her bottom was so small that it fit between her legs like a pillow she used to spread her knees at night.

When they arrived at the school, the unusually short Adriana bounced up and ran ahead up the stairs to the main hallway.

Clarissa and Laura stayed next to each other and stood side by side in front of the registrar. When he looked at the list of open rooms, Clarissa whispered in his ear and he nodded and gave them both slips that read, "West Wing Quad suite 201". They were to be roomies and Laura wanted to hug Clarissa and jump up and down but she satisfied her joy with just squeezing her hand out of sight of any busybody onlookers. They were instructed to go back out to the courtyard and to plainly mark every piece of their luggage with the assigned suite number 201 so that the workmen knew exactly where to take them.

The suite was designed for comfortable accommodation for up to four students. Since the school was usually full up with almost no vacancies, it was likely they would have two other room-mates in very short order. The both picked out the two bunks right next to the dormered window looking out the village nestled snugly up between the railroad track and the rising slope of the immense mountain that dominated the entire scene.

Clarissa had a small leather valise that she kept with her at all times and Laura was envisioning that it filled with cash or something of great value. The dark-skinned girl giggled and opened the valise to show Laura that it was filled with a number of delicate lace French knickers and even some sexy garter belts and black and red nylon stockings. A pair of life-sized battery-powered rabbits and a butt plug of triangular ugliness rounded out the equipment. She also showed Laura a few small pacifiers but never explained their purpose except to promise to "show her" everything when they had some privacy. Laura was rubbing her pussy mound on the corner of the table with an innocent look on her face but the wise Clarissa knew exactly what she was doing and let her arm drape down on Laura's bum to feel the gap between her cheeks. Laura closed her eyes and let Clarissa have her way with her in a wanton display of utter submissiveness.

A timid knock on the door caused them to separate and in walked Adriana, the petite girl who had wiggled so nicely on Laura's lap.

"Hi, you two, I am your new room-mate and by me is the name of Adriana Markova and I am having a Russian passport but I am really Ukrainian. My papa is from Moscow but all my family is in Rostov and they do not like me to speak Russian all the time. The assignor of rooms told me that this room would be talking mostly in English and that is my desire so I can learn what all the words mean and how they are used properly. Please to correct me if I speak not right."

Laura held the door open while two of the workers moved Adriana's luggage into the corner furthest away from the door. Only the bed by the bathroom was left vacant and it was the least desirable except for someone with a weak bladder.

Adriana was all a flutter. She was sitting down on the bed one minute and leaning out the small window the next. She even bounced on Laura's bed and then Clarissa's bed in turn as if testing them for sturdiness and comfort. It was so funny that Laura had a hard time containing her amusement. It was obvious to Laura that Clarissa was not very happy with the bubbly girl sitting on the edge of her bunk.

Since they all had to get along with each other for a long time into the future, Laura attempted to lighten up the atmosphere by telling Adriana,

"Clarissa and I have these two bunks and as you can see they are very close together. I think we are going to have a lot of fun here when we are relaxing and I hope it would not offend you if we might make a little noise in the dark."

Clarissa smiled and put her arm around Laura with a hint of possession. She didn't say anything but Laura could see she was quite mollified and well-disposed now that the territory was established.

Adriana looked at both Clarissa and Laura and she clapped her hands together like a small child being told a secret or seeing a magic trick she had never seen before.

"I understand completely and I think you two are perfect for each other. Please to teach me all the English you possibly can and I will be indebted to you forever. Do you think the fourth roomie will like me? I know I am, how you say, short stuff; but I can be very open and loving for a close friend."

No sooner had she uttered those words, when the last girl entered the room with a clatter and a few choice swear words in Italian.

She was wearing the tightest pair of riding pants that Laura had ever seen. They were so tight that every little nuance of her hidden camel-toe was on display and currently being ogled by the group of workers falling over each other to catch a glimpse of the girl's "V" of pleasure. When she turned around and bent over to pick up a hat-box, the heart-shaped bottom was displayed in its entire wanton splendor.

Clarissa and Laura looked at each other and Laura could feel her new best friend cup her ass cheek out of sight of everyone else in the room. It was so naughty that she felt her female slit begin to get wet almost immediately. She hoped no one else could see the dark-skinned girl taking kinky pleasure with her posterior with an air of complete submission on her part.

Adriana moved over next to the new girl and held out her hand.

"I am Adriana and these two are Clarissa and Laura. They have the window bunks and I have the wall bunk and this last one is for you."

The girl looked at all three of them and then leaned forward to whisper in Adriana's ear. Neither Laura nor Clarissa could hear what she said but Adriana reddened up in embarrassment and hastened to move her gear from the wall bunk to the bathroom door bunk and the new girl directed the men to deposit her junk on Adriana's recently vacated corner.

"My name is Gina Angeli and I come here from Italy. I was here last year but I had to leave because of some family problems related to security. I have a security guard but he will be staying in the village. The staff here does not want a non-employee male running around the grounds of an all-female school."

Laura and Clarissa moved over and sat next to Gina on the bed. She could be a valuable source of information on how things ran at the school since she had actually been there before.

Since there was no more room on the bunk, Adriana sat on the fluffy white carpet and tucked her legs in under her bottom. Because she was so short, her pretty pink panties and her tender white ass cheeks were on prominent display for all three of them. Laura thought she looked good enough to eat, Clarissa thought she was in dire need of a good spanking and Gina had no interest at all because she was totally cock oriented.

They were told to get to bed early because tomorrow was going to be a big day.

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