Grandma Irene and the Banker

by mattwatt

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A wonderful vacation in the city for little Cicily with Grandma Irene was interrupted by a simple 'bump and run' purse snatch. But John Martin Seals, a banker by trade, was nearby to help out. Little did he know that seduction was in the future for him.


The time was special. In fact, for little Cicily, the word 'special' didn't even begin to describe it. She was on vacation with her very favorite, Grandma Irene! She was on vacation with Grandma Irene in the city. It was fabulous and really exciting.

They made special plans and went to special places. They went to the zoo; they went to the movies; they went to the theater. It was wonderful. Even the times that they spent at Grandma Irene's apartment were special and fun for the two of them.

For her part, Irene Weeks was as in love with little Cicily now as she had been when she'd been first born, seven years ago. The little girl was full of enthusiasm. She loved doing things; she loved being in the city, and she especially loved her Grandma Irene.

They'd even had 'the talk' about how much Grandma Irene missed Grandpa Ned but how life went on. In that instance, Cicily nodded her head wisely and agreed with Grandma Irene and then 'made it all better' by giving grandma a hug and a kiss.

Irene had indeed done a good deal of grieving and moping around, in the months after Ned's death. It was events such as this one, with Cicily, that tended to bring her around. She was, at 45, still a very attractive woman. She was still fairly thin and small breasted. But her 34 C breasts had very sensitive nipples, rather large nipples, in fact. But the very best thing about Irene was her butt. Irene Weeks had a butt that was the single best reason in the entire world for the existence of 'granny panties'. She eschewed the sexy things, like bikinis and thongs but in a pair of 'grannies', for anyone who had the good fortune to see her, and they were few and far between, Irene Weeks was a knockout.

In fact, it was truly only in these past number of months that Irene was coming out of her funk. It had lasted all of fifteen months, since the passing of her Ned. Having the time with Cicily was just the very thing for her. Both she and her daughter, Judy agreed about that, and the thought of a vacation with Grandma Irene in the city was the cat's meow for Cicily.

Today's discussion between Cicily and Grandma Irene was about taking care of the house things. She meant groceries and those kinds of things.

"What we need to do," Irene said, during the discussion, "Is to go to the bank and get out some money, so that we have food money on hand for groceries and for going out to dinner or lunch."

"Oh, good," Cicily said. "An outing to the bank! That's so cool, Grandma!"

Irene smiled at the enthusiasm! She appreciated it, because it was almost like Cicily teaching her a lesson about getting along and getting on with life. It was a lesson about enjoyment and looking forward to things. It was a lesson that Irene knew that she needed.

"Okay," Irene continued, "Then we'll go to the bank to get out the grocery money."

"Oh, can I take my purse with me, Grandma?" Cicily asked. "Like you always do?"

Irene smiled and said: "Yes, honey; that'll be fine. You take your purse too. You can be my helper today. After the bank, we'll go out for a nice lunch."

"Goodie for us," Cicily said with her normal enthusiasm, "The bank and lunch for us."

Then the two of them were off to the bank. Irene parked downtown in a lot and they walked to the bank together.

Once they'd gotten the food money from the teller, with Cicily telling the teller all about her outing today with her Grandma Irene, they were ready to leave.

"Grandma," Cicily asked then, "Can we put the food money in my purse, just maybe until we get to the car?"

She looked up in a very hopeful fashion.

"I'll be really careful," Cicily promised. "And I'll hold your hand all the while, on the way to the car."

"Yes, of course," Irene said, "You're being such a big help to me. That'll be the best plan possible."


John Martin Seals had just about then left his office in the bank, where he was bank president, and wandered across the street to 'the Dripping Cup' for his morning espresso. It was pretty much a habit with John Martin, one of his indulgences.

John Martin had settled into a comfortable but fairly solitary life, after the passing of his wife, Julie. He didn't often think of it anymore. At his present age, 44, he was getting settled in his ways and in his life style. He still stayed in the large house that he and Julie had purchased, before she had the cancer. He saw no reason at all for moving out and starting anything new.

Since that time, he'd hired a woman to oversee his house, and settled into a comfortable life with Mrs. Lee in charge of the house.

He was idly thinking of the morning's business and how well it had gone, when the incident in front of his bank occurred. As he was walking back across the street from 'the Dripping Cup' there was a sudden flurry of activity, accompanied by shouting. John Martin was in a position to see it all happen.

From his vantage point just across the street, John Martin saw the whole thing, as it developed and was carried out. He couldn't, at the time, do anything about it, since he was across the street and too far away.

The first thing that he noticed was the kid or young guy up the block from the bank, who began to sprint toward the front of the bank doors, where at that time, Cicily and Grandma Irene had just come out.

John Martin suspected immediately what was about to happen. He waded into traffic and made it across but not in time to prevent the 'bump and run' from occurring.

Grandma Irene and Cicily were totally surprised by it. The kid, now running full force, simply bowled Irene down and with one deft movement, had her purse in his hand and was already sprinting up the street.

In the process, he simply knocked Cicily down and Irene also, who was left sitting on the doorstep of the bank.

Immediately, Cicily began to cry. But her main impetus for crying, apart from a momentary fright, was that Grandma Irene was the one who was run over by the guy and she thought that her Grandma was hurt.

John Martin was there immediately. He bent down and picked up Cicily first, who, in her fright, simply clung to him and cried. Then he reached out to Irene and helped her to her feet also.

"Are you alright?" he asked Irene, who took Cicily from his arms then.

"Yes, thank you," she said. "Are you okay, honey?" she asked Cicily then, with John standing attendance on both of them.

"Yes, Grandma, I thought that that man hurt you!" Cicily said.

"No, sweetie," Irene said, "He was a robber and wanted my purse."

"He stole your purse, Grandma?" Cicily asked.

"Yes, honey," Irene said, in a voice that was filled with anger and a tinge of regret, at having it occur, while Cicily was there.

"But, Grandma," Cicily said then, "I still have the food money from the bank!"

Irene actually laughed then and said: "Yes, that's right. Aren't you the smart one?"

She turned to John then and said: "We got the grocery and house money from the bank and sweet Cicily wanted to hold it in her purse until we got to the car. So, I let her."

John Martin smiled then and said: "Good for you! And, by the way, I'm John Martin Seals."

"Irene Weeks," she said, extending her hand. "And this is my sweet granddaughter Cicily, Cicily Williams."

"I'm pleased to meet you, Cicily," he said, "Especially someone as smart as you are, showing ways to foil the robber."

Cicily smiled then at both her Grandma Irene and at John Martin.

"Are you sure that you're okay?" he asked her next.

"Yes," Irene said, "Only a bruised ego is all."

"Lose much?" John Martin asked then.

"Oh, the usual," Irene answered with true regret. "Credit card, debit card, driver's license, wallet with a little money and my id cards."

"Well," John Martin continued, "I work here at the bank. I'm the bank CEO. If you'll let me, we'll go inside. I have an associate who specializes in taking care of those kinds of problems. He can get you straight in a very little amount of time. Can we?"

Irene smiled at John Martin, secretly thinking that he was handsome and said a soft: "That'll be lovely."

John Martin led them into the bank and took them to his office. Once they were in the office, he buzzed his secretary and said: "Winnie, I'm going to need Tom Barnes here for this woman."

"Yes, of course," Winnie said, "I'll get him."

In just a few moments, a tall man entered and John Martin introduced him to Irene, and Cicily.

"They were just the victims of a 'bump and run' in front of the bank," John Martin explained.

"Third one in this part of the town this week," Tom said. "Probably the same kid. I'll call my pals at the station house to get here."

Then he turned to Irene and asked her what she'd lost. Irene explained to him what had been in the purse.

"If you can come with me for a few moments," he said, "I'll get that information and will begin the process of securing all of it."

"What will you do?" she asked.

"Cancel the credit card and the debit card and begin the process of getting you set up with new ones. Calling someone so that you can get a new driver's license. That kind of thing."

By then, Irene was smiling both at Tom and at John Martin.

Tom nodded to John Martin and said: "This will only take us a little bit of time actually."

Cicily looked around uncertain, when John Martin said to Irene: "If you don't mind, and if she's willing, Cicily and I will go across the street, where I know that they have great donuts and great hot chocolate. Irene smiled and asked Cicily about that.

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