The Compliant Cuckold Series

by harry lime

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Cuckold, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration, Size, Babysitter, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This series will have 8 stories of the Compliant Cuckold. They are not deep at all and are intended just for enjoyment of this fetish genre. No husbands have been harmed in the writing of these stories.

Horace and Maude were wed when they were both only teenagers. Actually Horace was the youngest at the innocent young age of 18 and Maude was the elder and soon to be 20. They went on a honeymoon to Ireland because Maude was insistent on visiting the famous "Blarney Stone". She was quite the gabber and wanted to insure her continued gift of chatting at the drop of a hat would continue throughout her married life.

It was the very first time that Horace had any inkling about his spouse's predilection to allowing strange cocks to take up temporary residence inside her female parts even though she was a married woman. He was aware of the fact that his spouse had considerably more experience in matters of this sort before they were married but she had assured him that she would be faithful and keep her pussy free of interference from males on the hunt for married females with an air of submissive passion.

It certainly did not look like that was the case when he entered the castle basement and found his new bride face down across the stone table with her knickers at her ankles and both of the caretakers taking turns at her reddened rear-end sported by their punishing hands. The whimpers his Maude was making revealed that she was equally as supportive of the activity as the two laborers.

He stood there for a long time watching his new wife taking it all in stride and gasping when each of the randy males spurted their copious loads into her thirsty fanny. To his horror and complete sense of shame, he saw that he was possessed of a rampant cock-stand and was stroking his shaft with vigorous frenzy. When he saw one of the strange men begin to stretch his Maude's brown-eye with his thick thumb, he knew that she was going to have to take it up the bum as well.

The sound of her muffled shriek of lost innocence as her back hole was plundered by the muscular workmen was enough to send him over the edge and his creamy cum shot out in an arc onto the silent stones of the basement floor. She had never allowed him to even touch her pucker hole, much less to shove his greedy cock inside it to test her tightness. Both of the men were spanking her hard now and telling her what a sly bitch she was for cheating on her husband. They even put their dirty fingers into her snatch and then into her mouth telling her to suck her own juices down into her cheating belly.

Horace would have expected his Maude to be disgusted by this behavior but instead she seemed to be encouraging the two men to further indignities. He desperately wished he could be humping a young girl's bottom while he was watching the tableau but there were none available except his wife and she was fully engaged.

He backed out of the room and went out to the van to organize his baseball trading cards which were stacked haphazardly next to his treasured comic books. They were of more interest to him now because of their increasing value rather than the reading enjoyment. He never failed to take them with him everywhere because he would be devastated if they were stolen from him.

After what seemed like a long wait, the doors opened and two burly men exited with sneers on their faces and a nasty laugh about the slut they had just left on the basement floor.

Horace went back into the castle and saw his wife sitting at the bench brushing her hair like she didn't have a care in the world.

"There you are, darling; I have been touring the basement. There are a lot of interesting little displays about how the original residents shut their enemies up in the basement and did all sorts of nasty things to them. It is all so sordid; I can't even repeat it to you."

He looked at his wife and except for a hint of semen at the corners of her pretty little mouth, one would never suspect what a depraved performer she really was when left to her own devices. Even though he was quite angry at her for her degrading behavior, he knew that all he wanted to do was to bend her over the table and give her a taste of his rampant cock. As it reading his mind, she spooned her body in front of him and bent over the table so far that his cock pressed right up against her female slit. He quickly raised her dress and finding no knickers, just shoved his quivering cock inside her cum-filled pussy with little regard to the niceties of foreplay. Maude gasped at his impetuous actions but relaxed her buttocks to take his weight without tenseness in her muscles. The sound of their coupling rang out in the damp basement loud enough to rouse a few sleeping ghosts from their undisturbed slumbers.

"I saw you watching me take those two rough-necks. I am sorry, Horace, I don't know what gets in me sometimes. I see these boys with their packages all busting to break out of their trousers and I get this urge to help them out by letting them have their way with me. I hope it doesn't disturb you too much, it is just the way I am."

Before replying, Horace allowed his shaft to drain quite satisfactorily into his wife's greedy maw with a frenzied finish to his pumping. They were both breathing rapidly when he was finished but she still needed more to really get her juices flowing properly.

"I can live with you enjoying such festivities, my dear, but you must keep me informed about where and when you plan to participate in these little generous gifts of your private parts to other males. I have no objection, I just want to observe your technique so I might learn how to better please you."

Maude laughed and agreed to make her future "falls from fidelity" known in advance to allow him to arrange to observe her in a near-by hiding spot. It seemed an ideal solution to the confrontation over fidelity and one that would give Horace a degree of pleasure as well. Besides, he was much enthused over his spouse's attempts to "make up" for her atrocious behavior by giving in to his kinky demands.

As things would have it, Maude fell pregnant a few months later and she delivered a girl child called Lara just before Christmas. Their coupling routine suffered for quite some time but about six months after the blessed event, they accepted a dinner invitation to a family friend's townhome for a formal dinner.

Fortunately, they were able to find a suitable babysitter for the evening. Because she lived in another part of the city, they arranged with the agency that she would stay overnight and be picked up by an agency representative in the morning to be returned to her own neighborhood. Her name was Tara and she had long red hair put up in a coiled bun on the top of her pretty freckled face. The girl was just 18 and this was one of her first assignments. Horace noticed right away that she was not one for girdles or layers of undergarments. She appeared to be wearing only her long skirt and tailored blouse and nylons that looked like they might go all the way up. She was shorter than his wife and slender almost to a waif-type appearance that seemed out of place with her long silky red hair. When she climbed the stairs up to the baby's bedroom, he couldn't help but notice the perfect symmetry of her heart-shaped haunches working like pistons in powerful strokes.

They spoke only briefly before leaving for the dinner but the girl seemed to take to Horace a great deal more than his chattering spouse. In fact, Maude seemed totally disinterested in the mundane facts of married life and was focused on having fun at the party and dinner. She had breathlessly informed her husband that tonight would be one of her "adventures" and he would be welcome to watch from an alcove when she found a safe room for dispensing some pleasure to a needy male. She told her husband that she had been in this house before and there were a lot of hiding places for discreet mischief.

Horace was hiding in the study closet when his wife came in with the Brigadier. He was an elderly but fit man in his late fifties who made no secret of the fact he would like to bed the very married Maude at the earliest opportunity. Several of the other guests looked at Horace with pity because it was obvious he would be cuckolded before the party was over.

He was aghast as soon as the study door locked because the first thing the military man did was to slap Horace's wife across her face several times and opened her mouth to spit into it with a nasty smile on his face. It was disgustingly demeaning but his Maude seemed to love it and she whined her pleasure at the treatment. The fellow used her mouth for an extensive period finally delivering a creamy load for her to swallow down as quickly as she could to prevent any evidence from remaining behind.

The things that the sly military man did to his wife were so humiliating that poor Horace had no choice but to take his shaft and choke it until it squirted out his seeds onto the closet floor. When the fellow finally departed, he scooped up his disheveled spouse and got her safely into the taxi for the ride home. Somehow, she had grabbed a bottle of champagne on the way out and proceeded to consume the entire bottle before they arrived back at the front door.

He had to carry his wife from the taxi all the way upstairs to the master bedroom. She was still conscious but in no shape to make any logical decisions about anything. When she pushed his hands away with a petulant twist of her wrist, the babysitter Tara came in and helped him get her undressed and under the blankets. Only a moment later her snores filled the room with enough loudness to cause the both of them to break out in nervous giggles at the deep sleep that she fell right into without prompting.

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