Summer Vacation

by Ann Douglas

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, Size, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Michael Kent expected the summer he spent at his Aunt's to be quiet and uneventful. It turned out to be anything but.

"Great, just freaking great!" Michael Kent said to himself as he finally gave up trying to get his old 88 Escort to turn over. "This is the perfect end to a perfect night!"

A frown on his face, the eighteen year old locked up the car and set out on foot. It could be worse, he told himself. It could be raining and he could be much more than a half mile from his destination.

"I guess everything this summer couldn't go right..." he reminded himself as he ran his hand across his short sandy hair.

Actually, up until tonight, just about everything had gone right this summer. A lot better than he could've envisioned last June. That was when his parents, both professors of history at Midwestern, had announced that they were going to spend July and August as volunteers at a New Mexico recreation of a old frontier town. Despite his father's opinion that it would be a great learning experience for him, Michael wasn't thrilled at the prospect of spending a few month as part of 19th century America. The recreation was planned to be as authentic as possible. No modern convinces at all. If it wasn't part of the 1877 western frontier, then it wouldn't be available.

He had tried unsuccessfully to convince his parents that he was mature enough to be on his own for those two months. After all, he had argued, he would be turning 18 in the middle of August. Still they hadn't been convinced. A few too many stunts during his senior year of high school had caused them to doubt his ability to stay out of trouble without supervision.

His vacation months had seemed bleak indeed until salvation had come in the form of a phone call between his mother and her former sister-in-law. Janet Kent had casually mentioned her son's reluctance to join them on their expedition, noting that she could see his side of it, but also agreed with her husband that they weren't comfortable with leaving Michael on his own for most of the summer.

Karyn Gray had listened to Janet's problem and after some thought, offered to have him spend the summer with her. The small town of Eaglestone might not be the college town he was used to, but she was sure that Michael would enjoy it. At least he would still be in the modern world. Janet had thanked her for her offer and said that she would talk it over with her husband and get back to her.

Janet had always liked Karyn Gray, ever since the day her brother had introduced her to the family as his fiancée. She and Jack had been married for 12 years when he died of a heart attack at 45. That had been 7 years ago. Their marriage had produced no children but together they had started a business that left Karyn well provided for. In fact, she still ran it and had almost doubled its value in the years since. Janet felt she'd have no problem with letting Karyn look after her son.

At first, Michael hadn't been too keen on the idea. He barely remembered his Aunt, having last seen her at the funeral for his Uncle when he was only 11. He knew his mother still kept in touch with her, but not much more. He only agreed when it became apparent that his older sister didn't want him staying with her and her new husband. It was either Eaglestone or the old west. At least Eaglestone had cable TV.

One extra goodie he had gotten out of the deal was that his father had paid for the tune up of his car. If he was going to drive it 300 miles to Eaglestone, it was the least he could do. Michael had suggested that he could take the Jeep Cherokee instead, but his father suggested that he was pressing his luck. Instead he had been handed a AAA card and a cell phone to call them if he broke down enroute.

Michael was unsure what to expect when he got to Eaglestone. Like he'd noted before, he knew very little about his Aunt. He knew she was 47 years old and hadn't remarried following his Uncle's death. He remembered that they had always been nice to him when he'd been young, never forgetting a birthday or Christmas. In fact, even after Jack Gray passed away, his widow had continued to send him those gift checks. It was something, she had mentioned in one of her cards, that Jack would've wanted her to do.

Still, he entered the small town with a certain sense of trepidation. For some reason, the image of old lady Wilson, one of their neighbors, kept coming to mind. Like his Aunt, Martha Wilson had lost her husband at a relatively early age. From what his parents had told him, she had been a very pleasant person to be around prior to that.

In fact, she had been a rather attractive women. It was a shame, they'd said, she hadn't tried to find some happiness after her loss. Instead she'd become a bitter woman who let herself go. She was the type of person who hated the idea of anyone enjoying themselves. Michael knew from personal experience that Mrs. Wilson loved calling the police whenever she spotted any teenagers parking with their dates in the open fields behind her house.

Five minutes after pulling up to Aunt Karyn's house on the far edge of town, Michael was delighted to find that all of his fears had been unfounded. Karyn Gray was a person full of life and enthusiasm who wasted no time in making him feel welcome. She insisted that he call her Karyn since, after all, he was an adult now and they had never really been related, except of course by marriage. She quickly got him settled in and told him to consider her house his for the next few months.

The only awkward moment of his settling in came that first Sunday morning after his arrival when Karyn had come down to breakfast. Michael had thought to thank her by making pancakes. Lured by the sweet smell of freshly made cakes, Karyn had come right down in her nightgown.

Sitting down at the kitchen table, bathing in the early morning sun, the red haired woman's modest nightwear became almost transparent — to both Michael's delight and embarrassment. Karyn Gray had a full body that Michael's art history teacher would've described as rubenesque. Unlike most of the girls his own age, who starved themselves to look skinny, Karyn carried her figure well, creating a look that was both healthy and sexy. It was all Michael could do not to stare at the large nipples pressing through the material of her nightgown. Karyn seemed to ignore the entire incident and instead commented on how wonderful the meal was. From that day however, she never came down to breakfast without first putting a bathrobe on.

Over the next week, Karyn again surprised Michael by inviting him to a few social events and taking pains to introduce him to many of the town's teenage girls. It was at one of these events that he met Cindy Stanton.

A few months younger, Cindy had also just finished high school the previous June. She was 5' 6', only two inches shorter than Michael, brunette and blessed with a 32D bust. She was easily the most sought after girl in her senior class.

To his amazement, she was the one who first approached him, mentioning something his having the most striking blue eyes she'd ever seen. If he had bothered to use those eyes, Michael would've seen the angry look of the young man who had escorted Cindy to the dance. Instead he only had interest in Cindy's charm, her warm smile, and of course those gorgeous tits.

Michael and Cindy quickly became an item over the next few weeks, getting a little more serious each time they went out. By the fourth date, Michael had gotten an even better look at those grand mounds and how soft they could feel. By the sixth date, she had given him a hand-job and a week later had let him put his hand down her panties and get her off as well. He had tried to get her to give him a blow job, but she said that wasn't the sort of thing she liked to do. To help alleviate her date's obvious disappointment at that little piece of news, Cindy had promised to make it up to him soon with something even better. Michael was sure that by his birthday he'd get to screw her. Not that he was a virgin or anything, having done it with two girls back home.

All this time, Karyn encouraged his pursuit of Cindy, saying there was nothing like a summer fling at his age. At the same time, she admonished him to keep a level head about him. Adding with a smile she didn't want to have to try and explain any 'accidents' to his mother.

During the times when he wasn't with Cindy, it became obvious to Michael that his Aunt was a well respected member of the community. She was on the town council as well as a number of church committees. In the few weeks he had been there, however, he had never seen her interested in any kind of personal social life. He supposed that people might reach a point in life that they were no longer interested in having sex and stuff, but personally, he couldn't imagine it. After all, she kept encouraging him with Cindy, so she was far from being a prude.

It was the following Tuesday that Michael learned just how wrong he'd been about his Aunt. Cindy had cancelled their afternoon date, saying that she wanted to go shopping with some of her girlfriends instead. Seeing that his birthday was less than a week off, Michael assumed she wanted to shop for a gift for him and said he understood.

Stopping by his Aunt's business office, he learned that she had left early for the day, saying she had some work to get done at home. Michael was surprised that Karyn hadn't mentioned it to him at breakfast, then figured that it must've been something that just came up. With nothing else to do, he decided to head home and offer a hand. It was the least he could do after all the great things she'd done for him.

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