by Ann Douglas

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Interracial, Black Female, White Female, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sandy Carradine became fascinated by the dark skinned woman who appeared in a different guise on the ferry home each night. Little did she realize she was being drawn bit by bit into her world.

"Hold the door!" Sandy yelled as she sprinted the last twenty feet to the rapidly closing door of the Ferry's waiting area.

With only a half foot to spare, the blonde made it through, much to the disappointment of the deck hand who got his kicks closing the door in people's faces. Had she missed it, it would be a long hour's wait until the next Ferry at 1:30 AM. No sooner had she cleared the boarding ramp when it began to rise, freeing the Staten Island Ferryboat Alice Austin to begin her journey across New York Harbor.

Taking the late night boat was only one of the problems Sandy Carradine had encountered since going on her firm's four to twelve shift about five weeks before. Over a month and she still couldn't get into sleeping during the day. In fact, the fact that the bus stop for the local Junior High School was located right in front of her small apartment house guaranteed that she would wake up to the sound of two dozen teenagers beneath her bedroom window every morning at 7:00.

Dropping her large carry bag onto one of the hard plastic seats, Sandy dropped exhausted into another. It had been another hot and humid August day and the night had brought little relief. The small Ferry was pretty empty this time of night, relatively speaking. At least it was a far cry was the two thousand or so who took the early morning Ferry ride she had been used to.

"Damn Betty Palmer for getting pregnant!" Sandy said under her breath. "It's her fault that I'm on this stupid shift again."

Six weeks ago, Sandy had been summoned to her supervisor's office and told that since Betty was taking early maternity leave, she would have to replace her as the night shift supervisor. The twenty five year old had protested that she had only come off the night shift six months before. Therefore it wasn't fair that she be sent back. That if anything, Steve Liebowitz, the new intern who would eventually replace Betty on nights when her four month tour was over, should just take over a little early.

The reply that she had gotten was that with Betty's sudden departure, they felt it would be better to have an experienced hand at the helm so to speak. Liebowitz just wasn't ready for all that responsibility. Fighting back her anger, Sandy had to resist the sudden urge she had to tell them what she would like to do with her experienced hand.

So for the last month, Sandy had rearranged her life to fit the new work schedule. With a few bumps along the way, she had finally settled into a more or less even routine. The only really great problem now was her boyfriend, Peter Ryan.

Sandy had been dating Peter for about three months. They had met through Jim Anderson, a mutual friend, at a birthday party for his wife. Sandy was instantly taken by his rugged good looks and electric personality. Six years older, Peter had looked into her deep blue eyes and asked her out less than five minutes after they'd been introduced. When they had gone out to dinner a few nights later, it took all the former Catholic High School girl's self control, not to jump into bed with him at the very first opportunity. Instead she congratulated herself on her self-control and jumped into the sack on their second date.

That was where their newfound relationship hit it's first speed bump. Peter Ryan may have been, tall, handsome, athletic, and incredibly charming, but astonishingly as it seemed, the man was absolutely boring in bed. Never in her life had Sandy spent the night with a lover so unimaginative. Oh, he wasn't a virgin, and he did manage to get the job done. Yet she sometimes wondered of his previous lovers had been some kind of cross between Mary Poppins and Snow White. Whenever she had suggested they try something a little interesting to spice up the night a little, he quickly backed off the idea. One night he had freaked when she had slid her cum-lubricated finger into his ass during a round of some pretty serious screwing. He nearly jumped out of bed and yelled at her for even trying such a thing. That was something that only "faggot's" did he had insisted. Try as she could, she'd been unable to regain his interest or erection that night.

Now it had been almost three weeks since they had slept together and Sandy couldn't wait until Saturday night. That was the only day of the week they could still see each other, and Peter had canceled out the last two weekends due to sudden emergencies. He made no secret of the fact that he was totally unhappy with the new arrangements, and Sandy wondered if he had canceled their last two dates just out of spite. She remembered the anger in his voice when he had told her when she talked to him last.

"It's not my fault that we only have one night a week that we can go out. If you want to spend more time together than you'll just have to find a way to make the time."

Sandy had been incredibly angry as she slammed down the phone. What did he expect her to do -- quit her job?

Pushing the angry memory to the back of her mind, Sandy began to look about the small cabin and take note of her fellow passengers. It was a little game she sometimes played, a way to kill time on the twenty minute ride when she didn't feel like reading. She would pick out a person at random, and try to make up a story about their sex life. It was a silly game really, but it was fun sometimes. Of course, during the daytime she had a lot more interesting people to choose from.

Her selection finally narrowed down to an cleaning lady who looked like those old Russian woman you always saw in the movies and a tall Hispanic woman in a crisp white nurse's uniform. Feeling a little naughty in her imagination tonight, it had after all been so long since she'd be laid - she picked the nurse.

The woman looked to be about twenty-two or three, with olive skin. Her hair was a soft reddish brown, highlighted with gold. The buttons of her starched uniform were opened exceeding low, revealing a more than ample bosom. Sandy wondered if she normally wore it that way or had just opened it due to the dreadful heat. Following her gaze downward, Sandy noted the long slender legs the seemed to go on and on. It was hard to judge her height from a sitting position, but Sandy guessed it to be about five foot nine.

She must work at a hospital, Sandy thought, or be a private nurse who covers a late shift for someone. A wicked smile came to the office manager's face as she imagined the nurse giving some dirty old man some tender loving care. She tried to imagine the body under the starched whites, wondering how she made love to a man. Was it any different? There had been three Puerto Rican girls in her high school class but Sandy hadn't been friends with any of them. There were a number of Hispanic men and women who worked for the firm, four on her night shift alone. But Sandy had always had to deal with them in a supervisor/employee role and such a relationship didn't easily lend to friendship.

Eventually, the boat docked at Saint George and Sandy followed the small crowd through the terminal to catch the next train southward. She'd passed the Nurse on the way out but didn't give her a second glance. After all, the game was over and she had to be sure and not miss her ride. Like the Ferry, the SIRT only ran once an hour after midnight. If she had noticed the woman in white, she'd have seen the small smile on her red lips. Sandy's little game hadn't gone unnoticed.

The next day was Tuesday, and it was a day pretty much like any other. Sandy had tried to call Peter several times but was always catching him in conference or out. She knew he was avoiding her, forcing her to decide between him or her job. Well she wouldn't give him the satisfaction. She'd teach him to take her for granted. Wait until they went out on Saturday night. Even if she had to tie him down to do it, Sandy was determined to give him the fuck of his life. After that, lets see him ignore her. After all, she remembered, at first he really wasn't keen on the idea of her going down on him. Yet after only a single demonstration, he quickly became a convert to the idea.

The night passed rather quickly and midnight soon came. Taking up an offer for a lift to the South Ferry Terminal, Sandy had no trouble making the twelve-thirty boat. As was her custom, she took her usual seat in the rear right section of the boat. It was funny, she thought how people always seem to go to the same seats night after night, even when there was so many empty seats.

In fact, since most of the people around her were the same night after night, she usually looked for the outsider to be the player in her game. Bypassing the familiar faces, Sandy's sights stopped for a moment on a tall olive skinned woman in a security guard's uniform.

"Now there's a lousy job to have," Sandy said to herself. "Long hours, minimum wage."

Discounting her as a player, Sandy's imaginary scope moved on. After all, why pick the same type of person two nights in a row. Finding no one that struck her immediate interest, the blonde was surveying the choices a second time when she took a longer look at the security guard.

"She's the nurse!" Sandy exclaimed to herself. "The hair is black now and in a braid, but that's the same woman. I'm sure of it. How could she be a nurse one day and a security guard the next?"

Determined to get a closer look to be sure, Sandy waited until the Ferry began to get close to port and people began to line up at the front of the boat. That was another thing she had never understood. Why with only about a hundred people onboard, a line would still form at the gangway before they even docked. Whatever the reason, it gave her an excuse to take a closer look at this mystery woman.

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