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Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Fan Fiction, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Mystery Sex Story: The X-Files' Mulder and Scully are on the trail of a man who may be using mind control to turn sexual attraction into sexual action

An Erotic X-Files Story

Trudi Bowman slowly unwrapped another soft cube of strawberry Bubble-Yum and added it to the now nearly flavorless glob already in her mouth. The surge of flavor did little to lift her spirits as she shifted her feet behind the counter of the nearly-empty Road Pantry convenience store just outside Hallville, Pennsylvania. It was eight- thirty on a Saturday night, another hour before her shift ended, and time seemed to be standing still for the sixteen-year old girl. Her boyfriend, Gene, had finally gotten his car running and he was picking her up here after work. They were planning to celebrate by driving to the nearby reservoir which supplied the small town of Hallville with its water and its horny teenagers with a secluded spot for romantic encounters.

Trudi was trying to decide how far to let Gene go tonight at the reservoir. Having a boyfriend with his own car was going to make this quite an enjoyable summer (only two more weeks until summer vacation), and she wanted to reward him for his success in reviving the 1977 Chevy Camaro he had bought for $700 a few months ago from the local junkyard. She fully intended to go all the way with Gene, who was pretty cute in addition to being good with cars. But not tonight - the first time they had sex shouldn't be in a car, that was kind of tacky. They could wait until Trudi's mother went to visit her sister in Gaithersburg some night and have the house to themselves.

Leaning her back against the counter, she stretched her arms over her head and yawned before turning her attention back to the People magazine she was leafing through. Trudi was an attractive girl with long slender legs, narrow hips, and surprisingly large breasts. With her full lips and sparkling brown eyes she could easily be considered beautiful, except for the short, punk haircut and off-the-wall makeup she favored. Tight denim shorts, a leather vest, and a nose ring (her mother had flipped out when she came home with that) completed the standard 1990's uniform of a rebellious teenage girl.

Tonight she would give Gene a blow job, she finally decided. Her best friend, Amy Archer, had given her boyfriend a blow job last month (and had been giving them regularly ever since). Amy had even showed her how to do it, giving Trudi a spirited demonstration on a cucumber, and although it sounded gross at first, the more she thought about it the less gross and more interesting it seemed. Besides, Trudi didn't want Amy to get too far ahead of her - she had already slept with two guys and Trudi was still a virgin.

The Road Pantry was quiet, as it usually was in the evenings - two boys in Little League uniforms in the candy aisle discussing the relative merits of Atomic Fireballs and Sour Patch Kids were the only customers. The owner, Vince Lansing, was in the back room taking inventory. Outside, the air was just starting to cool down after the hottest day of the young summer. Inside, the air conditioning kept the store at a constant, chilly 68 degrees.

The "ding" as the door opened roused Trudi from her reverie, and she looked up as a man in a green windbreaker and a baseball cap came in. She caught a glimpse of his face - a brown mustache and glasses - but before she could get a better look he turned his back and began browsing through the magazines on the opposite side of the store. It seemed odd to Trudi that anyone would be wearing a jacket on such a hot day, but before she could finish her thought the Little-Leaguers came up to the counter with armfuls of candy.

When she was finished ringing the boys up, she noticed that Vince had come out of the back and was selecting a candy bar for himself. In his late thirties, he had the body of a former athlete who was just starting to get a little thick around the middle. With his wavy blonde hair and easy smile women found him attractive, and the fact that he had been a legendary high-school football player 20 years ago didn't hurt either. Trudi had daydreamed more than once about what they could do in the back room when business was slow, but Vince was happily married with two little girls. She didn't realize that Vince had a serious crush on her, or she wouldn't flirt with him as much as she did.

"Now don't forget to pay for that," she said with a smile.

"This is my store and I can eat whatever I want, little missy," replied Vince playfully as he bit into his Snickers bar.

Trudi liked working for Vince - he was pretty casual about work rules, letting his employees wear whatever they wanted, and he didn't ask the checkout girls to do other stuff like restocking and sweeping the floor when business was slow, like some other stores in town she knew of.

As she and Vince chatted about the weather and about Trudi's plans for the upcoming summer, neither of them noticed that the man in the green windbreaker was staring at them intently with a strange half-smile on his face.

"I guess you and loverboy have an exciting summer planned, now that he's got those hot new wheels of his," teased Vince.

"There's not much exciting to do in Hallville, but I guess we will think of something to pass the time." Trudi blushed a little as she said this - it had come out sounding a bit more suggestive than she had meant.

"I guess you will," laughed Vince. "Just watch out for police patrols over by the reservoir - this is a Christian town you know, and they don't much like the kids fooling around. With all the recent publicity I wouldn't be surprised if they stationed a permanent lookout up there this summer."

Vince was referring to a local newspaper article chronicling the sudden jump in teenage pregnancies in Hallville over the last few months. Trudi knew at least three girls from her high school class who had somehow managed to get themselves knocked up. Wrinkling her nose into a puzzled look, Trudi said "I really don't understand it you know? I mean, we get sex-ed in eighth grade now, and everybody knows the guys gotta wear a condom. And some of those girls just don't seem like, you know, the type."

As Vince opened his mouth to reply, he was distracted by a sudden strange warmth inside his chest, which was accompanied by a faint buzzing inside his head. The room seemed to spin, and he put his hand on the counter to steady himself.

"Are you OK?" asked Trudi with a concerned look.

Vince didn't respond. Looking at Trudi he felt a sudden, overwhelming surge of desire. He licked his lips and began edging around the counter towards her, his eyes moving up and down her body. Behind them, the man in the green windbreaker shifted his gaze from Vince to Trudi and his eyes narrowed with concentration.

"Vince, what's going on..."

Before she could continue she was startled to feel a warm, pleasant feeling move through her entire body, starting in her chest and moving outward towards her hands and feet. Her eyes locked into Vince's for a moment, and then dropped to his crotch, where a noticable bulge had appeared. She suddenly realized that she had never felt so horny in her life, and she could think of nothing else but having sex with Vince.

"Why don't you unzip his pants and let that thing out," said the man in the green jacket softly. He had walked partway up the aisle toward the counter and was standing about 15 feet away, but neither of them looked over at him. Moving as if she was in a dream, Trudi stepped towards Vince and slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his khakis, giving the zipper a little extra tug to get it over the growing bulge of his cock. Reaching into his pants, she slid his jockey shorts down, revealing the head of his penis.

Vince moaned with pleasure as Trudi's hand closed around his thick cock and pulled it away from his briefs. The buzzing in his head had subsided a bit, and he now felt a not-unpleasant lightheadedness, as if he was under the influence of some strange drug. He slid Trudi's vest back off her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor, and then he eagerly lifted her Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt up over her head, revealing a black satin bra which contrasted sharply with her smooth white skin. Trudi finished pulling off the t-shirt herself, and then she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra.

Leaning forward, she let it slide off her chest, down her arms, and onto the floor. Vince drew his breath in sharply at the sight of Trudi's exposed chest. Her large, round breasts had the firm, upright posture which was the unmistakable hallmark of very recent development. A small gust of air conditioning caused her small, brown nipples to contract and harden into pebbles before his eyes.

As she stood topless in front of Vince, Trudi could hear a tiny voice in the back of her head telling her that this was very strange and very wrong. But the sight of Vince's rigid cock pointing up at the ceiling had a mesmerizing effect on her, and she found herself unable to hold onto that thought.

"Now, don't you think it would fun to suck on that fine-looking cock?" said the man in the same low, even tone.

He was right -it would be fun to do just that, thought Trudi. In fact, she didn't know when she had ever heard a more appealing idea, and she had to swallow a lump of desire in her throat as she looked at that thick organ with its glistening drop of liquid forming at the tip.

She dropped awkwardly to her knees, conveniently bringing her mouth to the level of Vince's cock, and then she grasped it in her left hand near the base, pulling it down and towards her. Trying to remember the pointers Amy had given her on giving head, she leaned forward and began licking the tip with short, exploratory flicks of her tongue.

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