A Different Kind of Duty

by Returning_Writer_Guy

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A Marine makes a house call to a lonely wife.

The day was mild and sunny, with a sky open and big and blue overhead, with a breeze just strong enough to stir the hair across your forehead if you stood just right. As perfect a day as anyone could hope for, and the neighborhood was taking full advantage of it.

Older women were power walking in track suits down the sidewalks, kids were rushing about chasing one another as they ran through the sprinklers. Young mothers stood in clusters in their driveways, gossiping and laughing as they bumped youngsters on their hips while the children looked around with wide-eyed wonder, some of them not yet old enough to keep their too-big heads from bobbling on too-inexperienced necks.

Second Lieutenant Roger Owens stood on the front porch of a simple and clean house that looked eerily similar to every other house in the middle class suburban neighborhood. He paused for a moment just to look around once more, soaking it all. Roger hadn't thought middle class even existed anymore. Heathersville was a little slice of Americana, the elusive American dream that seemed to have totally disappeared by now. It was most abnormally normal place he'd ever seen, neither a small, run down little town, nor a bustling urban sprawl, but somewhere idyllically between.

But that wasn't why he was here.

The Marine picked up his duffle bag and stepped down the drive, checking again to be sure the address was correct. It was. He rapped on the front door. He was left standing there waiting for several long moments before, at last, the door opened.

The smell of fresh food wafted through the air from inside the house, promises of an excellent dinner. The woman in the doorway stared up at him. She was a short woman, perhaps five two, which set him a foot taller than her. She had long, straight chocolate brown hair that fell in a shining curtain down her slender shoulders and across her back. Big, wide doe eyes the same deep brown as her hair stared up at him, set in a heart shaped face with a small, round nose and full, lush lips that were freshly glossed. She wore a simple black silk robe that, though tied firmly shut and modest, could nonetheless do nothing to hide the voluptuous swell of her generous curves and shapely waist.

The woman regarded Roger closely, studying him. He stood in his Marine service uniform, his uniform well pressed and clean in green and khaki colors. Roger was a tall, well built, fit man, broad in the chest and shoulder with strong, toned arms. He was a dark skinned black man, and he wore his uniform well, and had a capable air about him. He had a handsome face in a serious, no-nonsense sort of way, clean shaven with a close cropped military cut.

"Mrs. Alice Tristan?" Roger asked.

"Yes," the young suburban housewife replied. She seemed a touch nervous, uncertain. Roger thought for a moment that there must be a mistake. Then her chocolate eyes ran slowly along him, really taking him in now, unabashedly tracing the way his button up uniform shirt fit to his well-muscled chest and hugged his upper arms. A small, pink tongue traced full glossed lips. A stud gleamed silver against the pink of her pierced tongue.

"You look exactly like your picture," Roger said, meaning it as a compliment.

Alice swallowed, then opened the door wider. Roger stepped inside.

The house was clean, more spacious than it appeared from the outside, and tastefully, if somewhat sparsely, decorated. It had the feel of a home that had been moved into recently. Pictures adorned the walls in several places. Smiling faces shone out from little nooks in bookcases and end tables.

Roger only noticed all this in a cursory, peripheral sort of way. His attention was much more intently focused on the young woman in front of him, who waited for the Marine to shut the door behind him, then shrugged out of her robe without speaking a word.

Alice was a blessed woman. Her breasts were generous and juicy. They sat high and proud on her chest and had an undeniable natural look and feel, heavy and ripe and a lovely natural teardrop shape. Her nipples were thick and pink and pierced through with twin silver rings, making them stand out all the more proudly from the tips of her breasts. Her waist was slim and slender, with just a touch of feminine rounding to her belly that added to her sensuality rather than took away from it. Her hips were abundant and round, and her thighs shapely and solid and sleek, tapering down into surprisingly long legs for her height. Between those supple thighs, Alice's cunt was bald, plump, and already glistening with the sticky proof of her arousal.

The young married woman dropped to her knees in front of Roger, who caught the gleam of the steel collar around the woman's throat. "My service is yours, Sir."

Roger stared down at her for a moment, drinking her in. She knelt well, balanced on the balls of her feet with her heels serving as a rest for her perfectly rounded ass. Her knees were splayed wide to shamelessly expose the puffy folds of her smooth cunt.

"Then serve," he said at last. "You know what's expected."

And she did. Did she ever. Alice nodded and then she was there, kneeling right at his feet. Her small, capable hands undid his belt and pulled it free. She placed it neatly to the side, glanced up at him, and then she was undoing the pressed and dry-cleaned pants of his uniform, loosing buttons and tugging down his zipper. Her hands were steady, confident, and soft.

She found him erect, rigid and heavy. Alice pulled Rogers throbbing cock out, running her pale hand up and down the impressive dark length, the skin smooth and soft over the solid hardness of his shaft. A look of hunger rushed through her face, and the woman couldn't quite manage to stifle an audible groan.

Wordless and eager, Alice leaned down to run her pierced pink tongue up and down the length of that fat black dick. Another groan came unbidden from those full lips as she tasted his flesh for the first time. Her saliva glinted on his skin as she lavished her lips and tongue up and down the generous length of meat. Then, without hesitation, Alice plunged the bulging cock into her mouth, taking the bloated mushroomed head into her mouth and slurping wetly, her plump cock-sucker lips spread around the girth of Roger's cock knob. His whole body clenched, tensing with the warm wet pleasure of that hungry little mouth.

The housewife was starved, obviously, and began to enthusiastically bob her head up and down the Marine's cock, sucking and slurping loudly and without shame or restraint. A trembling wet gag gurgled from Alice's cock stuffed lips as she took Roger's engorged cock down her slender white throat. The bulging width of Roger's meat stretched and filled Alice's throat, cutting off her air and choking her in a way that made her cunt pulse uncontrollably.

Soon Roger's powerful hands were in her hair, holding her head steady, and his hips pumped strongly to roughly drive his cock down the tight, wet confines of her squeezing throat. Alice knelt there, staring up at him with glazed over eyes, and one hand gripped Roger's muscled thigh while the other slipped between her thighs and spread the engorged folds of her cunt around her pumping fingers.

Alice gagged and choked, but refused to release the dark, delicious meat she was gorging on. Roger used the slutty suburban wife for his pleasure, pounding her face until her lips were puffy and long ropes of saliva hung sloppily from her lips and chin to spill on her bouncing, swaying tits. All the while, Alice stared up at him, tears running from her eyes to run down her reddened cheeks, and never once did she do anything but suck, gag, and moan violently around his cock.

The rough throat fucking was just too much, just too good, and Roger came in a sudden rush. His body went rigid and his fingers gripped her scalp harder as his hips surged forward, burying his cock down that squeezing little throat, and came. His seed spurt out, thick and hot and sticky, splashing in great bursts to coat Alice's throat and belly in warmth. He came until her mouth was full of it, a potent mix of meat and cum dancing all over her tongue and seeping from the corners of her over-stretched lips, running down her chin in sticky white globs. Finally, getting woozy from lack of air, Alice yanked back, gasping and sputtering and moaning as the last spurt of Roger's thick cum splashed onto one cheek.

Alice fell back, panting and trembling, staring up at the stranger in front of her. She could feel his cock stretching her throat still, she could taste his essence, and the smell of his seed was all she could process. The young brunette stared up at the tall marine in front of her, and her hand worked frantically between wide spread legs, while the other gathered the cum from her face and sucked her fingers clean. She let out a hoarse scream as she violently came, her back lifting in a beautiful arch as she shrieked out her pleasure with Roger's cum dancing on her tongue.

Spent, Alice fell to the floor, panting and trembling. A light sheen of sweat covered her body and she stared at Roger without really seeing him. Roger tucked his saliva shining cock back into his pants, then undid his button down shirt and pulled it off, letting it fall so he stood in only his clean pressed pants and an undershirt.

After allowing herself some moments to come back to earth, Roger nudged the disheveled woman gently with the toe of his boot. Alice stirred, then finally collected herself and sat up. She gathered Roger's discarded shirt, folded it neatly and meticulously, then placed it with his belt before looking up at him from her place on the floor.

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