A Surprising Evening at Robert and Wilma's

by Pogo123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An evening out with two old friends changes my life forever. I get seduced into my first threesome and my first bi experience.

I waited nervously after ringing the doorbell.

Within seconds I heard footsteps approaching then the knob turned, the door opened and Wilma was smiling at me as she invited me in.

Wilma was wrapped in a fluffy white robe, unusual for this time of year, but as she took it off, she explained that she was wearing it only in case it was not me at the door.

Now I could see why. She was wearing a very small, translucent red Teddy through which I could see her erect nipples and the cleft of her shaved pussy.

After a hug and a peck for a kiss, she said "Robert is waiting for you on the patio, but wants you to undress here before joining him" As she reached for my belt, she said "Here, let me help."

"Fine with me", I replied, "and let me comment that you look simply stunning tonight, Wilma."

"Why, thank you, Larry, I'm glad you think so. I do want to look good for my two favorite men."

"Good enough to eat", I said with a chuckle, "and I know how good you taste."

"Quit that, Larry. I'm already wet enough as it is. All Robert has talked about this evening is your visit tonight and it's gotten me as hot as I can remember being."

As the last of my clothes hit the floor, Wilma moved to my side, took my cock in her hand and began to slowly stroke me up and down.

"Oh, goody!", she exclaimed, "you're already getting hard. Robert will like that. Come on, let's go", Wilma said excitedly as she started leading me to the patio door by my cock.

I had met Robert and Wilma at a very nice, upscale cocktail lounge about three years ago. A typical middle age couple out for some relaxation was my first thought of them and for the next several months had no reason to think otherwise.

Then something happened ... doesn't it always ... that changed my mind and made me wonder.

One weekend evening, there had been a new and very talented piano player booked for the evening's entertainment and the floor always had at least three couples dancing to some very smooth music.

Although I'm not really much into dancing, I've been told that I'm pretty good at it, but, being alone, was content to sip my drink, have idle short conversations with the bartender and watch the couples enjoying the music.

After about an hour, Robert came up to the bar to refresh his and Wilma's drink and, as he was about to return to their table, invited me to join them.

As we joined Wilma, I took my first notice that she was dressed simply, but elegantly in an off white silk blouse and long flowing madras print skirt. The image of femininity and class.

As the drinks flowed, thanks to Robert, we talked and got to know each other far better than we had over the previous two years of occasionally seeing each other at the club. He and Wilma danced when one of their favorites was played and, all in all, we had a very enjoyable time ... at least I did.

Then Robert invited me to dance with Wilma, pleading that it couldn't be much fun being the only lone man in a group of couples and that Wilma would enjoy the "change of scenery".

OK ... I can do that ... and we did.

Surprisingly, Wilma blushed as I took her hand and asked her to dance when the piano player began one of MY favorite tunes. I noted her reaction, but didn't make too much of it ... just a new experience for her, I thought.

As I held her to dance, I instantly noted that she wasn't wearing a bra under that demure silk blouse and if you don't think that got my attention, think again.

Wilma was an accomplished dancer and easily followed me smoothly around the dance floor. I was actually enjoying dancing with her which is something of a rarity for me.

As we returned to our seats with Robert, he smiled and said, "There. That wasn't so bad, was it?"

I didn't know whether he was talking to me or to Wilma, but noticed that she gave him a small shake of her head and blushed.

Now, I was definitely curious, but said nothing. I just took my seat, finished my drink and collected their glasses before returning to the bar for refills.

As I waited for the bartender to fill my order, I could see that Robert and Wilma were concentrating on their conversation. Heads close together, they appeared to be discussing something serious, but sat back with smiles when I again approached with fresh drinks.

The music really was a cut above what we normally got from the local talent pool and we all stayed far longer than usual and, of course, drank far more than usual as well.

I danced several more with Wilma and enjoyed not only her dancing skills, but the feel of this attractive woman in my arms.

She appeared to relax more with each dance and was soon leaning into me during the very slow songs.

But, all things must eventually come to an end and suddenly, and surprisingly, the bartender was giving last call. Where had the time gone?

As we stood up to leave, Robert stumbled and nearly fell over. I grabbed him and sat him down again, asking if he was alright. It was obvious that he wasn't.

Robert hadn't danced much after I started dancing with Wilma and it had escaped me just how many drinks he had put away. He was not drunk, but was feeling no pain and was in a happy, frivolous mood.

A bit concerned, I asked Wilma if she was sober enough to drive them home and she responded that she thought she was.

I didn't want to take the chance on either of them getting hurt or running afoul of the local gendarmes, so I told them that I would drive them home in their car and either have a friend pick me up or take a taxi back for my car.

Since they drove a Lincoln, there was plenty of room in the front seat, so we all piled in and I pulled out of the lot headed for their house, Wilma next to me and Robert next to the passenger's door. Robert had his arm over Wilma's shoulder and repeatedly pulled her close for a kiss or to nibble on her ear. That brought small giggles from Wilma each time.

In the mood he was in, Robert was talking a mile a minute and soon I found myself being asked questions about Wilma ... wasn't she a good dancer, wasn't she a pretty woman, wasn't she dressed nicely?

Wilma just kept her head down, silently and blushed as I answered in the affirmative to all Robert's questions.

It didn't take Robert but a few minutes to move his right hand to her thigh and begin teasingly bunch her skirt up while commenting on what nice legs she had.

"Behave, Robert", Wilma told him, "Larry doesn't want to see you acting this way."

"But I'll bet he'd like to see these gorgeous legs, Wilma, wouldn't you, Larry?", he responded as he persisted in gathering up her skirt in small bunches of his hand.

I was enjoying what I thought innocent fun by a tipsy, but loving husband enjoying himself. In truth, I was actually a bit complimented that he would feel safe enough to have innocent fun with his wife in front of me, obviously thinking there would be no repercussions or prices to pay.

What I didn't notice, at first, was that Wilma said nothing during most of Robert's ranting and did not stop him from inching her skirt up.

When I did finally notice, we were a well lit intersection stop light and I looked down to see Wilma's skirt halfway up her thighs.

Robert was right ... she DID have great legs.

Still ... I didn't think more of Robert's untypical behavior than a husband who was borderline drunk and having fun in a safe situation. There was no way I was going to even try to take advantage of that. That's not in me.

Arriving at their house, Wilma and I each took one of Robert's arms and made our way into the house. Robert had an arm over our shoulders and we were holding him up, more to prevent him from stumbling than falling down.

It was then I noticed that while Robert had his arm draped around Wilma's neck, his hand was firmly anchored on her breast.

He saw me looking and got a funny little smile on his face as he said, "If you think her legs are good, you should see these tits. To die for".

Wilma blushed again and I just laughed and told him that I was sure he was right, but that getting to the door was our next major hurdle.

Once inside, Robert flopped onto the couch and I sat on a love seat across from him as Wilma said that she thought that coffee was definitely in order for all of us.

I started to protest, but Robert told me to chill out and relax. A coffee would be good for everyone.

Coffee did sound really attractive at that point and I had nowhere to be other than my bed, so I sat back and relaxed while Wilma went to the kitchen. Soon I could hear the sounds of coffee making and soon thereafter smell the wonderful aroma of fresh coffee.

Robert, however, had other ideas. As soon as Wilma had left the room, he made his way to a low cabinet, opened it and took out a bottle of Scotch.

I didn't think he needed another drink, but in the safety of his own home, I also didn't think he was in any danger. It was, after all, his house and he was a big boy. I was equally sure he would pay for it tomorrow morning with a good sized head, however.

Soon, Robert and I were sipping some very good Scotch when he called to Wilma, telling her to change to something more comfortable ... maybe her little red outfit.

Questions flew through my mind. What was that all about?

Wilma didn't answer and Robert and I continued chatting while sipping our drinks until Wilma came out carrying the coffee and three cups ... in a red baby doll pajama set!!!

I almost lost it.

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